Australian Shepherds, 6 Must-Have Products (Revealed!)

The Australian Shepherd is a most beloved All-American dog breed.   This dog breed is versatile and fun, from the big screen to the dirt patches of rodeos and farm life and everything in-between.

Brilliantly intelligent, they can sometimes be a bit of a trickster dog that can be a challenge for new dog owners who have never handled, trained, and lived with a dog.

Anyone who has ever had one, though, knows first hand the joy and fun they bring to everyone’s life.

That being said, there are many things that any dog needs regardless of who they are as a dog.  The Australian Shepherd is no different.  From bedding to toys and everything in between, they need stuff, and like every other dog, usually lots of it.

For those who are new to owning an Australian Shepherd this guide will provide size information.   Rather than acquiring lots of new STUFF for your fur baby that may be the wrong size, and wind up buried in a closet this guide will inspire!

Must-Have Products for your Australian Shepherd

What size Collar for an Australian Shepherd?

The size of the collar depends mainly on the age of the Australian Shepherd.  If it is a puppy, the collar will be smaller; adults will be larger.

Another factor will be the kind of Australian Shepherd you have.  If you have a standard-sized Australian Shepherd, they will need a different sized collar than the miniature or toy/teacup versions.

For adult standard-sized Australian Shepherds, the neck size will be sixteen to twenty-two inches.  For the adult miniature-sized Australian Shepherds, the neck size will be ten to fourteen inches.

For an Australian Shepherd puppy, it is not always necessary to use a collar from the beginning.  However, it is required that all dogs have collars and identification.  How soon the process of your puppy wearing a collar begins is up to the pet parents, but many start as soon as their puppy arrives in their new home from the breeder.

The proper-sized collar for your Australian Shepherd will likely be an extra small for a miniature version of this breed and a small for the standard-sized version of this dog breed.

Beebiepet 2 Packs Classic Dog Collar by Beebiepet Store

An excellent starter collar, simple and straight forward.  Durable and easy to clean this collar comes in a wide variety of sizes that can even accommodate a puppy, comes with a bonus five foot dog leash.

For Adult Dogs

Country Brook Design Premium Nylon Dog Collar by Country Brook Design Store

This collar is versatile, providing various sizes and colors to choose from, so pet parents can change according to seasons, holidays, and themes.

While there are many other great options to choose from, simplicity is sometimes best.  Providing a collar the is durable and functional as well as safe and strong are very important.

What size harness for an Australian Shepherd puppy?

For Australian Shepherd owners with a puppy who do not want to use a collar, a harness can be far better in providing comfort and safety for your little fur baby.

A harness is designed to be worn around the body rather than the neck, which can reduce accidental injury to a growing puppy while learning to wear a collar or harness and walk on a leash.

Depending on the type of Australian Shepherd puppy, meaning toy/teacup, miniature, or standard, and their neck size and weight, they might need either an extra small or a small-sized harness.  In some instances, because puppies grow fast during this early phase, it may be necessary to buy two harnesses of different sizes.

Soft Mesh Dog Harness Pet Puppy Comfort Padded Vest by PUPTECK Store

This harness comes in all sizes, including the extra small.  It provides a color choice of blue or pink and is comfortable, preventing pulling and other issues that most puppies will display.  Made of breathable materials which can be more comfortable for your puppy and double ring closure, it is safe, effective, and comfortable for any puppy to wear.

Voyager Step-In Air Dog Harness by Best Pet Supplies Store

This harness comes in all sizes and a wide variety of color options so the puppy can look fashionable while being social.  With three safety features and reflective bands on the side, it is perfect for this late-night outings to use the bathroom or early morning walks.  This harness is also made of all-weather mesh, making it lightweight and great for use year-round.

What size crate do you need for an Australian Shepherd?  (With link)

While each dog is unique in height and weight for the standard-sized Australian Shepherd, a forty-two-inch crate is often the best size.  If the Australian Shepherd is a miniature version, they will, of course, need a smaller crate.  This is just a guideline as each dog is unique in size.

It is best to know the measurements of your dog.  A guide for selecting the correct size crate for any Australian Shepherd, or any dog for that matter, is to provide around three to four inches of space in length and height around your dog for comfort.

There are many other considerations regarding selecting a crate, such as where the crate will be used or if it has to be foldable and moveable.  The materials it is made out of is important too.

Durability and safety are significant issues to think about too.

Midwest iCrate Starter Kit by Midwest Homes for Pets Store

This crate is an excellent option as a first crate.  Cost-effective, it comes with dog bowls, bed, and crate cover, which can be helpful to those pet parents that don’t want to stress over figuring everything out at once.    User-friendly, this crate comes in various sizes.

Petsfit Travel Pet Home Indoor/Outdoor Crate by Petsfit Store

This option is a traveling crate that would only fit puppy, toy/teacup, or miniature Australian Shepherds as it is designed for their size.    With removable soft padding and two doors, this crate is comfortable and convenient.  It is excellent for the outdoors or to pack for camping trips or other adventures.

What size dog bed for an Australian Shepherd?

The size of a dog bed that an Australian Shepherd need depends on its size.  If the bed will be in a crate, it is essential to get the right-sized bed for their crate, which should be sized appropriately.

While smaller Australian Shepherds that are won’t complain if they get a bigger bed, one might want to keep the size of the bed fitting to the dogs’ size for space and ease of movement if the bed is to be toted around.

Australian Shepherd puppies can use a small bed, miniature adult dogs can fit a medium-sized bed, and standard-sized dogs would fit a large-sized bed.  Again, no fur baby will complain here if the size is bigger. It just means more room for them to move around and get comfortable.

That being said, there are many choices and styles, with different fabrics and colors to choose from.  Firmness or how soft it is will also factor into what type of bed is selected.

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed by the Furhaven Store

This bed is like a small chaise lounge for your dog.  It comes in various sizes and colors, and while the Australian Shepherd might be an active dog that loves the outdoors, it will still enjoy its comfortable feel.  Pet parents will love that it has a removable cover for easy cleanup and care.


This bed is suitable for those who want a versatile bed that is water-resistant yet comfortable and usable outdoors.  Easy clean and chew-resistant, this may be the perfect take-along on summer vacations and outings with your Australian Shepherd dog.

What size dog bowl for an Australian Shepherd?

The suitable size bowl for your Australian Shepherd will depend on the dog’s age, health needs, and size.  Age and health needs will determine if the Australian Shepherd needs a bowl that doesn’t stress their neck, meaning something higher off the floor.

Size and age will factor into how big a bowl they need because of the amount of food or water they need.

While one could speculate that a big adult dog could eat out of a smaller dog bowl, why would the pet parent want to refill the bowl numerous times constantly? Therefore, investing in the correct size is essential.

URPOWER Elevated Dog Bowls by URPOWER Store

This bowl combination is great because it is adjustable.  This means that it can grow with an Australian Shepherd puppy into adulthood.  With three heights, two colors, and an anti-slip design, it is perfect.  The stainless steel bowls are removable for easy cleaning, and it’s easy to take along on your many adventures.

Emfogo Dog Bowl by Emfogo Store

This is another excellent option that is adjustable but made of wood.  It offers the same perks as the above dog bowls.

What size Kong for an Australian Shepherd?

The Kong toy is based on the size of the dog.  Therefore, a puppy of any breed will need a smaller Kong than the adults.  This is based on size; consequently, it will be necessary for the pet parents to know their puppy or dog’s weight.

Generally speaking, a puppy will need an extra small to a small Kong.   Adults will need a medium to large Kong.  If, however, the Australian Shepherd is a miniature or toy version, the adults may still need a small Kong based on their weight.

KONG Puppy Binkie by KONG

It is a soft teething toy perfect for those moments when the puppy is teething and looking at all their pet parents’ shoes and other reachable objects for comfort.  It is the ideal toy for promoting positive chewing and providing occasional treats.

KONG Classic Dog Toy by KONG

What is better than a classic toy for chewing.   This vet-recommended toy is perfect for stuffing with treats for the dog to discover, as well as playing the game of fetch.

Closing Points

While there are many options to choose from when it comes to Australian Shepherds Must-Have Essential Products, some are better than others.

Knowing what is out there and having options to choose what is best for your unique situation can make life easier and smoother, which is great for any pet parent!