Are Yorkies Good Apartment Dogs?

When you live in an apartment, you may want to have a dog to keep you company and to have as a fun companion. While there are many types of breeds out there, not all of them will do well when they have to live in an apartment. One breed that you may want to consider when it comes to bringing a dog into your apartment is the Yorkie.

Yorkies are good apartment dogs. They are small enough to fit well into an apartment, they do not shed that much, and they can be trained to behave. The owner will need to spend time with their Yorkie after leaving them home alone all day, including time to play and walks, but compared to many of the breeds out there, Yorkies do well in an apartment.

Let’s take a closer look at why Yorkies are good dogs to have when you live in an apartment and some of the steps that a Yorkie owner will need to follow to make sure that their Yorkie is happy while there.

Are Yorkies Good Apartment Dogs?

Yorkies can do well as apartment dogs. Their small size helps them to not take up a lot of space in a small apartment and they will still have a lot of space to run around. They also do not shed that much and are intelligent enough to handle staying in the apartment and entertaining themselves while you are gone.

With some of the larger dog breeds out there, it is hard to keep them in an apartment. They will not be able to stretch out enough to be comfortable when they are in the apartment and they can feel cramped and loud to all your neighbors. As long as you train the Yorkie to not bark all the time, you will find that they can do a great job inside your apartment.

Before you leave the Yorkie all day inside of your apartment alone, you need to train the Yorkie how to behave. They can bark quite a bit without the proper training and drive your neighbors nuts.

Go through some of the training that is necessary to help your Yorkie feel comfortable at home if you are gone and give them lots of attention, and a good walk to wear out energy, to let them know they did a good job alone.

Reasons Yorkies are Good Apartment Dogs?

There are a lot of reasons why you will find that a Yorkie is a good dog to have in an apartment. Some of the reasons why a Yorkie is one of the best dogs to have in an apartment include:

They are Hypoallergenic

Although the Yorkie does have a long and silky coat, they will not shed that much. This will prevent allergies for the owners and can keep the small apartment clean.

Only when the dog is brushed will they lose a little hair, but it is nowhere near the amount that other dogs will. With little hair loss and shedding, you will be more comfortable with a Yorkie in your apartment compared to other dog breeds.

In a small apartment, it is nice to have a dog that will not shed everywhere. This can prevent yourself or anyone else from having an allergic reaction to the dog and will keep some of the cleaning that you need to do down to a minimum inside the apartment.

They are Intelligent

The Yorkie has a lot of energy, but they are also intelligent. They are easy to train as long as you show a firm and gentle leadership to them. Due to their small size, it is possible for the owner to let this dog get away with more trouble than a bigger dog.

The Yorkie is smart enough to take advantage of this. If you train your Yorkie well, they will do a great job living in an apartment.

When you bring your Yorkie home, it is a good idea to begin some of the training with them as early as possible. This will ensure that they know how to behave when they are in. your apartment and will not bite through things, can stay calm, will not bark and annoy the neighbors, and will not destroy the whole area.

Even a small Yorkie can cause a lot of damage so starting your training early on will make a big difference. Yorkies are smart enough to learn something new so learn some of the commands that you need and get started to make living with them in an apartment easier.

Good Guard Dog

The Yorkie can be a good guard dog when you are in your apartment. They will show their boldness and keep your whole family safe when you are out on walks.

This can cause them to bark a little more than some of the bigger breeds that you may like, but you can train your Yorkie to behave and make sure that they do not bark all day long.

Easy to maintain

Another benefit of the Yorkie as an apartment dog is that they ae easy to take care of. You do need to take them on walks and feed them a healthy diet. But keeping care of their fur and their health can be easier than some of the other dog breeds you can choose.

For example, a daily brushing and a monthly bath can take care of them very well. With regular grooming and vet checkups, you will find that they present little cost to you as the owner, which makes them great while you live in an apartment.

Will My Yorkie Bark in My Apartment?

Without the proper training, it is possible that your Yorkie will bark in your apartment. Yorkies like to have attention and are considered good guard dogs as well.

If you do not train them how to behave and do not give them enough attention when you are home, it is possible that they will bark while you are gone.

A barking dog is not a good thing to have in an apartment. They can annoy the neighbors and could get you kicked out if you are not careful with this. Luckily, there are a few training methods that you can use to help keep the barking down to a minimum and ensure that your Yorkie and your neighbors are happy together.

Are Yorkies Good Apartment Dogs?

How Well Will My Yorkie Do in an Apartment?

Compared to some of the other dog breeds that you can choose to bring home, you will find that your Yorkie will do really well inside of an apartment.

These dogs are pretty small so space will not be as big of an issue as with some of the larger breeds that you may want to bring home. If you give your Yorkie enough attention and help to wear out all their energy, you will find that they do very well in apartments.

Many pet owners assume that because the Yorkie is a small dog, they will not need as much attention as other dogs. Yorkies will have a lot of energy that you need to work out.

If you plan to keep them in the apartment all day and then not play with them or take them on at least one walk a day, you will find that they can be destructive, loud, and will not like being in the apartment that much.

How to Help the Yorkie Feel Comfortable In Your Apartment

While a Yorkie can do a great job in your apartment, you will need to take some special precautions to make sure that you are able to keep them happy when they are there.

You need to keep in mind that the apartment is going to be small and there will not necessarily be a lot of room for them to run around and play with. Luckily, the Yorkie is a small dog so they do not need as much room as a larger dog, but they still need time to go outside and move around.

Just like with living in a house, you will need to take the Yorkie on daily walks to keep them healthy and happy. If your Yorkie has been cooped up inside the apartment all day long, then you will need to play with them and get them outside or all that pent up energy is going to make them go insane.

They may be a small dog, but they have all that energy that will need to get out.

Taking Care of Your Yorkie in an Apartment

Due to their size and how easy the Yorkie is to take care of, they will do well in an apartment, especially compared to some of the other dog breeds on our list.

It is important to provide them with lots of attention and time to be outside though. When you help them get out that energy and play with them while you are home, you will find that a Yorkie will do quite well in your apartment.