When you have children in the family and the home, you want to make sure that any dog you bring home will get along with everyone. There are many good dog breeds out there, but many are drawn to the small and spunky Yorkie as the pet they want to introduce to the home. With children around, you may start to wonder whether Yorkies are good with kids.

Yorkies are good with kids. They have high levels of energy that allows them a way to play with kids and have a lot of fun. While both the Yorkie and the children in your home need to learn how to play with one another safely, they will become good friends in no time with the proper training. Having an area where the Yorkie can go off and get some rest if the children are too loud or boisterous for them can help as well.

Yorkies are a great pet to have with your children. They will have a lot of fun with your children and your children will enjoy it too. Let’s take a closer look at how Yorkies will do with your children, why Yorkies do so well with children most of the time, and why they are one of the best pets to bring home.

Are Yorkies Good with Kids?

Your Yorkie will do well with small kids. In fact, they will get along well with one another. Yorkies have a lot of energy and like to play with others around them, especially little children. And your children will love the fact that they have a new friend to jump and run around with.

Of course, it will depend on the specific dog you are working with. You will need to teach your Yorkie how to behave around the kids, and teach your kids how to behave around the Yorkie. If they can both learn how to behave and get along well, then you will see they develop a really good friendship with one another.

Keep in mind with this that all dogs are going to be different. While most Yorkies are going to be fine with children and will enjoy getting a chance to play with them, not all will be this way. Some Yorkies prefer to be left alone and do not want to play with your bouncy children. You must respect this and teach your children how to be calm and relaxed around the Yorkie. The good news is that Yorkies generally love being around children and will not have any problems with playing with them.

This is a great way to wear out your children and the Yorkie in your life. They will be able to go outside and play and have a good time, wearing out the energy of both. As long as there is some supervision to make sure that no one gets hurt in the process, this is a great idea. Or you can teach your kids some responsibility and have them take the Yorkie on some walks around the block, giving both some needed exercise while wearing out energy and making them both feel tired.

Are Yorkies Good with Babies?

If you have a new baby in the home, you may wonder whether the Yorkie is going to be good with them or not. You will be happy to know that your Yorkie can do well with a little baby as they can with an older child. In fact, the Yorkie and the baby can get used to one another from an early age and will then grow up and know how to play with one another even better.

Always watch the Yorkie around the baby though. While the Yorkie is unlikely to cause any intentional harm to the baby, they could get excited and jump around, which will scare the baby. Some may bite if they are still in the biting phase and you have not been able to train them to stop yet.

Overall, small interactions between the Yorkie and the baby with supervision can be fine. Your Yorkie is likely to be curious about the baby and will want to know what you have brought home to them. As the baby starts to get more alert, they may be fascinated by the little ball of fluff that is hopping around the house with them. Just use caution when the baby starts to move around, making sure that they do not grab onto or pull the hair of the Yorkie or do anything else that may upset the dog while playing.

Should I Get a Yorkie If I Have a Baby?

It is best if you get a Yorkie before a baby comes in. It is hard to work with a baby and training your Yorkie puppy at the same time. The best option is to either get a Yorkie before you have a baby, giving you time to potty train them and prevent any of the biting that is common with small Yorkies.

Or you can wait until the baby is a little bit older and then bring a Yorkie puppy into the family. This can make it easier on everyone and will keep the Yorkie and the baby safe.

Are Children Good with Yorkies?

Children can be very good with Yorkies. You do need to provide the right supervision when these two play with one another. Accidents can happen and being there to prevent them will avoid either party getting hurt.

While most children are going to be excited to play with a Yorkie and have a new friend, some can be unintentionally rough on the Yorkie. For example, a baby may want to figure out how the hair on the Yorkie feels and will grab and pull that hair. The baby didn’t mean to hurt the Yorkie, but it definitely does not feel good.

As the parent, you will need to watch when the Yorkie and your child are playing together. Children will also need to learn how to behave around the Yorkie as well. Since this dog is quite a bit smaller than some of the other breeds like a Golden Retriever or a Mastiff, they are not likely to want to jump and crawl all over the Yorkie. That does not mean they will not be rough on the Yorkie as well.

Are Yorkies Good with Kids?

Teach the child the proper way to get along with this dog. Remind them that the Yorkie is small, teach them how to properly pet the Yorkie to not hurt them, and show them how to play games that will not get either party too hyper. Always watch how the Yorkie and your child are getting along and playing so you can intervene if something goes wrong.

Will My Yorkies Get Tired of Children?

At times, your Yorkie may get tired of children. The Yorkie does have a lot of energy, but it is a small dog breed and may struggle to keep up with some children. Your children may be really noisy somedays or not want to play in the way that your Yorkie would like. On occasion, your Yorkie may get tired of playing with the children and all the noise and they will want to get a break.

A good way to offer this break is to have a kids-free area in the home for your dog. If you have done some crate training with them and they are used to the crate already, then this is a good place to let them go when they need a break. Let the children in the home know that when the Yorkie heads over to that area, they need a break and should not be disturbed.

You can still create this area for your Yorkie even if you do not crate train, you can still set up an area in the home that is a kids-free zone for your dog. The area needs to be out of the way of children in the home but easy for your dog to get to. You can even add in a dog gate to separate the Yorkie away from the kids to give them a break. When the Yorkie has had some time for a nap or to recharge, they can come back out fully recharged and ready to take on things again.

How Well Do Yorkies and Children Get Along?

Yorkies and children can be the best of friends, as long as they are trained on how to get along with one another. Your Yorkie will need to learn how to be gentle with your child at any age. And your child will need to learn how to play gently without hurting the small Yorkie. With a little guidance and supervision from an adult, you can help the Yorkie and your child get along with each other well. Before you know it, they will become the best of friends and have a lot of fun with one another.

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