What Size Bed For A Cavapoo? (Small, Medium, or Large – Explained!)

I am adopting a Cavapoo, and while this is not my first dog, I haven’t learned a lot about this mixed dog breed yet.  I want to make sure I get everything right, that he is comfortable, and I am unsure what size bed he will need.

Interested in what information I can find on this topic, I did a bit of research and found these details.

What size bed for a Cavapoo?

Most Cavapoos will use a small-sized dog bed. You can judge the bed size off of their weight. Cavapoos typically range from nine to 25 pounds. If your Cavapoo is on the bigger size, it may warrant going up to a medium size dog bed.

The size bed that a Cavapoo needs depends primarily on the size dog they are, as some Cavapoos are bigger than others.  What size bed for a Cavapoo is based on their weight.  Cavapoos usually range in weight from nine to twenty-five pounds or so, but this is just a guideline. 

Some Cavapoos may be bigger than this size and others smaller.  For dogs within this range, they will usually fit either the extra-small to the small-sized dog bed.  If your Cavapoo weighs slightly more than this, the medium size will be best for them.  

Dog beds come in various shapes and types. Some are fluffier than others, some more firm and contoured, just like beds for humans.  While one can not usually have their fur baby visit the store and lay on various beds like we humans do, to pick the right one they like, pet parents can generally get a pretty good idea of what their pet will like based on where they want to curl up at home. 

If the Cavapoo likes to curl up on something soft and fluffy, that is the kind of bed they will enjoy resting on; if what they like to curl up on is firm and harder than normal, they may appreciate something firmer.  For those pet parents who want to get their Cavapoo a bigger than the normal-sized bed, it is unlikely that the Cavapoo will complain. 

What size dog bed may also be based on where the Cavapoo will sleep in their home and how big the area is that they will get.  Extra small-sized dog beds are around eighteen inches, small-sized dog beds are about twenty-four inches, which in both cases are easy to fit in many small spots in various locations of the home.

A Cavapoo is a small to the medium-sized dog breed that combines a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle.  What type of Poodle the mix is made of will help determine what size the Cavapoo ends up being and the genetics and size of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  How much of each purebred dog they gain will determine which parent they take after and what size they will be.

Reputable breeders usually have a pretty good idea about how big their Cavapoos in a litter will be. Still, there is always the chance of a surprise, of one being slightly bigger or smaller because this is a mixed breed that blends two different dog breed qualities.

That being said, what size bed a Cavapoo needs is pretty straightforward as their size in weight usually hovers around nine to twenty-five pounds, give or take a few depending on age, genetics, and diet.  Most dogs will either fit nicely on an extra-small or small-sized dog bed with this size group.

These beds, which are eighteen inches for the extra small-sized dog bed and twenty-four inches for the small-sized dog bed, can come in various shapes, textures, and fabrics.  They can also be fluffy or firm, depending on the individual dog’s preference.

Choosing a dog bed is reasonably straightforward. Select the size that your Cavapoo will best fit, then select a style, fabric, shape, texture and whether it will be firm or fluffy, and finally a color as most often there is more than one to choose from. 

That is it, pretty easy, and while many of us pet parents would like to have our fur baby tag along and help select their favorite, this is not usually the case.  Although it is possible to find pet stores that allow dogs inside, obviously, encouraging your dog to try out various beds is probably not the best idea because they will likely leave behind their bodily scent and a bit of fur to boot.

While the extra small and small are the sizes that will likely fit a Cavapoo, dogs that are bigger than the general weight can move into the medium-sized dog beds.  In truth, no dog will complain if they receive a slightly larger dog bed as it just means more room to move around and get cozy.

One factor that plays a part in what size dog bed a Cavapoo should have is where the bedding will be going.  If the bedding is for a crate, this will help determine the size of the bedding. If it is to be placed in a particular spot inside the home, that will also determine the size of the Cavapoo bedding.   In all honesty, though, the extra small to small-sized bedding is pretty small. Therefore it should be easy to fit this bedding into various places, even if it needs to be molded to fit into a small spot.

How do I select the correct type of bedding for my Cavapoo?

The best way to select the correct type of bedding for your Cavapoo concerning their comfort is to watch where they rest and lay down at home for those who already have their Cavapoo.  While dogs are not always particular about where they sleep, if a pet parent pays close attention, they will usually find that most dogs have a specific spot they like.  This is also a good way to note where they might want their bed in the house too.

If a Cavapoo puppy is still at the breeder, pay attention to where they lay down with their littermates.  If they are the lone puppy that likes to sleep away from everyone else on a harder surface in a corner, they may end up selecting a firmer bed. 

If they are the puppy lying on top of the other puppy’s heads, they may like a super soft bed, which will likely need to be close to their pet parent’s bed, which may or may not work if the bed is to go inside a dog crate.

Is it necessary to use a dog bed for my Cavapoo?

Yes, it is necessary to use a dog bed for your Cavapoo.  What type of bedding is used depends on the pet parent and household, but they should always have a comfortable place to lay down and rest.

Cavapoos are companion dogs that love nothing more than to be close to their loved ones in all ways.  Depending on the family, household and situation, sometimes investing in a bed for them may seem counterproductive as they will end up sleeping beside the pet parent, snuggled up on their pillow, or using them as a pillow.

Whatever the case, bedding for a Cavapoo is a must in every household.  For those pet parents who use a dog crate from time to time, having a comfortable place for their Cavapoo to sleep in the crate is necessary.

For those who do not use crates, having a bed here or there inside the house can benefit the Cavapoo, so they have a comfortable spot to lay in different household places.  While they may sleep with their pet parents, having a bed in the living room or even kitchen can offer them a comfortable place to lounge while being close to their pet parents.

It is also a great way to train a Cavapoo to stay off the furnishings if a pet parent doesn’t like the idea of the Cavapoo being on the furniture.

Speaking of which, if a pet parent decides on having one or multiple dog beds in their house for their Cavapoo, the beds should always be on the floor for the dogs’ safety.  While it might be tempting to put your little dog’s bedding on the couch or chair, or even your own bed, dogs like to fuss and can move around.  This can pose a safety hazard for the dog if they are fussing with their bedding on the edge of the couch and should fall off in all the mayhem of creating comfort.

Is it necessary to buy a dog bed for my Cavapoo?

No, it is not necessary to buy a dog bed for your Cavapoo.  Some pet parents are creative and provide another equally comfortable alternative to store-bought bedding.  These are as simple as an old pillow or blanket that is folded to size or a handmade design.

Whatever is provided, it can be as comfortable as the store-bought, if not more comfortable in some cases as it may smell like home and the Cavapoos loved ones.

It is not likely that a dog will complain about whatever bedding is provided for them, as long as it suits their need for comfort and a cozy place to sleep and rest.

In Conclusion

The size bedding that a Cavapoo needs is based on a few factors, the size of the Cavapoo, where the bedding will go, and what the pet parents want their dog to have.

While a perfect fit may seem significant, it is unlikely that a Cavapoo will complain if the bedding is not precisely the proper size or slightly bigger.

At the end of the day, a Cavapoo wants a comfortable place to sleep and rest, where they can be right beside those they love.  So let them get cozy in bed, then you dive in after. After all, what dog doesn’t love sleeping right beside their loved ones!