How Much Do Australian Shepherds Cost?

I am thinking of adopting an Australian Shepherd and need to know if they are an expensive dog breed to adopt and care for and if there are more reasonably priced purebred dogs.

During my lunch break today, I did my research, and here is what I discovered.

How Much Do Australian Shepherds Cost?

There is of course a huge variety depending on the breed and line, but Australian Shepherds cost around six hundred to eight hundred dollars for a puppy, with prices varying from one breeder to another.

While they are a more reasonably priced purebred dog, there can still be price fluctuations based on coloring, age, and gender.

Females may cost slightly more than males, and older puppies from a previous litter will cost less money because the breeder is likely trying to make room for the next litter and find them a loving family.

Coloring and popularity within any purebred dog breed will drive the price up. The tri-colored Australian Shepherd is the most popular color, which makes these puppies naturally more expensive than the other colors.

Geographical location can also factor into how much a puppy costs with any breed. Areas with more than one breeder close together will naturally create competition which can, in turn, drive the price down.

How much a breeder charges for an Australian Shepherd is different for each breeder, but potential pet parents must investigate the breeder they select thoroughly.

Some breeders may not follow ethical and responsible breeding practices. This will be reflected in the cost. As they say, you get what you pay for, and while a specific breeder of Australian Shepherds might charge less than another, their knowledge, skill, and time invested might be less than the more expensive breeder.

When adopting a dog, regardless of breed, the cost of the adoption is based on many factors. How much any potential pet parent will pay for a puppy of any species will be based on the time, energy, knowledge, and skill of the breeder and their geographical location, and whether or not there is a lot of competition in that area.

How Much Do Australian Shepherds Cost 1 How Much Do Australian Shepherds Cost?

It will also be based on the puppy itself. How old the puppy is, if they are from a current litter or not, what their gender is, and their coloring all play a part in the cost.

When a potential pet parent is considering adopting any dog breed, they should always have a solid financial foundation on which to base this decision. As with having human children, our fur babies also cost a lot of money both at the onset and down the road throughout their lives.

Having a solid financial foundation, to begin with covers the cost the breeder charges and covers the items needed to welcome a puppy home. These items, which every puppy needs regardless of breed, are necessary to their overall health, well-being, and happiness.

Veterinary visits, licensing and vaccinations, or other health care needs must be addressed as required and necessary. These are non-negotiable for any good pet parent and, unfortunately, not free.

Such items as dog treats, a crate, collar, and leash help with both training and socializing passively at this point, but eventually, these items are used for more formal training down the road when they are a bit older.

Essential items like food and treats are added expenses that potential pet parents might forget are a regular part of their lives, as their food and treats.

Such things as toys, bedding, and other fun items make life more enjoyable and comfortable. A first aid kit for dogs, a harness, pet insurance, professional training, special gear for the weather, and other items are needed to keep puppies healthy, safe, happy and thriving at their best.

The cost of adopting any dog is the first step in the journey of becoming a pet parent; that is lifelong. Therefore looking at the initial cost as the most important is not recommended.

From puppyhood to a senior dog, many things may crop up throughout a dog’s life, including injuries, accidents, unforeseen health issues that a pet parent must be prepared to deal with. While these issues don’t crop up in every dog’s life, one can never know if it will be their adorable little puppy.

On top of that, unforeseen financial issues in a family can arise. A sudden loss of a job or other devastating situation could occur. Therefore careful planning at the beginning can provide a financial safety net that can last for many years.

While the cost of the Australian Shepherd puppy can fluctuate from breeder to breeder due to many various factors, six hundred to eight hundred is the average price. There are many ways to save money on this cost, like adopting an older puppy from the breeder that has not yet found its forever-loving home.

Not all breeders will let these older puppies go for less than they usually would, but there is a good chance that a breeder will if they have another litter on its way and need to make room in their home and time in their day.

If this is the case, potential pet parents can feel good about this choice because they are providing a loving home to a puppy that was not chosen and may have a harder time being adopted now due to their age.

How Much Do Australian Shepherds Cost 2 How Much Do Australian Shepherds Cost?

Why Do Female Australian Shepherds Cost More Than Males?

Females require more specialized care when they are in heat and spaying is more expensive than neutering, adding to the investment costs breeders must make when breeding Australian Shepherds.

This isn’t always the case from one breed to another or breeder, but some breeders and breeds of dog will cost more or even less for a female.

Female dogs of any breed will most often require more care when they go into heat or their season. They will need more care and thoughtfulness to prevent pregnancy and ensure their overall health regarding their reproductive organs and whether they are left unaltered.

Spaying a female dog is often a more costly medical expense for pet parents, and in some instances, if a pet parent has pet insurance, it is not always covered by this insurance.

Many breeders will have a contract with clients that prevents them from breeding any female Australian Shepherd or another dog breed. This is for the breeder’s protection and can cause rice fluctuations depending on the breeder and location.  

Some breeders will also charge the same price, regardless of gender, but this is individually based on the breeder themselves. Technically a breeder can charge whatever they see as customary and fair based upon many varying factors; this is also why a pet parent needs to choose their breeder wisely.

What Is The Most Popular Australian Shepherd Color And Is It More Expensive?

Yes, the most popular and common coloring for an Australian Shepherd is the black tri-colored and blue merle tri-colored. These may be the most popular and common, but that doesn’t mean they will always be the most costly.

The Australian Shepherd is a unique dog breed. The coloring of this dog breed provides many different combinations and variances in color texture or color feathering. For this reason, it can be hard to determine which is more costly.

Popularity and cost when relating to a puppy’s fur coat color can fluctuate quickly and vary from location to location and breeder to breeder. What is popular in one area may not be popular in another area. Some breeders may charge more for a particular coloring; others may not.

Pricing is based solely on the breeder and their business. What they choose to charge based on popularity and color is individual.

How Do I Select A Reputable Breeder?

To select a reputable breeder, it can be helpful to research the breed well. Use resources like the American Kennel Club and other organizations like special online groups and forums to point pet parents in the right direction.

These resources provide pet parents with a foundation of knowledge but also experience-based information that can be helpful. Reputable breeders can be located on these sites through connections with others who own the Australian Shepherd dog breed already. Click here for more.

This word of mouth can provide information about certain breeders that are reputable and sought after and provide knowledge of breeders that should also be avoided.

These online resources can also help new pet parents connect socially with like-minded individuals with the same passion for a particular dog breed.

Selecting a reputable breeder should be of high importance when deciding to adopt a puppy. Selecting a reputable breeder can be a bit more challenging. As with any business, there can be competition.

Buying An Australian Shepherd: The Bottom Line

How much any puppy costs vary for many reasons as breeders are individual and running a business at the end of the day. Therefore the cost is also individual.

Regardless of whether a puppy is an Australian Shepherd or not, anyone looking to adopt should take their time and be thoughtful in the breeder they select.

When they have chosen the right breeder, the cost may be more upfront but likely less throughout the puppy’s life. Good health and character and long healthy life are the most important things to consider at the end of the day when adopting any dog breed.