What Age Do Yorkies Naturally Calm Down?

When you first bring a Yorkie home, it may seem like they have endless amounts of energy that are hard to control. You feel worn out with all the running around that you need to do with the little dog and you wonder when they may ever wear out. With them bouncing around you and you ready for a nap, you may start to ask what age do Yorkies naturally calm down?

Yorkies naturally calm down when they are around two years old. This helps them reach the maturity level that they need to not have quite as much energy as they did when they were a puppy. Each Yorkie is unique though. Some will calm down a little bit earlier than this and some will never seem like they calm down at all. You will still see a lot of energy for the Yorkie at this age, but there will be a decrease in the amount of energy when they turn 2.

Yorkies are known for their energy and if you bring one home to your family, you will need to be prepared for them to bounce around and want to play all the time. Let’s take a closer look at when your Yorkie will calm down naturally and some ways you can help manage that energy so they do not drive you crazy.

When Will My Yorkie Calm Down?

Yorkies are little balls of energy. As puppies it may seem impossible to get them to calm down and relax until they can mature and get a little bit more. Most Yorkies are going to calm down when they are around 2 years of age. This gives you a deadline to look forward to when all that extra energy seems to wear you out. Yorkies are naturally energetic dogs so this is something you should take into consideration when you decide that the Yorkie is the right breed for your family.

Keep in mind that just because the Yorkie starts to naturally calm down does not mean the energy will magically disappear. You will see a noticeable drop in the amount of energy your Yorkie displays, but this does not mean that all of the energy disappears. They will still need lots of walks and play time and they will still get hyper and want you around too. But there will be a drop in the energy so you have something to look forward to when they wear you out!

Are Some Yorkies More Hyper Than Others?

Yes, there are some Yorkies who will stay calm better than others. While many Yorkies will calm down by the time they are two years old, some will calm down a little bit faster than that and others will still be hyper when they are four or five years old. It does depend on the individual dog and what their temperament is like and whether they like to stay active all the time.

If your Yorkie continues to stay hyper after they turn about 2 ½ years old, then this is a sign that they have more energy than most Yorkies and they probably will not calm down They just naturally have a lot of energy and it is something that you may have to work around with the dog. Just like with humans, there are some who tend to have more energy than the others and your Yorkie may not calm down.

The good news is that most Yorkies will naturally calm down, usually around the time they turn 2 years old. You will have to handle all of that extra energy for a few years, but as the Yorkie matures and gets older, they will start to calm down more.

Will Having a Second Yorkie Calm My First Yorkie Down?

Some Yorkie owners have found that getting a second Yorkie or another puppy is a great way to calm down the older one. They may have tried all of the different options out there and nothing seems to work at all. It seems that when the older Yorkie finally has a puppy around, it can help them calm down and a switch will turn and help them to calm down quite a bit.

This does not always work, but if you have been considering getting a second puppy but are worried about how hyper your original Yorkie is, then this could be the solution that helps you out.

Are There Ways to Calm My Yorkie Down?

There are different methods that you can use to help calm your Yorkie down. Keep in mind that these will have varying degrees of success depending on what seems to work the best for your dog. Some of the techniques that you can use to help calm your Yorkie down include:

Give Them Lots of Exercise

Sometimes the best way to deal with a Yorkie who is very hyper is to give them the exercise they need to release some of that energy. Yorkies are known for having a ton of energy all the time and you need to help them get it out.

Long walks at least once a day with your Yorkie can help as can playing games with them, working on training, and even letting them run around the backyard a little bit. The more you can wear that Yorkie out, the less energy they will have to run around the home and drive you crazy.

What Age Do Yorkies Naturally Calm Down?

Reward Calm Behavior

Consider rewarding any calm behavior that your Yorkie gives to you. Many times it is easy to reward the wrong kinds of behavior and then this can make the Yorkie more excited than they were to start with. Yorkies are dogs who get excited naturally and it is not going to take that much to make them feel excited. When this does happen, you need to take steps to not engage with the Yorkie and their hyper behavior.

This can be frustrating to do. Your Yorkie may be acting out and you want to respond to it. But when you respond to this behavior, it can make the problem so much worse. For example, you may start to yell at the Yorkie to stop bouncing and barking, but the Yorkie will misinterpret what you mean. Instead of seeing this as a scolding, they may think you are engaging them and they will keep on going.

Since the Yorkie now thinks that you are engaging, they will continue to get hyper and the cycle continues. The more you get mad at them about the situation, the more hyper they will become. Instead of letting this happen, try to ignore the bad behavior.

When the Yorkie notices that you are not paying attention, then they may stop and calm down. Give them praise and attention as soon as they do this. This can help them learn what is acceptable behavior and what is behavior you do not like.

Practice Crate Training

Another option to use is crate training. This provides a comfort spot for your Yorkie, a place where they can go when they need to take a nap, get a break, or when they feel anxious and nervous. You can also use it as a place to help them calm down if they seem to be too hyper and will not calm down for you.

Do not use this as a punishment or a time out spot for your Yorkie. This defeats the purpose of what the area around the crate is meant to be. Instead, help them get calm when they get there, You can put them near the crate with some of the things that you use to help them fall asleep, such as a blanket and turn on some calm music. Sit there and pet them, helping to calm them down a little. When they seem to calm down a little bit, you can let them out.

Keep in mind that some Yorkies are going to be more hyper than some of the others. You can try all of these ideas and it seems like they will not calm down at all unless they are asleep. Other Yorkies will calm down faster than others. It all depends on the individual Yorkie. Doing these tasks can help make it a little easier to calm the Yorkie down.

Dealing with an Energetic Yorkie

Before you bring a Yorkie home, keep in mind that these dogs are hyper and have a lot of energy to share. They will calm down when they get older, but they will still have a lot of energy as they get older and this will never completely disappear.

If you want a dog who is calm and does not jump around a lot, then a Yorkie is probably not the best option for you to choose. But if you are ready to have a lovable little dog who has a lot of energy to share and who will keep you active, then the Yorkie is a great companion to consider.