Cavapoos Swimming (Explained)

I recently adopted a Cavapoo puppy.  I am an avid swimmer and I want to know if my dog will be able to swim and whether or not he can be a companion for me on my many adventures.

I took to the internet today and did my homework, here is what I uncovered.

Can Cavapoos swim?

Cavapoos can swim and are usually considered to be pretty good swimmers once they get the hang of it.   This usually happens when they are young because they enjoy the water so much due to their breed background that comes from the Poodle and the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, which are both dogs that enjoy swimming. 

Cavapoos can swim but they will likely enjoy playtime in the water compared to full blown swimming in the deeper waters that some dogs enjoy.  These dogs can swim and enjoy playtime in the water but when they are young and learning they should be introduced to the fun of water in a relaxed and calm way. 

Cavapoos and other dogs that are being introduced to the water should always feel comfortable with the process and there should never be a need for pushiness or hurrying the process along.  While most Cavapoos do enjoy water and swimming, it is possible for some dogs of this mixed breed to be cautious or fearful. 

If a pet parent finds this to be the case it is important for them to not push the dog to get used to the water or make light of how the dog feels, instead it is better to keep water time for fun and enjoyment.  

It can also be helpful for the pet parent to use a kiddie pool in the early days when they are learning about water and the fun they can have while in it.  The pet parents can join them, splashing around and showing how much fun it is if the Cavapoo is a bit apprehensive.  While Cavapoos enjoy water and swimming they should always be monitored while playing in the water for their protection and safety, anything can happen at anytime and it is better to be safe then sorry.

Cavapoos are a mixed dog breed that come from the blending of two dogs, the King Charles Cavalier and the Poodle.  With this breed background, these dogs usually love the water and make great swimmers as both their dog parent breeds love the water and to swim.

While this mixed breed can swim and will likely enjoy playtime and water fun they will most often enjoy spending time in the shallow waters and romping around with toys and playing.  Not all dogs like deep waters and while this mixed breed can swim they will likely prefer not to unless they have to.

It will be necessary that they be introduced in a fun way to water, this can be accomplished by using a kiddie pool or another shallow body of water where they can play.  It can be beneficial during these first moments enjoying the water that their pet parents are doing so as well.

If this is not possible, other family members or even other dogs could be joining in the fun as well.  The focus should be on fun and not pushing them to swim or be in the water for anything other than playing with toys and having a blast.  This is to create a positive experience for them that will carry them throughout their lives.

When done correctly it will foster a lifelong love of the water.

Regardless of how much this mixed breed as a whole enjoys the water and swimming there may still be some dogs that don’t care for it or are fearful.  If this is the case with a Cavapoo, it is best to take a relaxed approach to the process and let it unfold as it does.

Regardless of the situation, whenever a dog is playing or swimming in water it is important that the pet parents keep a close eye on them as anything can happen at any time, even to a dog.  Safety must always be considered a top priority when it comes to water fun.

What are some safety precautions I should take for my Cavapoo when they play or swim in water?

There are quiet a few safety precautions you can take when it comes to your Cavapoo playing or swimming in water.  These include monitoring the dogs body temperature.  Depending on the type of water the Cavapoo is in, its temperature and their age and health, it may be necessary to shorten the playtime.

If the water is a bit cold dogs don’t always know when to call it a day if they are having fun.  A Cavapoo might get chilled in cold water and ignore it while continuing to play.  This can cause health issues for the dog and be dangerous, therefore it is the pet parents job to monitor their overall health.

This should include checking them periodically, ensuring that their paws are healthy and they are safe and not over tired if they have been playing in the water for too long or the water isn’t a kiddie pool.

Aside from that there are a few other precautions that should be taken in when they are near a body of water that is not a kiddie pool in the backyard.

First they should be supervised, secondly they should wear a life vest if the waters are deep.  While it is possible for most dogs to swim in deeper waters if the need arises, not all dogs can do this successfully and this isn’t related to breed.

It is also important that they don’t drink water that is murky or dirty, like pond or lake water which can have bacteria, parasites and other harmful substances in them.  The same can be said for Ocean water which can cause intestinal issues and vomiting and even in some cases cause kidney damage.

Finally after water play, it is a good idea to rinse down your Cavapoo. Certain bodies of water, which can include chlorinated pools can have harmful substances that can be dangerous to your Cavapoo.  It is by far better to clean their fur and also clean their ears to as a final step to their fun time.

How can I encourage a Cavapoo to like water and swimming if for some reason they don’t?

The way to encourage a Cavapoo to like water and swimming if for some reason they don’t is to join them in the water.

When the pet parents join them in the water and shows them how much fun the water can be it is a positive experience for the Cavapoo to model.  If their pet parent is having fun then surely they will have fun too.

They trust their loved ones and will more easily follow their lead.

Beyond that, providing interesting and fun toys can be helpful to distract and excite them while they spend some time in the water.

These toys can be rotated periodically so they don’t get boring as well as keep them entertained.

Lastly it is important to be patient, fears that may crop up when it comes to the Cavapoo liking water and swimming or playing in it can go away.  With some toys, games and of course distractions it is possible for the Cockapoo to forget about fears and worries.

If at first they don’t succeed, try and try again as long as they are having fun and being active eventually they will let go of their fears and accept.  This is true even for us humans.

If the Cavapoos are good swimmers does that mean that they would make good retrieving and hunting dogs for waterfowl?

No, the fact that the Cavapoos are good swimmers will not make them good at hunting water fowl.  Many dogs can swim but not all of them are hunters just because of that fact.  Hunting requires more than just a great love of water and being in it.

Cavapoos do however have an ancestorial background that comes from the combining of the Poodle and King Charles Cavalier.  The Poodle originally was a perfect dog for hunting, retrieving water fowl which can be an added perk and make the Cavapoo a great candidate for hunting waterfowl.

This however shows no direct relationship between their hunting abilities and swimming.  If they are a good hunter of waterfowl it is not directly related to whether they are a good swimmer or bad one.

Final Thoughts

While many dogs love to swim, some of them are not particularly fond of it.  This doesn’t mean if they don’t like to swim they should do it anyway as some dogs may always be fearful

Swimming and other outdoors activities can be a lot of fun for the whole family and should always bring happiness to the dogs life while keeping them healthy and safe for many years!

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