How Big Do Cavapoos Get?

My new Cavapoo is so cute and cuddly.   I am so happy that I can’t for be grown and I want to know what height and weight he will be when he is fully grown.

During my afternoon off, I figured I would research and see what information I was able to uncover.

How Big Do Cavapoos Get?

Cavapoos can reach a maximum height of anywhere between nine and fourteen inches, which is due to their breed background.  They can grow to a maximum weight of twenty five pounds but these are just guidelines as each dog is individual and will grow based on their breed background and the height and weight of their pet parents. 

It is also possible for the Cavapoos to be a certain height and weight based on what type of Poodle the King Charles Cavalier was bred with.  The Poodle breed comes in more than one size and this can affect how big they get.  Potential pet parents that want a smaller or bigger dog can discuss this with their breeder as some dogs will be bigger or smaller based on their pet parents physical build.

How big the Cavapoo gets will depend on other factors that are related to diet, exercise and lifestyle.  Whatever height and weight a Cavapoo grows to, will take time as they can take up to a year until they are fully grown.  As a small sized dog the Cavapoo will reach their full maturity in a year or less which can be a huge contrast to how long it takes some bigger dogs to grow big. 

Since Cavapoos don’t get too big as they are a smaller dog they are good for smaller families.  They are also great for families that live in smaller houses or even apartments because they don’t get too big, and don’t need as much space to be content.

Cavapoos are a mixture of King Charles Cavalier and the Poodle.  Since the Poodle comes in different sizes, the Cavapoo can also come in a few different sizes that are slightly bigger than the other but for the most part they will reach a height of nine to fourteen inches and a maximum weight of twenty-five pounds.

These numbers are just a guide as each dog is an individual and no two dogs are alike.  Some Cavapoos may be slightly taller than this or smaller in height but end up being in range weight wise, some may be a little heavier weight wise, while they may fit right into this guideline in height.

Some potential pet parents may want a Cavapoo of a certain size, if this is the case, it is best to discuss this with the Cavapoo breeder so they can best provide them with what they are looking for.  The Cavapoo is considered a small mixed breed of dog either way as both the King Charles Cavalier and the Poodle are generally small, with of course the exception being the standard Poodle that is a medium sized dog.

Other factors can play into how big a Cavapoo is, these include such things as their diet, how much they exercise and their lifestyle habits.  These things can affect how big or small they are when it comes to weight but not height.

The Cavapoo will reach their full potential in height and weight at around nine months to a year.  Smaller dogs are known for growing to their full potential sooner than bigger dogs breeds.

This breed makes a good family dog for families that are smaller and also for families that live in smaller homes or even apartments as they don’t need much space or a big yard to feel content and happy.

Is it possible for a Cavapoo to be bigger than the typical height and weight range?

Yes, it is possible for the Cavapoo to be bigger than the typical height and weight range.  These numbers are a guideline and not something etched in stone.  Each dog is unique and their size will be determined by who they are as a dog.

Factors of breeding, who their dog parents are, ancestoral genetics, health, diet, exercise, sleep and lifestyle will all factor in.  Dogs can be both bigger or smaller than the guideline for their breed, or in this case mixed breed standard.

Since this breed is a mixed, the variabilities can be greater, depending on how much of one dog breed they have, or the other.  While in most cases, breeders and will consider mixed dogs to have fifty percent of each individual pure bred dog, it is impossible to know for sure.

Like humans, sometimes they may take on more qualities of one parent, then the other and vice versa.   This is why it can be so hard for organizations and kennel clubs as well as breeders to give an exact guideline for anything related to mixed breed dogs.

After a few generations of a mixed breed dog are created, the breeder will have a better idea of how each dog parents puppies will look from one generation to the next, but even then there are variations.  Mixed breed dogs can even sometimes come up with surprises in one generation or the next with certain qualities being increased or decreased.

When it comes to weight and height however, the variations are often not as great because the dog parent pair are close in size.  All quality breeder know their dogs well and have a history and background on each pure bred dog, and eventually the mixed bred dogs as well.

The reason why diet and exercise matter when related to the Cavapoo size is because a healthy diet and exercise regiment promotes overall good health.  Good health promotes a dog growing to their full potential both in height and weight.

If a Cavapoo is fed a poor diet there is the chance that they will not reach their full potential and get as big as they should.  These dogs can fail to thrive like humans when they are fed an inferior diet.  If however the Cavapoo is fed too rich of a diet, filled with nutrients but also unnecessary additives, and possible fed to much or often, they can grow to big in weight which is also unhealthy.

It is important to understand though that no matter how much a Cavapoo is fed they will not grow bigger than they are meant to be in height.

Cavapoos who are also overexercised but don’t receive extra daily nutrition to compensate for that can fail to thrive as their diet would be considered inferior for their lifestyle and exercise habits.  They may be smaller in height and weight while they are going through the process of growth but also the end result when they reach their full maturity, height wise can be smaller than what is usually seen for this mixed dog breed.

If a Cavapoo isn’t exercised enough in relation to how much food they are fed, they can end up being much bigger than they would or should be, because their isn’t the proper balance of diet to exercise.

How Big Do Cavapoos Get How Big Do Cavapoos Get?

The same can be said for lifestyle, Cavapoos that live in stressful home environments can also suffer and be bigger than what this guideline states, or smaller.  This however is only related to their weight, if they are stressed they may eat too much or too little and how big they get may be slightly different.

Stress can have a profound affect on the health and well-being of a Cavapoo just like it does for humans.

It should also be noted that generally speaking, females of any dog breed are usually slightly smaller than males.

What is considered a healthy diet for a Cavapoo?

A healthy diet for a Cavapoo is one that is nutrient dense, with protein being the first ingredient listed.  There should be a large amount of protein, as dogs need plenty of protein to be healthy and strong.  The ingredients list should be a short one, without any fillers and list whole food ingredients.

Additives like salt and sugar as well as preservatives should not be on the list if possible.  Dogs don’t need these ingredients in their food to make them eat it like we humans, and they can be unhealthy for them anyway.

It is important to consult the Cavapoos veterinarian who can best determine which type and kind of food is best for the individual dog based upon their lifestyle habits and health.

They will also instruct the pet parent in how much food to feed the Cavapoo but again this is just a guide as some days the dog will be more or less active and will require more or less food to compensate for that.

Closing Points

The Cavapoo is an adorable mixed breed of dog that is not too big when compared with other dogs.  Their size is related to who they are as a dog, which is determined by their breed background and other factors like diet, exercise and lifestyle.

While size can’t always be changed, with a deeply loving companion dog like the Cavapoo is, they can appear larger than life anyway which makes size irrevelent!