When Do Australian Shepherds Shed Their Puppy Coat?

I just adopted my new Australian Shepherd puppy, and he is adorable. It is a very exciting time for my new best friend and me. I look forward to spending time side by side playing and working together as he grows.

Interested in learning as much as I can about him, I want to know about shedding. With some free time today, I went ahead and dug up some details about this topic for anyone who might find it helpful.

When Do Australian Shepherds Shed Their Puppy Coat?

Australian Shepherds shed their puppy coat around four to six months of age, but the time frame can vary from dog to dog.

They shed their puppy coat in a gradual phase that can begin as early as three months or take longer and even begin shedding as late as around their first six months of life. This process is gradual, and it can take up to their first-year birthday for the Australian Shepherds to shed their entire puppy coat and have their adult fur coat.

This breed has a double fur coat that is full and longer than some breeds. This can cause them to look spotty, raggy, or patchy as they go through this phase.

Grooming when the Australian Shepherd is shedding their puppy coat and growing in their adult coat will need to increase with the pet parents brushing and grooming their puppy more, so they look as good as possible during this phase of their puppy life and feel their best.

During their puppy phase, the Australian Shepherd will have a fuzzy and soft coat like other puppies, but around one year of age, they will have completely shed their puppy coat for a long, silky coat of gorgeous-looking fur.

When the Australian Shepherd sheds their puppy coat, there will naturally need to be more clean-up around the house, but a good grooming routine can minimize this issue and decrease the stress that can sometimes come with it.

The Aussie Coat

When Do Australian Shepherds Shed Their Puppy Coat 1 When Do Australian Shepherds Shed Their Puppy Coat?

Australian Shepherd dogs are a unique breed that is an American favorite as a working dog and a show dog that is popular for use in the entertainment industry.

Their fur coat, which has a large variety of color designs, makes them an attractive-looking and eye-appealing dog for this type of occupation. Combine that with a high level of intelligence and a bit of a trickster mentality which will keep their pet parents or anyone on their toes, and you have one amazing dog breed.

When it comes to the Australian Shepherd dog breed shedding their puppy coat, like any other dog breed, this process takes time. This phase of their life can begin at around twelve weeks of age if they grow faster, but it can also start as late as six months if they develop a bit slower.

How long it takes and how this puppy growth takes place is as unique as each dog itself. Some may start late, others early, still some will begin right in the middle.

Some Australian Shepherds will start to lose their puppy fur coat in clumps or patches. Others may have their fur whisp and shed gradually and piece by piece.

What starts out as a fluffy, soft, and fuzzy-looking cute puppy may go through a phase of looking a bit unusual, ragged, or downright unusual at times. Thankfully, this phase is relatively short-lived, and the Australian Shepherd puppy will be looking like their gloriously gorgeous self soon enough.

While the pet parents wait, they will need to not only up the cleaning around the house, but they will also need up the brushing and grooming to keep their puppy feeling and looking as good as possible.

Having a good grooming routine will be especially important as this process will be lifelong for the Australian Shepherd. Since they have a double coat of fur as an adult dog that is somewhat water repellent and designed for outdoor life, it should be a ritual they learn to enjoy sharing with their pet parent.

The Australian Shepherd will shed their puppy coat and have a full-grown adult coat around their first year of life. This coat is most often long, thick, smooth, and silky, but as with any dog breed, or dog for that matter, there can be variations to this theme.

Some Australian Shepherds might end up with a shorter coat of silky and smooth fur; others might end up with the typical long fur. Some Australian Shepherds might get a thinner coat of fur than others. Each dog will be individual in appearance and look no less endearing and beautiful than the other does.

Does Spaying Or Neutering Affect When An Australian Shepherd Sheds Their Puppy Coat?

There is debate about this topic, but the common thought process is that dogs of any breed who are spayed and neutered have a slightly thicker fur coat than their unaltered counterparts.

When Do Australian Shepherds Shed Their Puppy Coat 2 When Do Australian Shepherds Shed Their Puppy Coat?

This information is still a topic of discussion, and often any reports of variances loving pet parents make one way or the other. While there may not be enough solid research or evidence to back up this theory, it is still a good idea to spay or neuter your dog regardless of breed and how much fur they will end up with.

In many cases, breeders of any dog breed will have a contract stating that an adopted dog cannot be bred without their consent and knowledge or agreement. Aside from this contract that should be adhered to, it can be a more responsible thing to do than to leave your dog unaltered.

This protects not only this contract between breeder and client but also the purebred dogs and the likelihood that any dog will end up in a shelter or be somehow abandoned when a surprise litter of puppies is welcomed into this world.

Do Certain Diets Affect When My Australian Shepherd Will Shed Their Puppy Coat?

No, there is no particular diet that will help your Australian Shepherd puppy shed their fur coat sooner.

This is a natural process that happens in their body, occurring at its own proper time. The best thing pet parents can do is ensure that their puppy is healthy during this phase of their life when so much growing and changing is happening.

A healthy diet, reasonable amounts of rest, lots of playtime and exercise, and a loving, comfortable, and safe home are essential for a healthy puppy. When these things are provided, your Australian Shepherd puppy will shed their puppy fur coat when the time is right, naturally.

When Should My Australian Shepherd Learn About Grooming?

Because grooming is going to be a lifelong process for your Australian Shepherd, you need to get them used to grooming processes as early on in life as possible.

Australian Shepherd puppies will naturally begin the grooming process when they are still with their mother and breeder. This naturally occurs as the mother cares for and tends to her puppies.

Beyond that, once an Australian Shepherd or other puppy is welcomed into their new home, it is a good idea to begin teaching them about the grooming process.

Brushing and grooming should become a natural part of their weekly ritual. This dog breed will need to be brushed and groomed once or twice per week. They will need more grooming once the shedding process begins.

In addition to our Australian Shepherd list of must-haves, you should consider investing in some high-quality grooming gear like clippers, brushes, and scissors to make this process as easy on you both as possible.

During this phase of their life, pet parents should make this process fun and rewarding. Treats can be shared at specific points in the process for good behaviors, but patience should also be given as puppies have a short attention span.

Perfection or correctness need not be the theme at this time as the Australian Shepherd is learning what will be a part of their life; therefore, if they get bored, curious, or tired of the process, a break should be given.

Grooming need not be perfect, as around three to six months of age, the Australian Shepherd will begin to shed their puppy coat, and their adult coat will start to come in. They may look odd or unusual at different phases of this process; therefore, pet parents should also be relaxed and easy-going about it for the puppy and themselves.

Once they have their full adult fur coat in around a year, they will likely have the process of sitting and allowing their pet parent to groom them down pat. This breed is brilliant and fun to work with; therefore, this process and other training should be straightforward and easy. Unless, of course, one has adopted a more resistant dog.

However long it takes for an Australian Shepherd to develop their adult coat, the process, like other dog breeds, is pretty straightforward. Time, patience, and a whole lot of cleaning will get any pet parent through this phase.

Bye Bye Puppy Fur

Every breed of puppy will shed their puppy fur coat at some point. When this happens is as unique as the breed, and dog for that matter.

During this process, it can be helpful to increase grooming and cleaning but eventually, like everything else puppy, before long, this phase of their life is over.

Enjoy it while it lasts, for when your Australian Shepherd is fully grown, you will be fondly remembering these moments, sometimes wishing you were there again!