What Kind of Toys Do Parakeets Like to Play With? (Parakeet Toy Guide 2022)

Parakeets are some of the most unique and intelligent creatures. The chirpy animals love to be entertained. However, some parakeet owners simply don’t have the time to play with their pets. To keep your parakeet occupied, active, and happy, parakeet toys are essential.

Buying a parakeet toys isn’t as simple as it seems. Similar to humans, parakeets have their preferences when it comes to toys, which can make finding the best toy a problematic task.

Thankfully, you have us to help you out. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 parakeet toys to keep your budgie cheerful and engaged. Let’s get started!

Best Parakeet Toys of 2022

After conducting extensive research on dozens of parakeet toys, we’ve narrowed the top 5 play items that are sure to keep your feathered friend entertained.

1. Super Bird Creations Mini Flying Trapeze Toy for Birds

Help your budgie beat the boredom with this show-stopping flying trapeze toy. Super Bird Creations creates toys for birds that make playtime, exercise, and exploration all the more fun.

Once you install the hanging trapeze, you’ll quickly notice your feathered friend flocking, hanging, and swinging from the toy. With pear-link connectors, this toy is also straightforward to install and remove.

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Built from natural seagrass, the trapeze mat is made from all-bird safe materials. This toy also features colorful, vibrant beads, balls, and links, so your parakeet will never be bored.

In addition to the aesthetics and ergonomic composition of the toy, Super Bird Creations designs this mini flying trapeze specifically to promote muscle strength, coordination, and balance skills. By being both visually appealing and physically energizing, this toy kills two birds with one stone (figuratively, of course!)

Designed with a variety of textures, the parakeet toy also encourages foraging behavior.


  • Makes exercise, exploration, and play both fun and easy
  • Made entirely with bird-safe, recycled materials
  • Develops balance and coordination


  • Parakeets may chew up the toy, but most owners don’t find this to be an issue

2. JWPet Activity Birdie Guitar Toy

The interactive JW Pet Guitar Toy is great for parakeets who love the sound of their voice. This creative, fun and adorable little play item features chains, string bells, balls, and beads to keep your parakeet engaged.

This useful toy stimulates muscle strength and provides sufficient exercise.

The shiny and reflective metallic surface of the bell and guitar are sure to catch the attention of your feathered friend. Pair the physical appeal with the varying sounds, colors, and textures, and you have the ideal toy for your pet parakeet!

Great for small birds, the JW Pet Guitar Toy lets your bird pull the little plastic beads on the top and bottom to ring the shiny bells.

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  • Engages the bird’s motor skills
  • Made from bird-safe and non-toxic materials
  • Easy to install and adjust


  • For owners who are sensitive to constant noise, this may not be the ideal toy for your pet
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3. Super Bird Creations Crinkle Crinkle Little Star Bird Toy

This next selection on our list is yet again from Super Bird Creations. The Crinkle Crinkle Little Stay Toy is as enticing as it sounds. Featuring a shiny bell, vibrant plastic beads, and crinkle shreds, this toy will keep your parakeet occupied for hours.

Additionally, this toy helps improve your bird’s awareness skills, keeping their mind sharp and alert at all times.

The Crinkle Crinkle Little Star Toy combines all the best aspects of a parakeet toy into one item. With varying sizes, colors, textures, shapes, this toy is an excellent solution to your budgies’ hankering for playtime.

Made from recyclable, bird-safe materials, this toy stimulates both the muscles and mind of your pet.

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  • Eases the destructive instincts of a bird
  • Keeps the mind and beak active
  • Comes in small size (great for parakeets) and varying colors


  • Paper strands stick out of the toy, causing them to be easily removed and ripped apart (not necessarily a bad thing, this just shortens the toy’s lifespan)
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4. Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Toy

The Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Toy is great for active and curious parakeets who live to dig, claw, or rummage through things. Designed to stimulate the mind of a bird, this lively and multi-textured toy is a real boredom-buster.

Built with all-natural and high-quality materials, you won’t have to worry about constantly spending money to find a new toy for your bird. This long-lasting toy is sure to keep them engaged for hours.

The quality of this toy is also great for your parakeet’s health. The fibrous material conditions their beak while working to prevent overgrowth.

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  • Encourages foraging behavior
  • Available in varying colors and sizes
  • Relieves stress, boredom, or destructive tendencies


  • The toy features sharp spikes, which might initially frighten the bird
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5. Prevue Hendryx 62900 Mimic Me Voice-Recording Unit

The Prevue Pet Mimic Unit is incredibly useful for teaching your bird new words, phrases, and sounds.

Simply turn the toy on, select the recording duration, and record whatever sound you want your parakeet to mimic.

Birds pick up new words and phrases based on what they hear. For example, if you repeat someone’s name over and over, the bird is likely to learn and repeat that name, as well.

This toy is easy to use and works as a great learning tool for your pet parakeet.

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  • Professional training tool
  • Encourages the bird to learn new sounds and phrases
  • Features two recording time settings


  • Screw access to the battery compartment is minimal, so replacing batteries might be challenging
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Buying Guide: What to Look for in a Parakeet Toy

Now that we’ve reviewed the top 5 parakeet toys, let’s go over what to look for when choosing a toy for your budgie.

Each toy includes different features. Selecting the right toy ultimately comes down to your pet’s preferences and interests.

When choosing a parakeet toy, keep in mind the following aspects:


How large or small your bird is should determine the size of the toy you purchase. Buying a small toy for a large bird is a health hazard and could put them at risk of choking. If you have a smaller bird, buying a toy that’s too large for them will cause them to lose interest.


Most birds thoroughly enjoy any item that produces sound. Choose a toy that makes pleasant, musical noises that a bird might find funny or amusing. Toys that make sounds capture their attention and further engage birds.


The vibrancy of a toy can also determine the bird’s level of interest and interaction. A toy with muted or dull colors will not grab the bird’s attention.


Make sure to find a toy with varying textures. This feature keeps the bird engaged as they experiment with the feel of the toy.

Since parakeets are particularly playful creatures, we recommend looking for toys that offer a variety of engaging activities. Such activities mean choosing items with features like ladders, perches, swings, bells, and chewable materials.

A helpful tip is to look for toys that mimic a parakeet’s natural habitat. Doing so will better enhance their abilities, satisfy their innate characteristics, and fulfill their natural tendencies.

To be more specific, find toys that include features such as:

Swings, ladders, and rings

Since parakeets are very active pets, these items encourage their athletic ability and coordination, like swinging and climbing.

Beads and balls

Small birds, in particular, enjoy toys that feature colorful beads and balls. Just make sure they’re safe, especially with larger birds, who are prone to choking on such small items.

Bells or other toys that make noise

While bells might be noisy, birds find them pleasant and musical.


Parakeets often get lonely when left by themselves for prolonged periods, and mirrors give off the illusion of another bird in the cage. This feature also encourages their interactive skills.


There’s no doubt that parakeets are curious and active animals. That means they need constant engagement, either in the form of human interaction or play toys.

However, keep in mind that birds are less likely to show immediate interest in a new toy. Be patient with them as they explore and learn how to use their new play item.

Below are some tips to help engage your parakeet with their toy:

  • Sitting in front of your bird’s cage and playing with the toy might pique your pet’s curiosity. Try demonstrating how to play with the toy by batting, spinning, or peering into it. Then, simply place the toy back in your bird’s cage and see how they respond.
  • If you’ve properly trained your parakeet, instruct your bird to climb onto your finger. Then, slowly move your hand close to the toy. This tactic will help reduce any fear the bird may have towards the toy.
  • Lastly, place a treat onto the toy, so it’s noticeable to your bird. This tip will encourage your parakeet to approach the toy.

As the owner, it makes sense that you’d want your parakeet to start playing with their toy as soon as possible. Many bird toy creators feel the same way, which is why they combine various aspects of appeal—sights, sounds, and feel—to entice your pet budgie.

Finding a toy that will do just that can be difficult, so we hope our list of the top 5 parakeet toys has made the process much easier.

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