How High Can Huskies Jump?

101355074 m How High Can Huskies Jump?

Huskies are incredible animals. They are extremely fit and athletic. A lot of owners, including myself, can underestimate just how high a Siberian Husky can jump, which can lead to some problems when it comes to keeping them in a fenced yard.

So, how high can Huskies jump?

Generally, a Husky can jump about 4 feet high. However, a combination of climbing and jumping can get a Husky over a 6-foot wall, and sometimes taller ones. You can train your Husky to jump higher, but it also may make it easier for them to escape a well-fenced-in area.

A high hump from your Husky is awesome when you are playing catch with a frisbee, but it can turn out not such a great thing when it comes to keeping your Husky contained in your backyard.

How High Huskies Can Jump

When talking about how high a Husky can jump, it comes down to a general area of 4 to 4.5 feet. Each dog will be different, of course, but the average falls within that range.

Some owners have said that their dog can jump 8 feet in the air, while others say theirs gets about 6 feet into the air with a running headstart. I even read a story of an owner who swears their Husky jumped 10 feet!

While it is possible that there are some extremely athletic Huskies out there, I am going to say this is not likely. It is more likely that this 8-foot tall jump actually isn’t a jump at all.

You might hear about a Husky who escaped by jumping over a tall fence and you might think “how in the world?” However, it’s usually not only a jump but more of a jump-then-climb sort of motion.

To see what I am talking about, watch the video below.

There is not a Husky out there that can make a 10-foot vertical jump into the air. I’ll believe that when I see it.

But if there is a dog that can jump/climb over an 8-foot-tall fence, then it is important to know. And some Huskies are indeed capable of that.

Why Huskies Jumping High Can Be a Bad Thing

When you have such a fun and lively dog, it might seem great that they have the cool ability to jump so high. However, ask any Husky owner, and you can find that having such a vertical is occasionally a problem.

Huskies are known to escape when given the chance. They are stubborn and intelligent dogs. When you combine this with the ability to hop over a fence with ease, you have an even bigger “escaping” problem on your hands.

The last thing you want as an owner is a runaway dog.

Having a husky that jumped over the fence can lead to things like him or getting lost, or getting hit by a car. This is definitely something that you want to avoid for obvious reasons.

A lot of Huskies get out of the backyard by using their jumping abilities. This is why a lot of owners try not to encourage bouncing around so much.

How to Keep your Husky from Jumping Over the Fence

107679626 m How High Can Huskies Jump?

There are some things that you can do as an owner to keep your bouncy little Husky from getting over the fence.

Here are the best things that you can do:

  • Build a fence that is at least 6-ft tall – Some people recommend building a fence that is 8 ft tall, just to be safe. If you are going to invest in building a new fence, you might as well go with the taller option.
  • Keep your Husky entertained – A happy dog is more likely to stay put. Not to say that a dog that runs away is not happy but boredom and time to figure a way out can definitely help a Husky get out.
  • Don’t have a chain-link fence – Not only is it more likely for your dog to jump over a chain fence, but it is easier to dig underneath as well (another common problem)
  • Supervise your Husky – A dog that sees you watching will be less likely to take the leap for freedom.
  • Teach your dog – Huskies get what you are trying to say a lot of the times so verbally discourage jumping at the fence, especially when an attempt to escape has been made.

If you are worried, there are always those shock collars. I am not the biggest fan of them, but they work pretty well when it comes to getting your dog to stay put.

Huskies are known to escape when given the chance. They’re stubborn and intelligent dogs. When you combine this with the ability to hop over a fence with ease, you have an even bigger “escaping” problem on your hands.

When to Worry About Jumping Over Fences

If you are getting a brand new puppy and you are reading all these different articles and discussion boards about needing a tall fence, take a deep breath. You won’t need an 8-foot tall fence for a while.

Until your dog gets to be fully grown, around 18 months, is usually when you need to start thinking about having a tall fence.

When your Husky is about 18 months old, you’ll want to look at getting a taller fence.

Puppies are much to small to jump over even a 4-foot tall fence. Digging might be something you should think about earlier.

When your Husky starts approaching 10 years, or poor health befalls your pup, you don’t have to worry about this much either. Around 10 – 12 is when your Husky enters the “retirement years” and will be much calmer.

Dogs with bad joints are going to be less likely to want to jump up and over things. Don’t worry about the fence too much if this describes your Husky.

Letting a Husky Jump

Even though a lot of owners worry about jumping when it comes to escaping, it really is cool to train your Husky to jump high.

When you are playing fetch or running around, having an impressive jump is actually really cool for your Husky. They are athletic and super smart so you can definitely train your pup if you want.

Plus, jumping around is something that Huskies like to do. Not all jumps are an attempt to leave. The Husky I had growing up never tried to jump the fence to get away but it was a way to express himself.

It’s good exercise as well, which is great for Huskies and their boundless energy levels! When you are at the dog park is a great place to show, teach, or let your dog jump.

If you want a dog that can do a lot of neat tricks (dog show style) teaching your dog how to jump is fun too.

Teaching Your Husky to Jump

If you are all about getting your dog to jump, there are ways to increase that ability. Not everything has to do with height but it all comes together.

The first thing I will say is that jump training goes a lot smoother if you already have helped tame and well-behaved Husky. Naughty Huskies and more independent-minded dogs will have a tougher time.

Here is a great video of three Huskies that have been trained very well.

Like the video says, you can always take your dog to a professional class. Teaching your Husky to be agile is great for them.

While I think that teaching your dog how to jump, vertically and horizontally, I would recommend not encouraging the jumping/climbing combination. This is where escaping over a fence is going to be more likely.

Also jumping up onto things like walls and fences can cause damage and might confuse your Husky when it comes to jumping up onto people. If you discourage one, it is better to discourage the other.

Related Questions

Are Huskies hard to train?

Huskies are known to be stubborn dogs, which sometimes makes them hard to control. However, this dog breed is incredibly smart and can learn commands. A Husky will pick and choose when to follow orders sometimes. Training from a young age eliminates this problem.

Do Huskies really try to escape?

Huskies are definitely a breed known for trying to escape. They will try to jump over fences or dig underneath. It is not always because they are unhappy, but they are very independent minded and like to explore.