Everyone thinks of Corgis as being chubby little ankle-biters, but did you know that they were originally bred to cattle dogs?

When I think “cattle dog,” I usually think of something bigger than a Corgi. But maybe Corgis can actually get bigger than expected.

How Big Do Corgis Get?

Corgis get between twenty-seven and thirty pounds in weight depending on whether they are male or female. When it comes to height, they can grow to ten to twelve inches at the withers. Female Corgis will reach a smaller height and weight than males. This difference is typical of all dogs, regardless of breed.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi, a small dog breed bred to be a herding dog, is strong and athletic despite their tiny stature and size.

 Categorized as a small dog breed by the American Kennel Club, this breed is popular for many reasons.

They are affectionate, and loving dogs, make great family dogs, and have a lot to offer as a big dog in a tiny package. 

Smaller dogs like the Corgi can suffer from weight issues throughout their life if they are fed too much food.

Their size is dependent on their breeding, with quality bred dogs falling in line with the above-listed sizes and Corgi that are inferiorly bred falling anywhere before, inline, or after those above-listed sizes.

Other things affect how big or small the Corgi is as an adult dog.

Diet, lifestyle, and health all can play a part in how big they are in weight. 

Height, however, is less changeable due to these factors.

Diet does play a significant role in how big a Corgi or other dog gets.

Inferior diets that contain too many additives or lack nutrients can delay growth and potentially cause a Corgi to be smaller in weight.

This is why it is of the utmost importance for pet parents to feed their Corgi the healthiest diet possible.

Whether dry or wet food, the ingredients should be as natural as possible.

Aside from that, protein should be at the top of the list. 

The food should also have a minimum number of ingredients and be nutrient dense.

These ingredients should be as natural as possible, free of additives or preservatives. 

The same should be true for treats and other suitable items the Corgi is offered throughout their day.

How Big Do Corgis Get 1 How Big Do Corgis Get?

When training this breed, as some small dogs can pack on weight easily, human treats can be given. 

These human treats can be crunchy vegetables and fruit if your dog likes them.

There can be variations with some females weighing more or being taller than some male Corgi, and some males will be smaller. 

Breeding again plays a part in this, with inferior breeding bringing more unpredictability.

If a Corgi is fed a healthy diet, doesn’t have health issues, and comes from good breeding, their size will be more in line with American Kennel Club standards.

While size is important, how big a Corgi gets can vary but should not be the main focus of the pet parents’ life.

As long as the Corgi is healthy per their veterinarian, a few pounds up or down outside the above guideline do not necessarily point to an issue of concern.

Could there be a health problem if my Corgi is above or below the listed weight and height?

If your Corgi is above or below the listed weight and height, there could be a health problem, but this is not always the case. Slight differences are normal and are not always cause for concern. However, if your dog needs to be seen by its veterinarian, you should take them for a visit.

Many times health issues will show up in subtle ways that may or may not be detected. These can include changes to eating habits or sleeping habits.

There might be subtle changes in play or exercise. 

It could also be that the dog is itching it, licking a particular area of its body.

Any subtle signs that arise along with variances in weight or even weight changes should be addressed.

If this is a concern, their veterinarian can review eating habits and other parts of their lifestyle that might be affecting how big they are.

Weight variances do not directly point to health issues, but they can point to lifestyle stressors, inferior diet, or lack of sleep.

How do I select a breeder that will produce the correct size Corgi?

The best way to select a quality breeder is to use internet resources. You can use reviews and word of mouth or online recommendations to choose a reputable breeder and will provide you with a Corgi that is breed standard in all areas.

Using these resources, you can further interview various breeders to determine which will provide you with the healthiest, best behaved, and quality Corgi.

Determining which breeders are quality can include interviewing and seeing documentation. 

The breeder should be able to provide proof of such copies of certificates that recommend them.

They can also provide further references and show proof in allowing any adopter to meet their puppies and see their facility.

Fees should not be a factor when selecting quality and breeders that are reputable. 

Good breeders will cost more money; therefore, if the fee seems lower than normal, this is also a good indication that they are inferior.

Selecting a reputable breeder will not necessarily guarantee that a Corgi is of a particular size, as there is no way of knowing for sure what you will get. 

That said, reputability will guarantee good breeding.

This process can take time, and pet parents shouldn’t rush as it can cause them to make the wrong choice of breeder. While this may not affect how big their Corgi is, it can affect many other areas of their dogs’ life.

Closing Points

How big any dog gets is based on many factors. 

One of which is quality breeding, another being diet, and who they are as a dog.

While how big they get should never be the main focus, the Corgi is a small dog that is big in qualities.

With that, it is hard to deny all they have to offer, no matter what the size!

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