Are Cavapoos Hypoallergenic? (Answered!)

Thinking about getting a Cavapoo and wondering if they are hypoallergenic? If so, you are not alone. One of my good friends is considering a Cavapoo and I put together this information together for her and though you would benefit from knowing the answer too!

Are Cavapoos hypoallergenic?

Cavapoos is a hypoallergenic dog breed based on their mixed breed background, consisting of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle.  The Poodle is known for being a hypoallergenic dog breed that is usually considered very safe for many people with allergies. 

To be hypoallergenic, any dog breed, including the Cavapoo, must have low shedding fur.  The Cavapoo is just such a dog breed because their dog parent, the Poodle, is low shedding.  To be hypoallergenic, the Cavapoo must have a low incidence or chance of causing an allergy in someone who suffers from them. 

What type of allergies that the person suffers from can factor into how important it is to have a hypoallergenic dog like the Cavapoo?  Being hypoallergenic for any dog breed doesn’t mean that their pet parent or family member will not suffer allergies, but it reduces the incidence.   

Whether or not this mixed dog breed is hypoallergenic or not, if the pet parent or family member suffers from allergies to dog fur, it is always best for them to consult their doctor before adopting as being hypoallergenic is not a guarantee that the loved one will not suffer.  

If their allergies are very severe, it is always still possible for the person to suffer.

Cavapoos are considered hypoallergenic dog breed due to one of their dog parents being a Poodle.  Poodles are a hypoallergenic dog breed with a low incidence of causing allergies and health issues in those who suffer.

Since the Cavapoo almost always has a fur coat like their Poodle parent, they also inherit the traits of being hypoallergenic.   This isn’t ALWAYS the case, and their breeder will best be able to inform the pet parents, but for the most part, it is true.

When mixing any dog breed, it is sometimes possible to get a puppy that is the unique one that got their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parents dog fur, which could prevent them from being hypoallergenic.

In order for a dog to be considered hypoallergenic, it must be low shedding.

However, it is essential for anyone adopting a Cavapoo to understand their health issues and speak with their doctor before adopting any dog.  A hypoallergenic dog can still potentially cause health issues in those who suffer allergies. Still, it depends on the severity of the problem and what type of allergies they suffer from.

For those who suffer from allergies not related to dog fur, a Cavapoo that is hypoallergenic can be perfect for any family or individual.  For those individuals that suffer from allergies related to dog fur and dander, being hypoallergenic is no ABSOLUTE GUARANTEE that they will not suffer.

If the Cavapoo is hypoallergenic, can I let them sleep on my bed?

If the Cavapoo is hypoallergenic, you can let them sleep on your bed, but it depends on your allergy issues.  What type of allergies you suffer from and how severe they are will directly determine this issue?

In most cases, many doctors and health professionals will advise against allowing any pet to sleep on your bed if you suffer from allergies of any sort since allergens can become attached to the bedding.

This is true even for those people who suffer from allergies not related to dog fur and dander.  Those who suffer from allergies to the pollen of any sort can still suffer health issues if their Cavapoo sleeps on their bed.

The Cavapoo goes in and out of the house all day.  They roll around in the grass. They meander around the oak tree and through the flower bed.  The wind blows across their fur and so on.  During each one of these adventures outside, the Cavapoo can bring those allergens back in on their fur and to their pet parent.

Are Cavapoos Hypoallergenic?

If the Cavapoo is allowed to sleep on their pet parents’ bed, these allergens, including pollen, can end up on the bedding and cause a flare-up of allergies for the pet parent.

The bedroom is usually considered a critical area for our overall health, where we rest and restore our bodies after a hard day of work and play.  Having a peaceful, clean room to do so is essential for everyone but highly important for those who suffer from allergies.

It can be tempting to let your dog or other pet on your bedding to snuggle up and be close, but it is best if they don’t do that.  If it is essential for a Cavapoo or other pet to be in the bedroom, they should have a specific place to sleep at all times.

This should be a comfortable bed on the floor where they won’t rub their fur over the pet parents’ pillow and make them sneeze accidentally without even realizing it.

During snuggle time and other moments where the pet parent wants to allow their Cavapoo a chance to sit on the furniture, it is best to be done in the living room or other area of the house.  These areas are high traffic naturally. Therefore, allergens can quickly be brought into the home, whether they are dog fur or something else.

If I suffer from allergies to dog fur and dander, can I still adopt a Cavapoo?

Yes, it may be possible to adopt a Cavapoo if you suffer from dog fur and dander allergies.  Only your doctor can determine the true answer to this as they know your health situation better than anyone else does.

If they give you the green light to adopt a hypoallergenic dog and you want a Cavapoo, it is essential to consult with the breeder as they can determine which dog will be best for your health needs.

Since the Cavapoo is hypoallergenic, they are a good choice for people who suffer from allergies to dog fur and dander.

For those who suffer from these types of allergies, other things can be done to ensure that they don’t suffer.

Keeping the Cavapoo out of the bedroom is a must. Beyond that, having good dog grooming habits is necessary so that any fur that might be shed in a low shedding dog will be further reduced.

It can also be helpful for pet parents who suffer allergies to dog fur and dander to consider having a particular snuggle time during the day or night when they reconnect with their dog.  At this time, the pet parent can wear a specific outfit or cover up with a blanket. 

This prevents the fur that the dog does happen to shed from getting all over them.  It can also be helpful for those pet parents who are allergic to dog fur and dander to refrain from kissing their Cavapoo or putting their face too close to the dog’s fur.  It can accidentally but very easily be inhaled or cause a reaction.

These habits can further reduce the incidence of issues that a pet parent will feel from having a furry friend.

What makes a dog hypoallergenic?

What makes a dog hypoallergenic is if they shed their fur and, if so, how much.

A dog’s fur carries with it dander which is similar to dandruff that we sometimes shed from our own scalp.  This dander carries with it saliva from when they lick their fur, as well as oils, secretions, even urine, and feces.  These things that are shed with the dog’s fur carry proteins from the dog’s body.

These proteins are often what people are allergic to when they are allergic to dogs.  Therefore, the idea is that dogs who do not shed their fur or shed fur minimally do not leave these bodily secretions and proteins laying around on clothing, furnishing, and even in the air.

Hypoallergenic means a low likelihood of causing allergies.  Therefore, the dogs who wear this badge can do so because they have a low chance of causing allergies from shedding fur.

In Conclusion

The Cavapoo is a hypoallergenic dog breed due to its mixed-breed background.  That being said, there is still the chance for a Cavapoo to cause issues with those who suffer from allergies.

Should a potential pet parent wish to adopt a dog, it is always best to consult their doctor before doing so.  This prevents the possibility that they will adopt a dog that they may later have to return. 

With all the love there is to share by adopting a dog, having a Cavapoo or other dog breed is a gift that should never be returned.