How to Look After a Cavapoo Coat (Explained!)

I adopted a Cavapoo, a mixed dog breed of both Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle.  He is adorable, and I love that he has such a great personality.  I don’t know much about his coat of fur, though, concerning how I should care for it.  Hopefully, I found some information to help others who are new to this dog breed.

How to Look After a Cavapoo Coat

The Cavapoo mixed dog breed combines the qualities of two very distinct dog breeds into one dog.  This mixture is a combination of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle.   With this mix, these dogs have a great personality and make a perfect companion for any family or individual who wants a dog with intelligence and an easy-going and fun-loving personality.

With this mixed breed, these dogs often inherit the physical fur coat traits of their Poodle parent.  This is not always the case but most often.

This can be a huge perk for families with allergies or those who don’t like to deal with a lot of fur around the house because they are low shedding like the Poodle.

With the Poodle fur coat, these dogs will require more attention than some other dog breeds in the grooming department.  It will be essential that pet parents who adopt this mixed breed dog be prepared for a little extra grooming and pampering of their pooch similar to but not quite as much as a Poodle usually needs.

How to look after a Cavapoo Coat is to brush their fur often.  They should be brushed a few times per week as part of their weekly grooming ritual.  This will not only prevent their coat of fur from being messy, dirty, and tangled, but it will keep them looking their best and remove any extra fur that may be shedding even though they only shed a little.

Using a metal grooming tool will be best for this dog breed to reduce tangles in their gorgeous hairdo.  After that, a regular grooming brush can be used for this mixed breed to make the coat look less out of control and frizzy, which can sometimes happen.

When they are bathed, the coat of a Cavapoo is best when it dries on its own or with the low setting on a hairdryer if your Cavapoo allows.  If a high setting on a hairdryer is used, their hair can end up looking like a frizzy mess.  The same will be true if they are brushed right after they are bathed.

Type of Cavapoo Haircuts

The Puppy Haircut

This haircut is the haircut that many mixed breeds get, and those dogs that have wild fur that is hard to manage.  It is also a popular first haircut for many dog breeds and those who don’t have the time or desire to bother with styles.

This haircut is simplicity to the maximum, which is why so many people select it for their dogs.  It is a simple haircut that groomers can do quickly, and many pet parents can easily learn to manage and do themselves at home.

The cut simple, with the hair being trimmed to an even length all over the dog’s body.  The length can be determined by the pet parent or the season approaching, with some dogs having a shorter length haircut and others having a longer length haircut.

It is very low maintenance and an excellent option for pups who have fur that grows relatively quickly, and they require rather frequent grooming sessions.

If a Cavapoo is given this haircut, they will indeed look adorable and may likely need fewer grooming sessions depending on how short their pet parent decides to have them trimmed.

Short for Summer Haircut

This haircut is the same as the puppy cut but short.  This is for the dog days of summer when pet parents are looking for a way to keep their fur baby cool and comfortable.  It’s quick, simple, and easy to manage.  Aside from keeping things cool, it keeps matting, tangles, and knots away too.

For the Cavapoo, this can be a great haircut as summer approaches to give them and their pet parents a break from all the grooming.  With this haircut, the pet parents can rest easy knowing that they don’t have to brush their Cavapoo quite as often.

Who Loves a Teddy Bear Haircut

Who doesn’t love a teddy bear, right?  Well, with this haircut, the Cavapoo usually gets a short haircut for their body and legs.  Their face will be trimmed with scissors to look like the adorable teddy bear, and they may or may not have long and straight ears like their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parent.

This haircut is cuteness to the max, at most often selected for the Cavapoo.  It is still a low-maintenance haircut, but it brings out the cute factor while being simple and easy to maintain.

Groomers will have an easy time with this hairstyle, but pet parents can also attempt this haircut independently, depending on their skill and ability with scissors.  It should be mentioned that this is very important as a dog can easily be injured with scissors if they are fussy and don’t sit still.  Therefore the pet parent must feel entirely confident, and of course, have someone else on hand to assist in preventing injury to the Cavapoo.

This haircut will require brushing and maintenance a few times per week, but it depends entirely on how short the hair is cut.  During the summer months, if this haircut is chosen, the Cavapoo may require a bit more attention around the face to keep up the adorable appearance of this haircut.

Bathing and the Cavapoo Fur Coat

How often a Cavapoo is bathed depends on the type of fur they have and, of course, how dirty they become.  How active and outdoorsy they are will also factor into how often they are bathed.

If their fur is thick or long, they may require bathing more often than other dogs.  The same can be said for highly active or outdoorsy dogs, where they may sweat more or get dirt and filth in their fur more often.

Each dog will be unique in this regard, but generally speaking, it is a good idea to bathe a Cavapoo once every month or every other month.  This is just a guide, and pet parents will have to determine what is best for their pup.

It should be said that bathing a Cavapoo or any dog breed too often can lead to dryness, sensitivity, and irritation of the skin as it strips away the natural oils of the skin.   Dogs should only be bathed when necessary, which means when they are dirty, sweaty, have severely matted fur with debris in it, or have rolled around in something stinky.

Some pet parents may bathe their dogs more than once a month. Others may not bath their Cavapoo as much as once every other month. Whatever is chosen should be with regards to their skin health and their fur.

How often they are bathed will also be determined by how comfortable they are with grooming and bathing.  Some dogs have trouble sitting still for a long time, some don’t like to be soaped up and washed down, each dog will have its own personality.

Regardless of how often the Cavapoo is bathed, how you look after a Cavapoo coat depends on the look you are going for with their fur, age, how comfortable they are with grooming and bathing, and what season is approaching.

Diet and the Cavapoo Coat

The Cavapoo’s diet can play a big part in how healthy their fur coat is at any given time.  Consulting their veterinarian can help ensure that they are receiving enough nutrient-dense food to provide good health.  If they are, it will be reflected in their fur coat. It will shine, feel and look its best.

While this mixed breed doesn’t shed a lot, having a healthy diet can further reduce the chance of shedding fur.  It can also keep their skin healthy.

A healthy diet should always include plenty of fresh, clean water that hydrates the body.  Water should be replenished and changed as needed to ensure that the Cavapoo will drink enough.  Some pet parents may find it helpful to provide supplements to their Cavapoo to make sure they have a healthy fur coat.  This should, however, be discussed with their veterinarian first.

In Conclusion

Looking after a Cavapoo coat is the same as how you would look after any other dog’s fur coat and even your hair.

Grooming is essential for health and beauty and includes brushing and bathing.  For the Cavapoo, this will be a few times per week for brushing and once a month of every other month for bathing.

Diet is also important and should the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, which naturally enhances the beauty of their fur coat.  Regardless of how often they are groomed and bathed, the Cavapoo is one adorable mixed dog breed that is very hard to resist!