Are Yorkies Hyper?

You may find that the Yorkie is the perfect companion in your home. They are small, loyal, and full of spunk that can make them a lot of fun to have around the home. Despite this, there are some Yorkie owners who find that their Yorkie is really hyper and they wonder how common this characteristic is in this kind of dog.

The Yorkie breed is not known to be overly hyper, though they do have a lot of energy. As long as their owners take them on walks and keep them active, this breed will be a great companion. If the pet owner gets busy or does not keep the Yorkie active, they have the potential to get hyper and bounce all over the place.

Your Yorkie will get hyper on occasion when they are not able to get all their extra energy out during the day. Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons a Yorkie will get hyper and a few simple steps that Yorkie owners can use to help limit this with their dog.

Are Yorkies Hyper?

Yorkies are a breed that has a lot of energy. They like to spend time with their owners, go on walks, and play. The more you can spend time with them and play, the better behaved they will be. While they do have more energy than some of the larger dog breeds you may choose to bring home, they are not necessarily hyper unless they are not given a way to release all that energy.

Many pet owners feel that their Yorkie is overly hyper and hard to control. They forget that the Yorkie was cooped up all day while the owners were at work and have not been taken out on a walk or played with all day. If you feel that the Yorkie is getting hyper, it may be a sign that they need help getting some of that energy out.

If your Yorkie is hyper, it is generally because they need to let out energy. This dog breed does have some extra energy compared to some of the bigger dog breeds you could choose. That does not mean they are overly hyper, but it does mean they need to run around and get exercise more than some of the other dogs. Add some of this exercise to their regular day, such as a good walk in the morning or the evening, and you will see that the Yorkie is able to calm down quite a bit.

A good place to start is to take the Yorkie on a walk. They are a smaller breed of dog so you will not necessarily need to be gone for hours. Even a short walk of half an hour or so can make a difference and calm them down. If you can do this before leaving for work or when you get home, it will make a difference. Playing with your Yorkie, letting them run around outside, and training them are all good ways to put that energy to use.

Why is My Yorkie So Hyper?

There are different reasons that your Yorkie is going to get so hyper. Most Yorkies are even-tempered and will not go crazy, but even calm Yorkies can seem like they are hyper sometimes. Some of the most common reasons why your Yorkie is so hyper include:

They are Not Getting Enough Exercise

The main reason that your Yorkie is getting hyper is because they have a lot of energy and they need to get it out. If they have been at home alone all day while you are at work, it is likely that they have a lot of extra energy that you need to help them out with, or they will start running around and causing trouble.

When you get home, consider taking them for a long walk to wear out the energy. Or let them run around the backyard while you get supper ready. When you sit around all day you can get hyper and the same thing happens with your Yorkie.

They are Bored

When your Yorkie gets bored, they may get hyper. They may not be able to find anything else to do and all that excess energy starts to bottle up. They may just need you to help provide them with a change of scenery or something fun to do.

They Have Had too Many Treats

If you start to notice that your Yorkie is hyper after the kids have done some training with them, this may be a sign that they are getting hyper because of all the extra energy in those treats. It is a good idea to take them on a walk or let them run around outside to get that energy out as quickly as possible.

They Played with the Kids

Your kids are going to love playing with the Yorkie thanks to all the energy of this breed. While this type of playing can often wear out both the kids and the Yorkie, sometimes the rough housing can make the Yorkie hyper and get them all bouncy.

It is a good idea to watch the Yorkie to see if it is wearing them out or if all this noise and laughter is making them more hyper. You may need to separate the Yorkie and your kids for a bit to calm both groups down.

How to Calm My Yorkie Down

Now that we know some of the most common reasons why your Yorkie is so hyper, it is time to learn how to get them to calm down. You will need to put in a little work to help your Yorkie calm down if they have managed to hype themselves up. Some of the things that you can do to help your Yorkie calm down include:

Take Them On A Walk

The best way to keep any dog calm, including your Yorkie, is to get them out to exercise. The more movement they can enjoy, the better for everyone involved. A good walk is a good option because it gets you up and moving, gets the Yorkie out of the home, and can be a good way to bond. And it is very effective at wearing that little Yorkie out. Try out a new trail or have some fun on an old favorite and do something that is good for both of you.

One walk a day is the minimum to help out. If you are short on time, consider doing one in the morning and one in the evening. These can be a little bit shorter, but can make it more manageable to get the Yorkie outside and moving and may be more effective than one long walk with the dog. Half an hour twice a day can wear out the little Yorkie and helps you get them calmed down.

Are Yorkies Hyper?

Give Them A New Game to Play

Sometimes your Yorkie just needs a chance to work that brain and try something new. If you have already tried taking them to get more exercise, then it may be time to see if you can come up with a new game that will get that mind to work better.

Training them with a new trick is a good way to give them some attention too and the kids can get involved in this as well. Or you can use a doggy puzzle or another toy that can help do the work for you too.

Spend Time with Them

Many times your Yorkie just wants someone to pay a little bit of attention to them. If you have some time to do this, you can play some games with them and help wear out a little bit of the energy. Even ten to fifteen minutes can make a world of difference and will get the Yorkie to calm down and not want to bounce around as much as before.

Let Them Outside to Play

If you do not have time to take the Yorkie on a walk or play with them directly, then let them outside to play in the yard. Keep an eye on them to make sure they haven’t escaped or are getting into trouble. This allows them to explore and run around while you get things done around the house.

Keeping Up with the Energy of a Yorkie

Even though the Yorkie may not be considered hyper, they are a dog breed with a lot of energy to spread around. This is not a dog breed who will spend al day relaxing and spending time with you. They like to be energetic and have a lot of fun running around.

If you feel like your Yorkie has a ton of energy and will not sit still, it is probably a sign that you need to take them out and release some of that pent-up energy they have. Play with them a little bit or take them on a walk and you will see that they calm down.