Are Male Or Female Australian Shepherds Easier To Train?

I want to adopt a female Australian Shepherd, but I don’t know if one gender is easier to train than another, which would affect my choice.

I hunted down some details about this topic that I hope someone else will find useful too!

Are Male Or Female Australian Shepherds Easier To Train?

While males may be more easily motivated by treats and praise, females may be more focused. Couple that with the wide variety of personalities and other factors and you’ll likely find that male and female Australian Shepherds are equally easy to train.

Both genders will go through natural hormonal and physical changes that occur in their lives, which can affect how easy it is to train them regardless of gender. Each gender is unique, but essentially training comes down to the dog’s special dog.

Are Male Or Female Australian Shepherds Easier To Train 1 Are Male Or Female Australian Shepherds Easier To Train?

One female might have a receptive personality that makes them easier to train, while another female may not and be harder to train. One male may be more eager and have a more natural ability to focus than another, giving them an advantage.

Essentially neither male nor female Australian Shepherd is easier to train as each dog is unique. Aside from this knowledge, the trainer and what is being taught, and the environment also play a vital role in how easy it is to train any dog.

If the trainer is secure in their position as a trainer and has the necessary confidence and skill, any dog will be easier to train. If the training is correct for the dog breed and it’s engaging and keeps the interest of the Australian Shepherd puppy, they will, of course, learn quicker and easier.

Finally, if the environment is conducive to learning and training, any puppy or dog will learn better with minimum distractions.

What To Consider When Training An Australian Shepherd

When it comes to training, many factors determine how easy or hard it is. Success is not measured solely by gender when it comes to training.

In addition to ensuring you are well prepared to live with an Australian Shepherd, other factors like trainer skill, environment, and methods used to play a big part in training success.

Your Unique Dog

Are Male Or Female Australian Shepherds Easier To Train 2 Are Male Or Female Australian Shepherds Easier To Train?

On top of that, the age, character, and personality of the Australian Shepherd will also play a role. And keep in mind that these traits in your Australian Shepherd may change over time too.

Australian Shepherds are highly intelligent, which will naturally make it easier to train them provided their personality is receptive to training, and their character is as it needs to be.

Regardless of gender, each dog will have their uniqueness about them. As a dog, their strengths and weaknesses will factor into how successful they are at whatever they do. While some might believe females have a better personality, and generally speaking, this may be the case; not all females may be this way.

When a pet parent is focused on the training of their Australian Shepherd, it is best to focus on the individual dog instead. While similarities are evident in a breed from one dog to the next, each dog will have their unique way of expressing it.

Pet parents should focus on their puppy or dog, learning who the puppy or dog is and what makes them unique. Once training begins, this will provide them insight into motivations and any challenges that the pet parent may face in training them.

The Trainer

The most critical factor in the successful training of any dog breed is the trainer. Who the trainer is and how confident they are in their role as trainers can make or break their success?

While many people hire professional trainers, some pet parents may choose to undertake this process themselves. This can be cost-effective and help create an unbreakable bond between pet and pet parent, provided they have the confidence they need to do so.

This can be particularly important for breeds like the Australian Shepherd that is of high intelligence. These dogs, while easy to train, can sometimes come with a rebellious or resistant nature.

But, on the other hand, they may have a solid personality to go along with all that intelligence, making them refuse to be receptive to training unless their pet parent proves they are worthy of it.

Not all dogs behave this way, but it can be a part of the repertoire with certain dogs of high intelligence. Generally speaking, the Australian Shepherd is a dog breed that is easy to train regardless of gender.

Training Methods

The training method that is used can factor into how successful the training will go. Using the correct training method can be important when the trainer is the loving pet parent who may or may not have skills in this area.

This won’t likely be a big problem for training an Australian Shepherd as they are an intelligent dog breed, but it is possible.


The environment also plays a big part in the success of the training. Distractions or a negative environment can hinder training and make it harder to accomplish the task. This may or may not be the case with an Australian Shepherd, but pet parents should be prepared.

The right training environment reduces distractions so the dog can pay attention to what is being taught. A positive environment brings out the best in everyone, and this should be utilized to create the smoothest and best training experience possible for an Australian Shepherd.

This breed is a rugged working breed, and training will bring out the best in their personality as this is what they are bred to do. Keeping their training interesting and exciting can be helpful regardless of whether they are male or female.

Does The Gender Of The Trainer Matter?

While some dogs naturally bond better with one gender than another, it doesn’t matter when their pet parent is training them.

Some people may debate this topic, but if the pet parent is doing the training, it is less of an issue because they have the foundation of a familial relationship.

Regardless of the pet parent’s gender, training your dog will continue to strengthen the bond between you and your Australian Shepherd, provided that the pet parent has the necessary character and confidence to do so.

Training any dog takes time. Therefore patience, understanding, and love must always be given, but in a persistent manner that leaves no room for negotiations. This can be accomplished by either pet parent regardless of their gender.

If it is found that the Australian Shepherd is naturally drawn or connected to one parent of a specific gender, this should be utilized to provide the most successful training. But, again, this doesn’t have anything to do with gender but has more to do with a preference on the dog’s part.

What Is The Best Training Environment?

The way to provide the best possible training environment for your male and female Australian Shepherd is to reduce distractions and provide a loving, positive experience.

This can be done in various ways of the pet parent is able. For example, to minimize distractions, select a spot that removes the Australian Shepherd and pet parent from other pets, ringing phones, noises, activity like squirrels bouncing around the yard, and such, at least in the beginning.

Australian Shepherds are highly intelligent and easily trainable, but when they are first learning, it is helpful to teach them to focus on the task at hand.

Then, once they are a bit experienced and have learned a bit, follow-through training can be practiced in different spots with natural distractions. This can strengthen their training as they are forced to work hard and pay attention to what they are doing.

Rewards and positive words of praise or essential for us all when we are learning any new task. Whether male or female, the Australian Shepherd will respond better when they receive rewards at specific intervals for a job well done.

Treats, of course, are every dog’s strongest motivator, as what dog doesn’t respond to a well-placed dog treat or two. So providing smidgens of treats for their hard work and accomplishments can go a long way to a successful training session with your Australian Shepherd.

Positive and loving words of praise at rewards as well, as are pats and scratches behind the ears. These things remind the dog that they are doing a good job and should continue with that.

Training Your Boy Or Girl Australian Shepherd

Training takes time, regardless of the gender of the Australian Shepherd. That being said, having a suitable training method, the right mindset, and some well-placed treats will get the job done successfully for this intelligent dog breed.

The gender of the dog doesn’t matter; individuality counts as each Australian Shepherd will have their personality, character, and temperament that factors into training.

Know your dog and embrace who they are. Use that information to tailor your training to them, and success will be achieved with time!