What size crate for a Cavapoo? (3 Real-World Examples)

If you are thinking about getting a crate for your Cavapoo (or any dog for that matter), do it! Crate training your dog is great for them and even better for you. When our girl gets tired during the day she will go into her crate for a little rest. We don’t close the door anymore when we leave, but she knows it’s her space.

This leads to the question of what size crate do you need for a Cavapoo, what types of crates and more. In this article I will share with you some ideas on making crate training a breeze, plus 3 real-world examples of crates you should consider buying at the end of this article. (If you just want to know what to buy… scroll down to the bottom)

Here’s what you need to know about getting a crate for your Cavapoo.

What size crate for a Cavapoo?

The right size crate for a Cavapoo is around a two-foot crate, but this depends on the size of the Cavapoo.  Cavapoos come in slightly different sizes, depending on the size of the Poodle that the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is mixed with. 

Some Cavapoos may need a smaller crate and some a bigger crate, but it is essential to select a crate that will fit them for their adult-sized body, not that of their puppy body. Therefore, if it is possible, it is best to wait until the Cavapoo puppy is a full-grown adult dog so that the wrong-sized crate is not selected.

If this can not be accomplished as some pet parents find it helpful to create their Cavapoo puppies sometimes, they should be prepared to possibly need two different dog crates, one for the puppy size and another for when the Cavapoo puppy is bigger. 

When selecting a crate size for your Cavapoo, it is important to remember that they should have a bit of space to move around.  They should be able to stand up and turn around at the very least.  Too small of a crate for an adult-sized Cavapoo will not be comfortable for them and sometimes detrimental to their overall health.  Too big of a crate can cause other issues that might spell further trouble for Cavapoos who suffer from separation anxiety or negative behaviors. 

These Cavapoos can end up using an overly large crate as a bathroom or for destructive behaviors.  No dog likes to use their where they rest and find comfort as a bathroom. Therefore, the right size crate will offer them comfort and rest but not become a place of uncleanliness. 

Determining what size crate for a Cavapoo is not the only thing to consider when selecting a crate.  A pet parent must consider the type of crate, meaning metal or plastic, and the kind of bedding they will need inside the crate. They should also consider where the crate will be located and how long the Cavapoo will be in the crate. 

Cavapoos are small to medium-sized mixed dogs, which depends mainly on the two dogs combined.

The Cavapoo is a mixture of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle, which can be one of the various sized poodles.  Depending on which parent the Cavapoo inherited their physical traits from will determine how big they will become in height and weight.

Knowing this can make it hard to precisely determine which size crate to get them until they are fully grown.  When possible, it is a good idea to not crate a puppy unless absolutely necessary, for instance, when the pet parent leaves the house for a few minutes and doesn’t want the puppy to get hurt.

In most cases, the pet parent should invest in two sizes of dog crates if finances allow—one for when they are a puppy and possibly one when they are a fully grown adult dog.

When selecting a crate, the pet parents need to understand two things.  A crate should be big enough for the Cavapoo to turn around and stand up.  This is for their comfort and health.  Secondly, the crate itself shouldn’t be too large because it will use it as a bathroom.

The type of crate selected is essential as some crates are made of plastic, others metal.  Determining how long the Cavapoo will be in the crate and providing comfortable bedding is important too.

What size dog crate for a Cavapoo?

The right size of a dog crate for a Cavapoo is one that is not too big and not too small or for them.  For the most part, the dog crate will be around two feet in size but depends mainly on the weight and height of the individual dog.

The dog should be able to move around slightly to get comfortable by standing or turning, but they shouldn’t have enough room to use the crate as a bathroom.

Is it safe to use a crate for my Cavapoo?

Yes, it can be safe for you to use a crate for your Cavapoo.

While some dogs, especially Cavapoos, like nothing more than being right beside their owners, it can be helpful and safe to use for their protection.

Crates can be used to provide an emotional, mental or physical break from the stresses of life.  For example, your Cavapoo gets really excited when the neighbor drops by at your house.  Once the neighbor leaves, they are so wound up, they end up getting into trouble and cannot relax, eat or drink, not to mention, settle down.

Crating your dog during this time when the neighbor visits can not only keep them and their behaviors under control but also provide them a place to let go of their stress and problems.

The crate for any dog can be thought of as a comfortable bedroom and bed for us humans.  When we take into consideration not only the size of the crate but also the material it is made of and the fabric of the bedding and its contents, we can provide a comfortable and contented place for the Cavapoo to rest and relax.

There are numerous occasions when it can be helpful to create your Cavapoo that can be beneficial for them and others in the household.

Why do Cavapoos need a crate?

Cavapoos, like other dogs and humans, are subject to the stresses and distractions in everyday life.  These issues can arise up at unexpected moments, and when they do, we can all feel overwhelmed and unable to relax.

Providing a crate for a Cavapoo, whether a puppy or an adult, can give them with a safe place to hide when life is too difficult, mainly if the household is filled with many people and distractions.

It can also be a comfortable place to sleep that is all their own, as well as a place of seclusion when there is bad weather or anything else that might frighten them.

What size crate for a Cavapoo?

One thing that is important when it comes to a Cavapoos crate is that it is their crate.  This must be respected by everyone in the household, including children and other pets.

The crate belongs to the dog, and no one should be inside the crate or touching it unless they have the pet parents’ permission.

What are the benefits of a crate?

There are numerous benefits to crate training a Cavapoo.  These benefits can be for the Cavapoo, but they can also be for the pet parent or both.

Some of the benefits include providing safety for the Cavapoo during certain situations, not to mentions simplicity and an easier lifestyle for the pet parent and Cavapoo pair.  Aside from that, the crate can be a place of refuge and a place to hide away when the trials of life get complicated.

Regardless of what dog breed the pet parent has, as well as how old the dog is, they still need a crate for their overall safety and health.    Using a crate can easily discourage a dog from using the house as a bathroom.  It can provide peace of mind for pet parents who can’t manage their every step to get hurt or cause issues.

How do I ensure that the crate is a positive and happy place for my Cavapoo?

The best way to ensure that the crate is a positive and happy place for your Cavapoo is to make it comfortable and relaxing.  Have bedding that they will want to sleep inside the crate.  Make sure they have a food or water bowl nearby, and if the door is to be closed, the bowls should be inside.

It is also great fun to provide objects that smell like the pet parent, for example, being a recently worn shirt.  Aside from that, some fun toys to provide distractions can work wonders,

To keep things happy and positive, it should never be used as a punishment, and they should never be punished for being inside the crate for any reason.

Popular Crates For Cavapoos

After much analysis, we ended up going with the 30″ double door crate. The double doors is great because we often rearrange the furniture during the holidays or if we go on a trip and having two doors offers a lot more flexibility.

This is the type of crate we use every day:

We also purchased a plastic travel crate and for the first two years we used this for travel and also we kept this one in our bedroom for her to sleep in.

She liked sleeping in this crate because it was darker and she felt protected. It was more of a cozy spot vs. the open metal crate. (You may want to put a beach blanket or get a cover like this one for the wire crate to help make it cozy)

However, we eventually grew tired of this crate because, even though we had a comfy mat on the bottom, she would move and hit the side of the crate and it would make noise waking us up from time to time.

Eventually, as she grew up and because house broken (and trusted) she now sleeps on the foot of our bed and we never use this crate anymore.

Another option you should consider is a nice decorative crate that has the ability to serve as a side table. When space is limited, getting creative a blending function with good looks this crate may be an option.

While I have not personally used this type of crate, we definitely were considering getting one. Ultimately it was the cost difference between the metal wire crate above, the flexibility of traveling with it and the fact we didn’t know how long we would need or use it.

Even after five years our girl still uses her crate by choice. We only close the door on rare occasions when a repairman is at the house.

However, when we get ready to leave the house for the day, she goes and gets in her crate and we just leave the door open now that we have full trust with her being in the house all day and not getting into any trouble.

Final Thoughts

Crate training of any dog can be an easy and regular part of a pet parent’s life.  While it may seem unnecessary at times, it is a vital part of their health and happiness to have their own special spot in the house.

When they are crate trained will vary from one dog to the next, but no matter how long it takes, in the end, peace and harmony shall prevail, unless they suffer from separation anxiety, of course!