Are Swings Good for Budgies? [Explained!]

If you have a budgie, you no doubt already know how playful and sweet these birds can be. They love to play and cuddle and are generally very active. You can help keep your budgie amused by giving them various toys.

So, are swings good for budgies? The answer is a resounding yes. Your bird is sure to love this toy. Read on to find out why budgies are crazy about swings and for tips on how to choose the right swing for your bird.

Why Swings Are Good for Budgies

Many people assume that budgies are low-maintenance pets because of their small size and easygoing demeanor. While these birds might not require as much care as a giant bird (like a red-and-green-winged macaw), they still require significant attention.

Emotional Importance

Budgies are social birds and don’t do well in isolation. If you have one budgie, you may want to consider getting them a pal. If you end up with just one bird, note that they will require a great deal of attention from you.

You can play, cuddle, and talk with your budgie. They may even respond! Some budgies have been recorded speaking up to 1,700 words.

The point is that a budgie needs entertainment and interaction. You can’t just leave the bird in its cage and expect it to be happy. Of course, one great way to keep your bird entertained is to give it toys—like swings.

Physical Importance

Toys are also vital because they encourage budgies to get exercise. Your budgie will love hopping on a swing and swaying back and forth. This keeps them from simply sitting still on their perch, providing much-needed physical activity.

Regular exercise can help budgies stay fit. These birds are prone to a variety of diseases. For example, overweight birds may be more likely to get fatty liver disease or arthritis. Getting your budgie active with a swing can help prevent this sad outcome.

The Best Swings for Budgies

So, are swings good for budgies? In a word: Yes! But just which swing should you get your bird? Here are some of the top contenders.

Best Overall: HONBAY Wooden Bird Swing Perch

Budgies love to be dazzled by vibrant colors and flashy sounds. That’s what this fun swing delivers. The HONBAY Wooden Bird Swing Perch features bright beads around the arch, giving your budgie something exciting to play with.

The swing further has two tiny bells attached to the bottom. When the bird climbs on the perch, the bells will make noise, promoting further interaction. Your bird will be encouraged to move the swing to get the bells jingling.

This swing is just as practical as it is pretty. It has a metal hook at the top, making for easy installation. You can hang it in a birdcage or on a branch outside. Meanwhile, the perch is made of natural wood, giving birds a feel for what they’d experience in the wild.


  • Bright colored beads encourage interaction.
  • Easy-to-hang, with a simple metal clasp-style hook.
  • Two bells on either side of the swing keep budgies amused.
  • Natural wooden perch.
  • Can go indoors or outdoors.


  • It only comes in one size.

Best Bang for Your Buck: JW Pet Company Insight Sand Perch Swing Bird Toy

If your bird already has their fair share of toys and you want to add to their collection with a straightforward swing, this is a great pick. It’s simple, without all the bells and whistles (literally). Plus, it comes at a great price.

The JW Pet Company Insight Sand Perch Swing Bird Toy has a natural sand coating on the bar, which helps to keep the bird’s claws from getting too long. The perch also has variable widths, mimicking an actual branch, like what a budgie would perch on in the wild.

Durable yet comfortable, this is a simple yet serviceable swing for budgies. It comes in two sizes, small and regular. Small is probably best for a budgie.


  • The sand-covered bar helps keep birds’ nails short naturally.
  • Variable-width perch like a natural branch.
  • Two sizes are available.


  • Simple design doesn’t offer much stimulation.

Best Combo Pack: ESRISE 8 Pcs Bird Parrot Toys

If your budgie could use some added stimulation, this multipack of swings, perches, and other toys is ideal. The ESRISE 8 Pcs Bird Parrot Toys feature two chew toys, three hanging bell toys, one mirror toy, and two bird swings.

Your budgie won’t get bored with all this amusement! The variety of entertainment gives birds a mental and physical workout, encouraging them to perch, climb, play, and chew. The mirror is also a great addition as budgies love to peek at their reflection.

These toys are all designed with safety in mind. They are bite-resistant and pet-safe, made of wood and metal.


  • Bird-safe materials of wood and metal.
  • A massive diversity of entertainment to keep feathered friends amused, including a mirror.
  • Durable craftsmanship.


  • If you need a simple swing, it’s probably not worth paying for all the extra toys in this pack.

Best Versatile Style: Wontee Bird Triangle Rope Swing

If you’re looking for something a bit more versatile than a standard wooden swing, this is a great choice. The Wontee Bird Triangle Rope Swing stands out for its unique shape and use of materials.

This swing features a brightly colored rope wrapped around an iron wireframe. The cord uses soft cotton, which is both durable and comfortable for birds to stand on.

What makes this swing stand out is the fact that the shape can be changed. You can challenge your bird by creating loops and curves, giving them a chance to practice coordination and balance as they adapt to the various shapes.

The rope is also great for birds to practice climbing, as they can quickly sink their claws or beak into the material.


  • Possible to mold into different shapes.
  • Soft cotton rope material is both comfortable and durable.
  • Pretty multi-colored rope.
  • Easy-to-hand clasp hook at the top.


  • Not suitable for outdoor use since the rope is made of cotton cloth, which may get wet, musty, or moldy.

Best Alternative Model: Prevue Hendry Naturals Rope Ladder

If you want to give your bird the experience of a swing but want to mix it up a bit, opt for the Prevue Hendry Naturals Rope Ladder. It doubles as a ladder and a swing, encouraging your bird to climb, jump, and play. The rough natural textures give your bird’s feet natural exercise.

This is also a versatile option. You can hang it at both ends, so it doubles as a swing. Alternatively, you can hang it at just one end to create a tricky climbing ladder for your budgie to conquer.


  • Made of 100% natural and sustainable materials.
  • Encourages vigorous physical play.
  • Doubles as a ladder and a swing.


  • Requires more space than a simple swing.

Buyer’s Guide: Swings for Budgies

You have several products to choose from above. Which one is right for your bird? Here are some tips for selecting swings for budgies. Consider the following:

  • Size of the bird: Make sure the swing isn’t too big, or your budgie won’t be able to make it swing.
  • Amount of space: Ensure the dimensions fit the size of the bird’s cage if you plan to hang it indoors.
  • Indoor vs. outdoor: If you want a portable swing that can work outdoors as well, make sure the materials will stand up against the elements.
  • Existing toys: Budgies that already have a lot of toys probably don’t need a complicated swing. In this case, a simple model will do.
  • Extras: Some swings are just swings. Others come with bells, beads, and other interactive elements.

The Final Word: Are Swings Good for Budgies?

If you came to this guide wondering, “Are swings good for budgies?” you’ve got your answer. They are! The above guide highlights some of the best options for swings for budgies.

Find the right swing for your bird and prepare to enjoy hours of fun.