How Often Do You Feed a Cavapoo? (Explained!)

Are you curious how often you should feed a Cavapoo? What is the optimal amount of food and feeding schedule? In this article we will explain what you need to know about feeding a Cavapoo.

How often you should feed a Cavapoo depends on their age.  Cavapoo puppies should be fed four times per day, but this depends on their activity level and nutritional needs.  Adult Cavapoos should be fed twice a day. 

If a Cavapoo, whether puppy or adult, is very active and energetic, they may need to have added nutrition throughout those days.  Those days they can be fed another small meal or a large snack, which should come during or after their activity to provide nutrition when their body needs it most. 

On days where they are less active and expelling energy, they may not need as much food as they usually get.   How much food they are fed daily will also depend on the type of food they are given.  Certain foods have a higher nutritional value than others, and that will change the amount they need. 

Nutrient-dense dog food will require lesser amounts for them to feel full and be healthy, and inferior choices will require more to keep them healthy and strong.  Whatever dog food is selected for feeding the Cavapoo, it should be cleared with their veterinarian before offering it to the Cavapoo.

Cavapoos are a mixed dog breed the comes from the pairing of the Cavalier King Charlies Spaniel and the Poodle.  These two dog breeds are similar and size and, when combined, create a compact but cute Cavapoo that is loving, energetic, and fun.

When pet parents need to know how much to feed their dog, there are numerous things to be considered.  First, the age of the Cavapoo must be considered as puppies require more nutrition for their growing bodies to be healthy and strong.

Puppies should eat on average four times per day, but this can change based on their energy and activity levels.  The same can be said for adult and senior Cavapoos. Their age and activity level will determine how much they should eat in a day, as well as their overall health.  Most often, Adult Cavapoos will need one to two cups of food per day.  Some seniors might eat less than this due to existing health issues.

On days where any dog is more active, regardless of age, it is essential for their pet parents to offer them more food.  This can come in various ways, a few extra treats or by adding a whole other meal.  How and when this is done will depend on the Cavapoo and pet parent.

As with humans, athletes will have a snack or small meal right before they are about to train to keep their energy levels high; some will continue this by fueling in small increments throughout their workout and then have another small snack not too long after.

This is to keep the body running at its top condition and allow it to perform better.  A dog is no different.  If they are chasing a frisbee and ball around for hours, they take a hike with their pet parent. They will need extra nutrition to get through the activity and replenish what they lost during the rigorous exercise afterward.  Most of the time, though, for the petite Cavapoo, this will not be an issue.

One of the most critical factors in the equation is the quality of the food the Cavapoo is being fed.  Like human food, all dog food is not created equal, and even though the Cavapoo may be eating two cups of food, most of it may be fillers if the pet parents aren’t careful.

Cheap dog food will contain many unnecessary fillers that don’t meet the nutritional needs of the dog and are basically empty calories.

Therefore it is best to consult their veterinarian first and always select the most nutrient-dense dog food your money can buy.  As a rule of thumb, dog food should not contain fillers and should have protein listed as the first ingredient.  Protein is the basis for all dog’s healthy eating and should always be first on the ingredients list.  This same idea should also apply to their treats.

How should I feed my Cavapoo puppy his dog food?

How you should feed your Cavapoo puppy will depend on your lifestyle.  It is best to keep the flow of your lifestyle as it is and incorporate the dog into that lifestyle.  Timing doesn’t matter; what counts is the nutritional value and the amount.

Therefore, if you like to eat your breakfast at six AM, then feeding the Cavapoo before or after this might be best.  It is best for adult dogs and seniors to feed them twice a day, making sure that the food is broken down into these two meals.

For puppies, it is generally a good idea to feed the Cavapoo four times per day.  Puppies have smaller stomachs and get full faster, not to mention their curiosity and zest for life that may have them preferring to wander off and check out what is going on.

However, Puppies can be ravenous eaters, and some days they may require even more food than the four servings, which is perfectly normal as they are growing by leaps and bounds.

It is a good idea to be consistent and feed the dog or puppy around the same time every day.  Dogs are creatures of habit, and they respond best when they know the drill.  This isn’t related to time but timing.  If they always get food after you eat breakfast, that is when they will come to expect it.

If, for some reason, this doesn’t happen like it usually does, they will likely notice.

Is it okay to feed Cavapoos more food if they seem hungry at any meal?

This answer depends on the dog.  If the dog is healthy and energetic, it may be vital that they get more nutrition.  If the Cavapoo has already eaten a lot in the day or doesn’t have enough activity to match the intake, it might be best to offer some easy human food treats that can be filling without all the added calories.

Such things as cooked pumpkin or sweet potato can be nutritious and filling without adding many more calories to their diet.  It can also be fun for the pet parent and Cavapoo to experiment with different dog-safe human treats that can be given in tiny morsels that are also entertaining.

How Often Do You Feed a Cavapoo? Is it okay to feed Cavapoos more food if they seem hungry at any meal?

Dogs are known for not having a shut-off valve for their hunger, and many will continue to eat long after their bellies are full.  Therefore if your adorable little Cavapoo looks at you with those loveable eyes, pleading for more food, remember that they may not always need it.

The only exception to this rule would be pregnant and mother Cavapoos and those who are suffering from illness or injury and recovering.  Their bodies need added fuel to grow or nurse healthy pups or recover and grow stronger in these instances.

They shouldn’t be given the green light, but a little bit of extra food isn’t going to hurt them since their bodies are working double time.

Why is it not a good idea to feed a Cavapoo once per day?

While it is possible to feed a dog only once per day, it is not recommended for health reasons.  Dogs who go more than twelve hours between their meals can suffer from acid and nausea, just like we do when we go too long without eating.

In the long run, this is not a healthy habit for a dog’s digestive system, and while we can take over-the-counter medications, the Cavapoo or another dog cannot easily do that, nor should they.  Therefore it is recommended that all dogs eat at least twice per day, but more meals beyond that are okay.

It isn’t the number of times that they eat, but more the amount of food they eat in a day.  But it is still best to keep the number to two or more.

Closing Thoughts

Finding the right amount of food to feed a dog can be challenging because each day of their lives is different from the last.  Thankfully the guide of one-two four cups of dog food per day depending on their stage of life is just that, a guide.

Knowing your dog and their activity level, energy, health, age, and lifestyle are all things that help create the right balance.

When in doubt, consult their veterinarian for their safety and overall health, for that is the most critical thing we all have in life!