Do Yorkies Need a Lot of Attention?

When you bring a Yorkie home, you may notice that they come with a lot of energy that never seems to stop. This makes them the perfect addition to add into your home because they can keep up with the kids and everyone in the house. But may Yorkie owners wonder whether it is natural for their Yorkie to need a lot of attention.

Yorkies tend to need a lot of attention. They are lovable and like to spend time with members of their family and may feel a little lonely when this happens. They may demand attention if they feel like they are not getting included in the things that go on around your home. A few minutes of bonding with your Yorkie by everyone in the home can make a difference.

Let’s take a closer look at why Yorkies tend to need a lot of attention, how you can show that attention to your Yorkie, and how to keep the Yorkie calm throughout the day.

Do Yorkies Need a Lot of Attention?

Yorkies generally do need a lot of attention. This high energy dog likes to spend time with their family and those around them. And while they are hanging out, they demand that someone gives them as much attention as possible. Sometimes the Yorkie can feel needy and like they want attention all the time. When you set aside some designated time that is just for you and the Yorkie, it can help with this issue.

You may notice that the attention issue will get worse when the Yorkie has to spend most of their day home alone. If you do not provide them with some attention shortly after you get home, then your Yorkie may start to demand it. No one, not even your Yorkie, wants to be alone all the time.

When you set aside special bonding time, or you allow your kids to do this, you can fight off some of the loneliness that is there for your Yorkie. They will get a chance to spend time with you and can often start to predict when it is going to happen. This predictability will keep them from annoying you or being destructive when they are not sure when they will get the attention.

All Yorkies feel that they need a lot of attention. Some just show this more than others. Even a few minutes a day going on a walk or doing some tricks and play time with them will help your Yorkie to feel better and get the attention that they need.

What Happens If I Don’t Give My Yorkie Enough Attention?

Your Yorkie will start to feel lonely during the day. These are active and social dogs so they want to be included as much as possible. If you ignore them, they may try to get the attention in other ways. It is not uncommon for Yorkies to become a little destructive around the home when they feel no one is giving them enough attention. This may result in scratched up furniture, biting, and tearing up items that are left out.

In addition to being destructive, the Yorkie may follow you around. It will not take long to notice this because you may feel like the puppy is under your feet all the time. Some Yorkies will result to whining or barking to try and get you to at least respond to them. Do not reward the bad behavior when they do this, but consider ways to reward them when they are good, including giving them attention when they behave, so they will stop the bad behaviors naturally.

How Do I Give My Yorkie a Lot of Attention?

There are different ways that you can make sure your Yorkie is getting the attention that they need. You can pick any combination to make sure the Yorkie is not feeling left out or ignored. Some of the best options include:

  • Take them for a walk: This is a great way for both of you to get some fresh air and get moving. Choose a new path or stick with some of your old favorites. If you have children in the family, it is a good way to get them worn out as well. You do not need to go on a super long walk, but half an hour to an hour in cooler weather can be fine.
  • Play with them: There are many different games that you can play with your Yorkie to give them the quality time they need. Something as simple as fetch or pulling on a rope can give your attention to them while wearing out all that energy the Yorkie is known for.
  • Train them: This will help work on the brain power of your Yorkie while keeping them active and giving them some one on one time with you. Anyone can do these training sessions in the family, just make sure you monitor the snacks a little bit to ensure your Yorkie is not taking in too many.
  • Spend some time relaxing with them: Your Yorkie has a lot of energy, but they are also small. This means they will not need to run around all the time. Get one of your favorite blankets, find a good show, and cuddle up on the couch with the Yorkie. They will love to sit on your lap and get petted for a show and this does not take a lot of effort on your part.

Even a small amount of bonding time during the day can be good for your Yorkie. It will help them to feel love and affection and does not need to take up your whole day. Your Yorkie will want a lot more of course, but will generally calm down and feel better if they can get at least a little bit of your attention.

What If My Yorkie is Really Hyper?

This is a sign that your Yorkie needs to wear out some energy. And they are most likely going to want to wear out that energy with the help of their owner. Most Yorkies have a lot of energy and if you have left them alone at home all day, then they will bounce around quite a bit and seem to need more attention than you are able to give.

To get your Yorkie to calm down, it is time to get them moving and to wear out that energy. See this as a good bonding time as well. For example, you could take them for a long walk, play fetch with them in the backyard, or do some training exercises with them to help them learn a new trick. This will get some of that energy while ensuring that the puppy gets some quality time with you for the day.

How Do I Give My Yorkie Attention When I am Gone All Day?

If you work away from the home, you may be worried about how you will give your Yorkie enough attention when you can’t be home all day long. Since most jobs do not allow you to bring your little Yorkie along, this can be a challenge since this dog breed likes to get all the attention.

There are still a few options that you can consider to help give your Yorkie the attention that they need while you are gone. If you are only gone for a few hours, make sure to spend some time with the Yorkie before you leave. A long walk can be nice because it will get out the energy for your Yorkie and can help them fall asleep for at least part of the time you are gone. Then when you get home, spend some special time with your Yorkie at night as well. The attention you give may be concentrated in a few hours during the day, but it will be enough for your Yorkie.

Do Yorkies Need a Lot of Attention?

When you need to be gone for longer periods of time during the day, or for a few days, then there are some options available as well. Give them plenty of love and attention, and perhaps a nice walk, before you go away and when you come back. In between, consider having someone stop by and check on your Yorkie. They can do walks or just check on the food and let your puppy out. This breaks up the day and gives your puppy a little more attention than. You can do while gone.

Giving Your Yorkie the Attention They Need

Yorkies have a lot of energy and like to demand a ton of attention from their owners. It is often due to them being so affectionate and loving as well. While you do not need to give the Yorkie attention all the time, it is fine to provide them with one on one time and some love so they feel special along the way. With a little bit of planning and some special time with your Yorkie, you can help them to feel special the whole time.