Do Australian Shepherds Need A Lot Of Attention?

I have a new Australian Shepherd that I adopted. He is not a puppy, but he is just as cute as one. I work a lot, and I am unsure if that will be a problem for my new dog and me.

I wanted to know how much attention my Australian Shepherd will need, so I took to the internet to find out. Check it out when you get a chance.

Do Australian Shepherds Need A Lot Of Attention?

Australian Shepherds do need a lot of attention but not necessarily in the way most people think. Aussies thrive in families that share an active lifestyle with them. Couple that with the right combination of toys and a few tricks and you and your Aussie will be happy.

This breed must be placed with the right family who can offer the attention and care in the way that they need. Australian Shepherds were bred to work, and for that reason, they are active and energetic.

Why Does My Australian Shepherd Need So Much Attention?

Australian Shepherds are working dogs and, just like other dogs that were bred to work, Aussies were bred to have lots of energy and keep going all day while in close contact with their owners.

This means that they need lots of attention in managing their activities to make sure that they have enough to do and don’t get bored. If this happens because they are not paid enough attention, they will likely get into trouble because of this boredom.

Do Australian Shepherds Need A Lot Of Attention 1 Do Australian Shepherds Need A Lot Of Attention?

That can spell disaster in the form of chewing and other negative behaviors. Since this breed likes it best when they are in close contact with their loving family, they need a lot of attention in connection time.

This won’t likely be exhaustive where a family member finds themselves inundated with hugs, kisses, and nonstop barking for attention.

It will probably come in the form of a close companion who looks for a few scratches here and the tossing of a ball there, and some redirecting when the Australian Shepherd gets into trouble.

How Much Attention Does An Australian Shepherd Need?

How much attention an Australian Shepherd needs daily will vary from one dog to the next and from day to day. 

Aussie puppies of this breed will need more attention and care due to their age, as will seniors, but adult dogs will require varying degrees of attention throughout the day.

Most often, this breed will be found needing lots of attention when they get bored or start acting up because they don’t have enough diversions or jobs to do throughout their day. 

Australian Shepherds are working dogs, bred to herd and work for long hours. They have the physical attributes to perform, with strength, endurance, and stamina backing their energetic and athletic personality.

Australian Shepherds are highly intelligent, which means that they also need plenty of mental stimulation in their day. This can make the Australian Shepherd dog breed appear to need lots of attention, and in some cases, that is true.

It is essential to know that this breed needs lots of activity and has lots of energy to burn. While to some, this may make the Australian Shepherd a high-need dog that needs lots of attention, with the right family, this will not be the case at all.

Do Australian Shepherds Have Too Much Energy For Me?

Active families that are on the go, spending time working, playing, and moving are the perfect fit for this dog. In this type of family, the Australian Shepherd would find their pack and fit right in. They will thrive in this family and be content and happy.

This breed likes close connections with their “pack” and to have lots to do. People who are less active or spend lots of time away from home might want to reconsider adopting this breed for the health and happiness of the dog.

If an Australian Shepherd ends up with a family or individual who is a couch potato or less than active or someone who works a lot away from home where they can’t take the dog, they probably both are in trouble.

The traits of having lots of energy and living to work and play, and needing to be a part of a “pack” or family, and closely connected are ingrained in who the Australian Shepherd is as a dog.

These things cannot be changed, nor should that be attempted, as it will likely end up badly with the dog feeling stressed, nervous and edgy with nowhere to expel those feelings. Not to mention that the family members will feel the strain as well.

When it comes to attention in the form of affection and love, the Australian Shepherd needs moderate attention. They like to know their loved ones are there close by, but they don’t necessarily need to be held and snuggled all the time as some dog breeds do.

How Do I Manage My Australian Shepherd’s Need For Attention?

The best way to manage your Australian Shepherd’s need for a lot of attention in the form of diversions from boredom is to have a good tool kit.

A tool kit will be toys that are new and exciting, slightly different from other ones. These toys should account for the Australian Shepherd’s need for physical stimulation and mental stimulation.

A great option is this flirt stick that will make your Aussie focus on the toy and burn through energy chasing after it.

A good tool kit will have a list of activities that the pet parent and dog can do together, or the dog can do alone. This list can be great for those moments when the pet parent is busy and can’t seem to think of anything fun or exciting and new.

For instance, the pet parent is out cutting the grass, and they have the dog trained to pick up sticks and move them to the woods at the back of the property. Realistically some make it their others do not as the dog plays with them and or breaks them, tossing them somewhere else.

Do Australian Shepherds Need A Lot Of Attention 2 Do Australian Shepherds Need A Lot Of Attention?

Well, halfway through cutting the large backyard, the dog is done with this task, and the pet parent is too busy to think of something else to do. The pet parent could pull out the list they have in their pocket, which reminds them that a set of bones are planted in the garden.

Quickly and hopefully without missing a beat, the pet parent tosses some treats over to the empty garden bed and hopes for the best. The Australian Shepherd hurries over to collect the treats, hopefully, smells the bones in the dirt, and starts digging.

If they return, the ball in the pet parents’ pocket comes out and gets tossed far across the yard, or if they are adequately trained, the pet parent could instruct them to go “fetch” something like a newspaper or the garden hose for later.

Having a list and some toys and treats at the ready, as well as a quick mind and active heart, can make managing their need for attention easier to deal with.

While this may seem like a lot of work, busy pet parents and families will see this as a regular part of their own lives and fit the Australian Shepherd naturally into it.

Should a family miss a beat and boredom set in for the Australian Shepherd and the pet parent find themselves dealing with negative behaviors, it is easy to remedy. Take a break and spend some quality time. Go for a hike, toss a ball, wrestle around, let them fetch slippers, or help drag the garbage to the curb, whatever it takes.

Along the way, while a pet parent or family is managing their Australian Shepherd’s need for attention in the form of management and preventing boredom, there will be other moments where they need attention too.

Since this breed is so active and athletic, it is suitable for their family to pay attention to their diet. Providing extra food, treats, and water, as needed throughout a busy day, ensures that they stay healthy, strong, and capable of handling whatever life tosses their way or they find.

Another area where the Australian Shepherd might seem to need a lot of attention is grooming. Their fur coat is a double coat of long fur that can quickly get matted, tangled, and knotted.

Since this dog breed is so active and spends a great deal of time moving, working, and playing, their pet parents or family will need to ensure that issues are addressed when they occur.

Weekly or twice weekly grooming will ensure that their fur and skin stay healthy and that nothing is missed. Nails, teeth, ears, and other body parts should be tended to as well.

Australian Shepherds Need The Right Kind Of Attention

While most dogs need attention, some need more than others. The Australian Shepherd can be one such breed but not typically in the way most people think.

With a high level of intelligence and athletic, active, and hard-working body, they need to be managed and thrive best when they are in close contact with their loved ones.

This may seem challenging, but it will seem like a walk in the park with the right family or individual!