Choosing a Husky Mix Breed: Which is Best for Your Home?

12605629 m Choosing a Husky Mix Breed: Which is Best for Your Home?

I grew up having a Husky/German Shepherd mix and I loved my dog. As I am looking for a dog to buy now in my adult life, I was interested in Husky mix breeds. I researched the different mixed breeds and thought I would share with you what I found.

When choosing a Husky mix breed, how do you know which one is the best for your home?

  • Husky + Corgi – owners who want a smaller dog
  • Husky + German Shepherd – owners who want a trainable dog
  • Husky + Malamute – owners who want a big, high energy dog
  • Husky + Australian Shepherd – owners who want a beautiful, medium size dog
  • Husky + Collie – owners who want a lifelong companion

These different breeds will all be highly intelligent because they are half Husky. However, they will all be slightly different on how they interact with people and other dogs.

Choosing a Husky Mix Breed

Picking a Husky mix breed for your home is dependent upon what you need: whether that be a high-energy, big dog or a smaller more cuddle-buddy type dog. Some dogs do better with children depending on the breed so it is important to know the needs of your family first.

So before you decide on anything, make a checklist of things that you need from your dog. Here is a general list, some questions, that hopefully apply to you.

  • What size of dog can I keep up with?
  • What amount of room do I have for my dog?
  • Do I have a lot of time to spend with a dog?
  • Do I want a playful, high-energy dog?
  • Do I have kids and will this dog play nice with them?
  • What kind of commitment am I up for? 10 years? 15? 20?
  • Do I want a long-haired dog or do I want a dog that does not shed?
  • Do I already have a pet? Will my dog get along with others?

Hopefully these questions get you thinking before we venture on to some of these dog mixes. Knowing what you want or what you need is one of the most important steps.

Another thing you should know is that true crossbreeds are done between two purebred parents, which can make getting a crossbreed or a mix a little more pricey.

The top 5 mixes that I have selected for this list are as follows: Husky/Corgi Mix, Husky/German Shepherd mix, Husky/Malamute mix, Husky/Australian Shepherd mix, and a Husky/Collie mix.

Husky/Corgi Mix

This mix is often called a Corgski or sometimes a Horgi. Being bred from a corgi and a Husky makes this breed short.

The mix between the colors of these pups quite amazing. It’s often hard to predict what color a Corgski is going to be ahead of time for the breeders. A pup can have anywhere to the golden brown locks of a Corgi, to looking more white and black like a Husky.

The range is from red, golden, brown, tan, white. A Corgski will hardly ever be just one color.

Really, it just depends.

This mix often has marks around its eyes. It will look a bit like a white mask most of the time. It’s very, very adorable.

WeightHeightLife ExpectancySheddingTemperament
Husky Corgi Mix20 – 50 lbs12 – 15 inches12 – 15 yearsHeavyEnergetic and Loyal

Information gathered from

This mix is going to be pretty good with families. Corgskies are notoriously friendly. Since this breed will be smaller, it is safer for kids. Keep in mind you should train dogs early so they do not jump up on people.

They have lots of energy to run around which comes from both sides of the family. So, if you want a smaller dog that can play with the kids, this is going to be the best option on this list for you.

These dogs have heavy coats, so they will need to be brushed often. This may not be a super appealing thought to you but with luscious, beautiful fur coats comes responsibility.

Another thing to keep in mind is that they gain weight easily so try not to overfeed your Corgski because it can lead to health, especially back, problems.

Husky/German Shepherd Mix

115271720 m Choosing a Husky Mix Breed: Which is Best for Your Home?

I might be biased, but this is the best mix. Husky/German Shepherds, named Gerberian Shepskies are great, and so, so smart. Huskies are intelligent and German Shepherds are as well, so it makes for one smart dog.

WeightHeightLife ExpectancySheddingTemperament
Husky German Shepherd Mix50 – 90 lbs20 – 25 inches10 – 13 yearsHeavyProtective, Active

Information gathered from

Gerberian Shepskies are beautiful. With thick, full coats they are meant to withstand some colder weather. They will shed a lot.

The colors that you will usually find Husky/German shepherds in are brown, black, and gray. Some will have white in their fur while others may be golden or red tinted.

These dogs are both active so they have a healthy appetite. They will go through a lot of food. If you want to save some money, it might be safer to go with a smaller dog.

Unlike purebred Huskies, this mix is easier to train. Huskies are independent but being mixed with an obedient breed seems to fix a lot of problems that people have when it comes to having control. Just be sure to get them into obedience school young.

Make sure that you let your dog spend time around other dogs while he or she is young, to prevent having an aggressive dogs. This breed will be protective of a family which can be tricky but also good to have as a safeguard.

Husky/Malamute Mix

Alusky is the name that is often given to this adorable mix. This breed is beautiful and big. This is going to be the best option out there for those who want a bigger dog.

An Alusky will look more like a wolf than a regular Husky, which is hard to do. Playful and sweet, it will surprise you how different this guy acts compared to how he looks.

WeightHeightLife ExpectancySheddingTemperament
Husky Malamute Mix60 – 100 lbs26 – 28 inches10 – 15 yearsHeavyFriendly, loyal

Information gathered from

This dog will eat the most out of all the others on the list, which can mean this dog is expensive. Bigger dogs usually are. But bigger dogs are fun to play with and an Alusky, in particular, is a tough dog.

The friendly manner makes this dog good for playing with kids. Just make sure your dog is well trained and kids should be able to play around with an Alusky as much as they like.

Aluskies dig and they run, which can make for a bad combination. Make sure you have a well-built fence, one that is deep in the ground. Having a sandbox for one to dig in is a great solution.

These dogs can be stubborn so it is best to have an dog owner with experience to make sure the dog is well-behaved

Husky/Australian Shepherd Mix

A Husky mixed with Australian Shepherd will have an amazing outcome. These pups are so beautiful. The coats are usually wonderfully mixed with browns, blacks, white, and brown.

Mixes of this breed often have bright eyes too. Really, they are one of the best-looking dogs in the world.

WeightHeightLife ExpectancySheddingTemperament
Husky Australian Shepherd Mix35 – 60 lbs18 -22 inches tall11-14 yearsHeavyEnergetic

Information gathered from

This dog is a relatively new mixed breed, so there is not a lot of definitive research out there on the temperament, because many of this breed are firstgeneration.

That being said, train the dog young, make sure you are willing to take on a high-energy dog. Watch out for digging in the yard. Those are the biggest concerns with these dogs.

Husky/Collie Mix

108267339 m Choosing a Husky Mix Breed: Which is Best for Your Home?

I say this every time, but this breed is so beautiful. They have long hair and it is silky smooth. Both parents are smart and athletic so it makes for a great dog for an adventurous and active home.

The coats on a Husky/Collie mix is usually brown, red, gray, and black. It really will be different for every dog.

WeightHeightLife ExpectancySheddingTemperament
Husky Border Collie Mix30 – 45 lbs20 inches12 -18 yearsHeavyIntelligent, loving

Information gathered from

Collies are known for being great companions which is why its babies will be great. A mix of this breed will live for a long time and be very nice for those who want to feel like their dog really listens.

Make sure this dog is trained and socializes with other dogs at a young age. This should take care of any aggression or stubbornness problems.

Huskies shed a lot and so do Border Collies, so it should be no surprise that a mixed breed does too.

Other Husky Mix Breeds

There are a lot of mixes out there that are not mentioned above. To see a full list, click here.

Traits of a Husky

Huskies truly are amazing dogs. Most owners would say that huskies are intelligent, high energy, and zealous. This may make them hard to train if you wait too long.

All of this is important to know when considering a mixed breed of your dog, because any off-shoot of a Husky will have the same (maybe muted) personality traits.


Huskies look like wolves, which is why a lot of people like them. Humans are drawn to these fluffy creatures because they look wild but are playful and happy dogs.

The average Husky is between 35 – 50 pounds with females usually being smaller than the males. This makes for a dog who is considered a medium-sized dog (but on the higher end of that spectrum.)

Huskies are usually black and white but the range can lead some into being a pure white.

They are long-haired and have a double coat. This is an important reason to not shave a Husky because doing so could stop a dog from having the ability to insulate or regulate body temperature well. Shaving a Husky could also lead to sunburn for a pup which is not good.

Huskies also have naturally pointed ears, which also is what makes them look like wolves. They are thought to be decedents of the Taymyr wolf in Northern Asia, a breed that is now extinct.

They are sled dogs, or at least they were mostly used for that purpose before having dogs as a pet was a widespread idea.

The lifespan for a Husky is 12 – 15 years.

This is kind of sad because it seems so short but they will be reliable companions throughout their lives.

Some breeds mixed with huskies are more than this is which is why getting a mixed breed might be a great idea for you if you want a family dog who will be around for a very long time.


65092289 m Choosing a Husky Mix Breed: Which is Best for Your Home?

Huskies will play around a lot in the yard, even well into adulthood. So if you have kids who like to run around, this can be a good thing. If you don’t think that you can handle a dog that is constantly on the move, this may not be the dog breed for you.

Because these dogs are constantly moving, and they are not exactly small, they will eat quite a bit. This will mean buying dog food often, which is something to keep in mind if you are worried about money.

That is something of a complaint of owners, that a Husky is “a lot of a dog to handle.” However, what one hates another loves, which is why huskies and mixed huskies are well loved and popular.

They are not particularly chatty dogs but they will bark. A Husky will bark probably if it sees something in the backyard, but will not bark for no reason (most of the time.) If anything, they may howl.

Huskies are considered to be independent, which is why getting a jump on training them is so important. Sometimes huskies, because of a little attitude problem are not considered good dogs for first-time owners.

Some other naughty behavior is getting away from owners, not because they want to get away but for their love of running. They also might dig holes in the yard. Some do this to get cool in the summer.

Health Risks Associated with Huskies

There are some more common health risks associated with huskies than other breeds. A lot of Huskies can get hip dysplasia which means their hips slip out of place. This can be extremely painful for dogs.

Another risk is eye problems in huskies. This will usually not happen until the dog is older but it can mean having to give your dog medicine.

Some Things to Be Cautious About

Before getting your heart set out on a particular mixed breed, there are somethings that you should be made aware of.

Huskies shed a lot. They do. Mixing them with a different breed will not eliminate this. Some mixed breeds will not shed as much, but Huskies have evolved and adapt to live in cold temperatures, and shed in the summer.

If you are looking for a dog that does not shed, a Husky mix will not be right for you. There are some breeders or shops that will try to convince you otherwise. It is just in a huskies nature.

Huskies shed a lot… If you are looking for a dog that does not shed, a Husky mix will not be right for you.

For this reason, you might find you have more allergies with a Husky mix rather than a short-haired dog. This is something that you should consider beforehand as well. There is nothing more heartbreaking than finding out you have to give your sweet pup back because someone in the family is allergic.

Mixed Breeding Dangers

Some mixed breeds will have medical issues, genetic issues, or aggression problems. This has been linked to breeding issues.

There are just some dogs that come about by forced breeding. There is no way, without human intervention, that a Husky would breed with a Chihuahua because they are found on opposite sides of the earth and are vastly different in sizes.

So sometimes it is unpredictable to know the pups temperament, especially in newer breeds. There can also be some different medical issues that come up in newer breeds.

Some dogs who are mixed breed can have a harder time breathing, or have an out-of-ratio type body.

However, inter-breeding seems to be more of a problem. There are have been many instances where purebreds have more medical issues, especially recently.

With all of this mind, it is important to be cautious and ask the breeder a lot of questions.

A lot of people who are on the internet who are breeders lie about the details, or claim that the two dogs breeding are pure-bred when they are not. It is better to be sure and get as much information.

There are also some genetic tests that can be ran on an adult dog if you are wondering what mix of breeds your dog is.

Related Questions:

Are Huskies hard to train? Huskies are intelligent, but they are also very stubborn. First-time owners may find huskies hard to train. Getting a dog into obedience school beginning at a young age will help with behavior problems.

Make Your Wedding Known 1 Choosing a Husky Mix Breed: Which is Best for Your Home?

Do Huskies live better in pairs? Huskies have evolved from wolves, and have lived in packs for many years. A Husky might get lonely and misbehave if he or she is alone for a long time. Raising huskies in pairs can be helpful.