How Long Does A Cavapoo Live?

I recently adopted my very first dog, and she is a Cavapoo. I am learning a lot about her, but I am curious to know how long this mixed dog breed lives.

Anxious to find out my answer, I decided to search the internet and see what I could find, check it out!

How Long Does A Cavapoo Live?

A Cavapoo lives for approximately ten to fifteen years. How long a Cavapoo lives is based on their genetics and lifestyle, related to the food they eat, how much exercise and sleep they receive, and the amount of stress they have in their lives, among other factors. 

This guideline of ten to fifteen years is an average for this mixed dog breed which is based on their genetics that comes from the mixing of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle

The blending of these two breeds creates a dog with qualities from each pure breed in its background.

Each dog will be an individual, and this will factor into who they are and how their life is played out from beginning to end. 

While breeders can decide how much they believe a mixed dog breed has of each dog parent, it is still impossible to entirely know for sure as nature has its own way of creating each mixed breed dog. This includes their health and longevity.

However long a Cavapoo does live, pet parents can do many things to enhance their life and keep them as healthy as possible, which gives them the best chance at a long life. 

Some Cavapoo may not live as long as ten years, and others may live longer. It is near impossible to determine how much life a Cavapoo will have. 

It is most often best to focus on their overall health and quality of life and the time we have with them, as it is often beyond our control when it is their time to leave us.

Therefore, it can be impossible to know for sure how long anyone dog has to live their life. Time frames that are given are merely meant to be a guideline but not something that is etched in stone. 

Some Cavapoo will live to within this guideline, others will fall outside of it, being younger or older. How long they live should be based on the quality of life and not necessarily length.

So many factors can play into any dog’s life, including their diet, sleep habits, and how much exercise they receive. Their overall health and the genetics they receive from their dog parents, including any health issues that may arise at any time in their lives.

Their lifestyle, including where they live, who they live with, and what their home life is like when it comes to stress, also factor into how long they will live. 

As each dog is unique, the same situation and lifestyle can affect different dogs in different ways, even those with the same parents and from the same litter.

Know their genetics from their parents, which will come from their breeder and can give you an idea of the health issues that might arise.

Beyond that, annual checkups and visits as needed to address health issues that may arise will keep them as healthy as possible. 

Feeding them a nutritious diet that their veterinarian recommends and providing daily exercise, sleep, and outdoor time that is appropriate for the individual dog.

Sharing loving moments, keeping the home and their comfort zone as free of stress as possible, and providing social moments all work to create a healthy lifestyle that will be reflected in the dogs’ health.

This is a recipe for a healthy dog, regardless of how long it will live. It provides the Cavapoo with the best possible chance at a long life, which may, in fact, go beyond the fifteenth year of life for some Cavapoo.

One area that has the potential to reduce a dog’s longevity, as it even has the ability to reduce our own life expectancy, is stress. 

Stress can come in the physical, mental, or emotional form, and while how it comes may not always make a difference, how much a Cavapoo is exposed to can potentially reduce their life expectancy.

How Long Does A Cavapoo Live 1 How Long Does A Cavapoo Live?

This really depends on the individual dog, as some Cavapoo will not respond well to stress and have a hard time dealing with specific situations. 

Cavapoo that struggle with issues of nervous energy, anxiety, and self-inflicted stress, like separation anxiety, increase the amount of stress in their bodies which over time has been shown to cause illness and decrease longevity.

It is a good idea to know your Cavapoo well. Please get to know them and their triggers in life and work to reduce the amount of stress they are exposed to on a daily basis. 

As stated above, a bit of stress on a daily basis is healthy for us all and a normal part of life, but each Cavapoo will have its own tolerance level.

When a Cavapoo has reached its limit, regardless of where the stress is coming from, it is up to the pet parent to remove them or the stressor from their life and provide them with a calm place to restore their inner balance through the love of their family and time.

Does Training Help Cavapoos Live Longer?

Yes, training may help with a Cavapoo living a longer than average life expectancy in some cases. Training, like social skills, help a dog learn what is expected of them and others in certain situations. It teaches them what they can expect as well out of life and their environment.

Training can help a dog learn to keep their own inner balance and self-control to a certain degree through good behavior and manners, which can enhance their life and reduce stress.

An out-of-control dog that has no training doesn’t know when to stop negative behaviors like barking non-stop and so forth, which in the long run can add to everyone’s stress level, including their own. 

Training can help keep them calm during difficult or distracting situations where other untrained dogs wouldn’t know how to behave.

While this might not directly increase their life expectancy, as no one really knows for sure, but training is a part of a healthy, balanced, and harmonious lifestyle for a dog, at the end of the day, life expectancy can be difficult to determine for an individual dog as so many factors play a part in the end result.

How Long Does A Cavapoo Live 2 How Long Does A Cavapoo Live?

Aside from training, social skills and social moments, which can be thought of as passive training, are an excellent way for a dog to learn how to behave and make friends.

Friendships, for everyone, are a part of a healthy lifestyle that naturally enhances a dog’s life and, of course, their overall health, which plays a role in how long they will live.

Socializing gives a Cavapoo time to play with others and be a dog, which is what they are. It allows them to feel a part of a pack, which is natural to them. 

All of these situations with other dogs will boost their emotional health and well-being and physical and mental health.

Socialization is easy to do, have play dates with other families that have dogs, whether they are other Cavapoos or not. Take walks out in the neighborhood or to the park where your Cavapoo might meet other dogs.

Take them on adventures where they might encounter other dogs, as well as kids and other adults. These experiences create a special bond between dog and pet parent and make memories and boost happiness, which naturally adds to everyone’s lifespan.

Cavapoo Life Span

While it can be hard to know for sure how long a Cavapoo will live, the general guideline for this mixed breed is ten to fifteen years.

Creating a healthy lifestyle for your Cavapoo provides the best chance for them to live their best life for as long as nature intends.

This is all that we can do, therefore worrying about how long they will live is counterproductive. It is by far better to focus on quality time together and good health, which can go a long way in living a long life!

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