10 Great Gift Ideas To Buy For Bird Lovers (Must-See!)

Do you have a bird lover in your life? Does their face light up when they see cardinals, robins, and finches flying around their yard and playing in the birdbath? Or maybe they are proud to have a bird or two of their own. From parrots and eagles to sparrows and ducklings, bird lovers also come in a variety of types! 

Whether your loved one is a passionate bird watcher who travels the world in search of exotic birds or they’re a backyard bird nurturer, they’ll appreciate these fun and thoughtful gifts! Browse through these ten creative gift ideas for bird lovers and see which one suits your friend, family member, or significant other the best. 

1. The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Birds on a Wire Heat Changing Mug

You can’t go wrong with a classic coffee mug or teacup as a gift; they come in all kinds of designs, sizes, and sayings or quotes. Most people enjoy a steaming cup of joe or their favorite tea in the morning, and chances are, bird lovers are taking a sip while they’re watching some birds! 

This mug is no ordinary mug; it takes morning tea or coffee time to a whole new level. When you pour hot water into the cup, the birds will start to change colors! It also offers a sturdy design and ample space for liquids. 

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With its neat and colorful display, it’ll quickly become your bird lover’s favorite cup in the cabinet. The company even identifies the birds under the cup for added entertainment and learning for your bird lover. 

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2. Birdwatcher Lover Apparel Bird Nerd T-Shirt

Give your bird lover a gift they can proudly wear and share. This hilarious and stylish novelty t-shirt with “Bird Nerd” text can be a wonderful present for moms, dads, uncles, aunts, grandmas, grandpas, and even your little cousin, niece, or nephew. 

It comes in a variety of colors and sizes as well, including black, navy blue, asphalt grey, royal blue, cranberry, kelly green, olive, dark heather, heather blue, and purple to accommodate different style preferences. 

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This is an inexpensive gift that will surely make your loved one laugh. Whether they want to wear it out and show the world or just wear it around their house, they’ll enjoy this funny and comfortable shirt and will think of you every time they put it on. 

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3. Winemana Globe Hummingbird Nesters 

These three beautiful, globe-shaped hummingbird nesters are the perfect addition to a bird lover’s backyard or other space. Each nester is water-resistant and comes pre-filled with polyester fiber cotton, which offers a softer home for a hummingbird couple to cozy up and lay some eggs. 

Your loved one can hang these natural-looking rattan nesters in their garden, yard, on a balcony, or even in their office to add a stylish touch. This gift will provide hours of pleasant bird watching as they flock to these inviting nesters. 

The Winemana Globe Hummingbird Nesters are easy to hang with the twine included in the package, making them a gift they can start using right away without any assembly or hassle. 

4. Nature Anywhere Window Bird House Feeder

Most bird lovers thoroughly enjoy feeding the local birds and would be thrilled to have their house be the go-to place for mealtime. Some birdhouses are cute, but you can’t see what’s going on inside. The Nature Anywhere Window Bird House Feeder, however, lets you witness all the beauty.

This house and feeder is entirely transparent and features a sliding, 2-cup seed tray that’s easy to fill and clean. Four heavy-duty suction cups keep the birdhouse secured to any window in your home, giving you a close-up view of any cardinal, bluejay, or goldfinch that flies in. 

This device is built to last with 4mm thick premium acrylic. The seed tray also has a separator, which lets you use different seed types to attract different birds. And if your loved one owns a cat, they can join in on the fun too without endangering the birds!

5. SkyGenius Compact Binoculars 

One of the most essential items for a bird lover is a set of high-quality binoculars. Any bird watcher wants to see the birds they’re watching in detail. These SkyGenius Compact Binoculars are the perfect gift for a dedicated bird watcher who wants to get up close without scaring their feathered friends away. 

The compact size and lightweight design allow them to fit in small backpacks or pant pockets during hiking trips or walks in the park. They can also fit easily into drawers at home for convenient storage. The binoculars have improved low light performance, allowing for high-contrast and sharper images, as well as an easy-to-focus center knob. 

These make an excellent gift for adults and kids and can be used for more than just bird watching, from concerts and plays to sporting events (when you’re stuck in the nose-bleed section) and camping trips!

6. 360 Lighting Table Lamp

Birds are often used in home decor, from paintings and pillow shams to tables and lamps like this one! This 360 Lighting bird table lamp features a burlap shade and a gorgeous crackle bronze-brown finish that can fit into a variety of home styles. 

A small bird sits on top of a rustic-looking cube base, providing a cute and comforting country chic look with a modern twist. If your loved one loves to decorate, this will be the perfect gift for them, encouraging them to use their love of birds to light up any room. This lamp can be used on a bedside table, an end table in a living room, or even out on a porch. 

7. DII Indoor/Outdoor Doormat

Welcome mats are always cute gifts, and that’s also the case for bird lovers! This DII indoor/outdoor doormat features an adorable design with three different colored birds on the front, along with the classic “welcome” text. It’s sure to add some personality and spunk to their entryway. 

The strong coconut coir fibers used in the mat’s bristles are highly effective at cleaning dirt, mud, and other debris from visitors’ shoes before they enter the house. They can place it anywhere they see fit, such as in a garage, laundry room, or patio entryway. Either way, they’ll enjoy using their love of birds to invite people inside their home. 

8. The Backyard Bird-Lover’s Guide: Attracting, Nesting, Feeding

Some bird lovers enjoy the simplicity and peacefulness of watching birds in their natural habitat. However, some prefer taking it a step further and learning all about them and how to care for them. This book offers helpful advice and tips on attracting, nesting, and feeding a variety of birds that visit people’s backyards. 

Your loved one can learn what types of bird feed attract certain birds, ideas for DIY birdbaths, and a variety of fun and intriguing facts about over 135 species. They can keep it on the coffee table, bookshelf, or even close to the window so they can read and learn while they watch the birds from afar.

Overall, this is a must-have book for any bird lover with a desire to dive into a bird’s world and find out more about their specific needs and preferences. 

9. Sun-Ray Solar Lighted Bird Feeder

This Sun-Ray Solar Lighted Bird Feeder is beautifully designed as a hanging lantern and comes in two different colors: silver/pewter and copper to fit any stylistic preferences. This lantern feeder is not only gorgeous but also features solar power technology that powers three amber-colored LED lights. 

The highly durable feeder offers a regal appearance for the yard while also providing a mansion for the birds who stay. Your loved one will enjoy watching the birds eating and hanging out in the morning, afternoon, or evening. And even at night, when the birds are sleeping, they’ll still love the comforting light of the solar lantern, which will brighten up their yard. 

Your bird lover won’t have to do anything but open the package, add the birdseed, and hang wherever they please! Feeding the birds has never been so easy and enjoyable.

10. VIVOHOME Outdoor Garden Bird Bath

There’s nothing quite like watching a few birds enjoying their bathtime in an outdoor birdbath meant just for them! Seeing them splash around in this VIVOHOME Outdoor Garden Bird Bath is bound to keep any bird lover grinning from ear to ear. 

This elegant birdbath is available in green and copper and is constructed using PP material with a resin coating that resists water. This durable material ensures that the bath will not dent or break and will stand the test of time. 

It’s also easy to assemble and large enough (20” in diameter) for multiple birds to bathe at once. Your bird-loving friend or family member will also appreciate its lightweight design, making moving a breeze (which you can’t say for many birdbaths out there). The bowl is also easy to unscrew, which is handy when it comes to refilling it with water.


Hopefully, now you have some gift ideas for your bird-loving friend or loved one’s next birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or other special occasions. The possibilities are endless for gift-giving, especially when you know what the other person likes. From home decor and bird feeders to books and binoculars, you’re sure to find something to make them smile.  

Make sure to be creative and take some time to think about what would be the most meaningful present to the person of choice. You want to purchase one that they’ll be raving about for a long time!