How Much Water Should An Australian Shepherd Puppy Drink?

I just adopted an Australian Shepherd puppy, and while I have had other dogs, I don’t know if she needs more water to drink throughout the day because she is so active.

With an interest in learning how to care for my new puppy, I dug up some information today from various sources and found these details.

How Much Water Should An Australian Shepherd Puppy Drink?

An Australian Shepherd puppy should drink about four ounces of water every two hours but they might need more depending on their health, their activity level, their size, and the temperature they are playing in.

Providing fresh, clean water throughout the day is essential, especially on hot or busy days when a puppy needs it most. 

Periodically checking their water bowl for how clean the water is and whether it needs to be changed or refilled can be done easier if the food and water bowls are kept in spots where it is convenient for the pet parent to do so quickly.

How much water an Australian Shepherd puppy needs daily can vary from day to day based on the above factors and if they appear to be thirsty, which would warrant more fresh, clean water.

Conversely, you will also want to make sure that your puppy isn’t drinking too much water as well. As a puppy grows, their water intake will need to be based on their weight.

They will likely need to drink three to five ounces, give or take daily for every five pounds of body weight.

An Australian Shepherd puppy that weighs fifteen pounds will need to drink approximately nine to fifteen ounces of water per day which will be just under three-quarters of an ounce to one ounce of water for a fifteen-hour day of awake playtime and fun.

When you are training your Australian Shepherd puppy, this will change slightly with you ensuring they get enough water in the time that is two hours before their bedtime.

This can reduce the chance that they will have accidents throughout the night.

They must stay hydrated, so it can be best to offer more water throughout the day and then cut back just a bit before bed. Puppies have little stomachs that can only fit so much food or water in them at one time. 

Therefore, they should be offered food and water more often throughout their day.

Australian Shepherd puppies, like other puppies, need a lot to grow big, strong, and healthy.

How Much Water Should An Australian Shepherd Puppy Drink 1 How Much Water Should An Australian Shepherd Puppy Drink?

Like their adult counterparts, they are energetic and enthusiastic about the world around them and everything they can learn and experience. This requires a lot of food and water.

Every two hours, they should be drinking about four ounces, give or take. Factors like their physical weight and size and the weather where they live or play, and their health and activity level will also point to how much water they should drink.

Pet parents should be prepared to check their water bowl throughout the day and refill or clean as needed and be mindful of their puppy if they appear extra thirsty at times. 

That being said, it is also essential to not overfill them with water; puppies are learning about themselves and their place in this world. 

There may be times when they might try to overdrink or overeat, for that matter, as they don’t register that their tiny bellies have had enough.

As they age, the Australian Shepherd puppy will need to have their water intake based on their weight. 

If your puppy refuses, there is likely a reason, and that should be respected, as they might have a stomachache that they can’t tell you or something else.

While housetraining, these rules are changed slightly as it can be beneficial and help with training if the water is restricted right before bedtime for about an hour or two, depending on the thoughts of the pet parent.

Some people don’t believe in restricting their puppy’s water intake at this time, and that is perfectly fine. 

What can also be done is to add more water throughout the remainder of the day and an hour or two before bed, skip that, so they don’t have accidents as much.

If this is not an option for certain pet parents who are against the idea, then keeping their water intake to just a tiny bit can help them feel that they are not preventing their puppy from drinking but not encouraging over drinking.

It is also important to remember that puppies have small stomachs, and they can become full fast; water should be offered often, so they remember to drink and because they can’t drink a lot at one time. 

If for some reason they don’t appear to drink at a time the water bowl can be provided again a short time later to see if they will drink then.

How Much Water Should An Australian Shepherd Puppy Drink 2 How Much Water Should An Australian Shepherd Puppy Drink?

What Is Dehydration?

Dehydration is characterized as a loss of bodily fluids for various reasons that can cause health issues and even death in rare instances if not addressed. If your puppy uses more fluids than they take in from water, it can prevent their bodies from performing vital functions.

This loss can occur for diverse reasons, including vomiting and diarrhea, over-exercise, or simply not drinking enough. Something as simple as eating dry dog food for a puppy can reduce the amount of water they intake. 

What happens next depends mainly on how long the dehydration has been going on and the health of the puppy.

Like humans, animals, especially young ones like puppies, need hydration to stay healthy and be active and grow strong.

Without proper nutrition, which includes adequate amounts of water, they might not only suffer health issues, but they may also struggle with growth and development from lack of water as their bodies’ needs for fluids are not being adequately met.

Signs Of Australian Shepherd Puppy Dehydration

Gently press their gums like you would your own skin. This area should turn white as your own skin would, and if when the finger is removed, the gum area doesn’t turn pinkish-red as your own skin would, they are dehydrated.

Other extreme signs of dehydration for a puppy include dry or cracked gums in severe cases and skin that doesn’t bounce back when you gently tug the dog’s scruff area. 

How Can I Encourage My Australian Shepherd Puppy To Drink More Water?

Make sure they have a clean bowl with clean water. Add some broth or other enrichments to encourage them to drink. There are lots of ways to dress up your Aussie’s water to make it more appealing.

The first one is an obvious but often overlooked tip, make sure their bowl is filled and clean—no one, not even us humans, like to drink out of a dirty water bowl. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking. They go straight for that murky pond water we pass by on a walk, which is very accurate. 

But if they had to drink out of that pond every moment of the day, they might likely pass it by. Providing fresh, clean water in a clean bowl can be very enticing to the Australian Shepherd puppy.

Secondly, you can add flavors with broth or even ice cubes for amusement. Puppies like new and exciting things to explore, and both will entice, at least at the moment. 

Changin this up from one day to the next can keep it entertaining.

Lastly, offering tiny morsels of treats along with some good old-fashioned praise when they do drink will show them that this is something they should be doing, drinking water. 

However, pet parents mustn’t get too enthusiastic with this idea, as it can become a problem if the puppy really likes the idea of these treats after drinking from the water bowl.

Positioning of their water bowl can be important. It should be in their favorite spot or somewhere to notice it quickly and have a drink at the back door where they come in from the yard, by their bed, or anywhere that you, as the pet parent, spend a lot of time with them.

Is Your Australian Shepherd Puppy Drinking Enough?

How much water a puppy needs to consume for health and growth can vary based on many factors, but ensuring they get enough daily, is as vital as feeding them healthy food and providing a comfortable place to rest.

Their weight is what determines how much water they should be drinking daily, and if they are not getting enough, they might suffer dehydration.

This can be dangerous for anyone, especially a young puppy. Taking the time to meet their needs and be mindful of a clean water bowl can go a long way to ensuring they are well hydrated daily!