How Often Can You Bathe a Yorkie? (Answered!)

It is important for you to bathe your Yorkie. This can help them to feel good and will get all of the dirt and grime off your dog so they do not smell. When your Yorkie gets dirty, you will want to make sure to give them a bath to make them and yourself feel better. But you may wonder how often you should bathe your Yorkie.

Your Yorkie will need a bath every two to four weeks. This will help to remove the dirt and grime that they accumulate while playing around and can prevent matts in the hair while preventing their skin from drying out. You can occasionally give them a bath more often if they get really messy, but do not overdo this or you can make the Yorkie itchy and uncomfortable.

Let’s take a closer look at how often you should bathe your Yorkie and why it is important to give them a bath on a regular basis.

How Often Can I Bathe My Yorkie?          

It is a good idea to give your Yorkie a bath on a regular basis. This will help them keep clean and can prevent them from getting an infection or anything else that may make them sick. It is a good idea to give your Yorkie a bath every two to four weeks. Write it down on the schedule to help you remember so your Yorkie will get cleaned on a regular basis.

When your Yorkie gets dirty, then you can give them an extra bath. You do not need to let them sit around in a bunch of dirt after they jump into puddles just because it hasn’t been two weeks since the last bath. However, try to avoid bathing more often than once a week at any time for your dog.

When you give your Yorkie a bath too often, then you can cause issues to the skin of your Yorkie. This can often dry out their skin and will make them itchy and uncomfortable.

When you give them a bath every two to four weeks on average, you will find that they keep clean without drying out the skin at all.

Of course, do not let much more than this time when it comes to bathing your dog. They need to get a bath on a regular basis. If you do not give your Yorkie baths when they need them most, their hair

Why Do I Need to Bathe My Yorkie?

There are many reasons why you should bathe your Yorkie. Forgetting to do this and not keeping up with the routine bathing schedule can be bad for your Yorkie.

You will find that the dirt and grime will easily stick to their hair and can cause it to be matted over time. This makes it really hard to clean the hair and you may need to trim the hair or cut it really short just to get through all of the tangles.

Your dog is likely to start to stink the longer you go without giving them a bath. This can be due to all of the dirt and other things that start to gather on your dog over time. If you notice that your dog stinks a little bit, you will need to give them a bath.

How Often Can You Bathe a Yorkie

Can I Bathe My Yorkie Too Often?

It is possible to bathe your Yorkie too often. This is why the recommendation is to do it every two to four weeks. You can occasionally choose to do this more often if your Yorkie does get too dirty from running around or after being outside camping and other fun activities. Do not do this too often

If you bathe your dog too much, it is going to cause their skin to dry out. Even the best shampoo and conditioner will cause the skin to dry out if you use it too often. It may seem like a great idea that you are able to give a bath more often, but if you do it more often than once or twice a month, then this can be a problem.

When the skin gets too dry out, your Yorkie will be itchy and the skin will not feel good. They may spend a lot of time scratching and not feeling that great.

You may need to see if there are some lotions or other options that you are able to utilize to help get the skin to not feel so dried out. Keep the bathing down to two times a month or only when the Yorkie needs them in order to avoid making them feel uncomfortable.

What if My Yorkie Does Not Like Baths?

It is not uncommon for your yorkie to not like taking a bath. They may not like getting wet, be scared of the noise that comes from the bath water, or not like it because the water gets into their ears and makes them uncomfortable.

If the last thing is the issue, then consider a bath cap or some cotton balls in the ears to prevent the water getting into the ear and causing pain.

If your Yorkie is not a fan of baths, then you need to take some time to get them used to the bath. Using lots of praise and even some treats will help them to find bath time as fun.

Doing it on a regular basis will help as well. If you do not give your Yorkie a bath very often, then they will just continue to be scared of it.

How Should I Bathe My Yorkie?

Regular bath times will be an important way to help take care of your Yorkie and make sure they do not get sick. With all of the hyper energy that comes with your Yorkie, you may be surprised at how dirty they get.

To give your Yorkie a good bath, you can do some of the following steps:

  • Give them a brush: Before you set them in the water, take some time to groom the puppy. These knots can turn into matting that will get painful to remove later. Do it each time you want to give the dog a bath.
  • Get the right temperature: You do not want the water to get too warm when you use this. The perfect water temperature needs to be between 70 to 80 degrees. This will get them clean without burning the Yorkie when they get in. This will be much colder than you are used to.
  • Get them prepared: Do not shock your Yorkie about the bath. Get them used to the bath with some positive association. This can keep them from being scared. Give them something as a distraction as they get in the bath or a nice treat when they are done.
  • Use a cotton ball: Put this gently in the ear. This will keep the water out and can prevent any bacteria from getting inside and hurting the dog. A doggy shower cap is a good option here as well. Clean the ears out when done to make sure no water got in.
  • Clean the hair: Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner to clean your dog. Start at the scruff of their neck and then lather up down the back, legs, and chest to make sure they get all cleaned out. Wash out all the shampoo and the conditioner between each step to make sure the soap does not stay there and make the dog itchy.
  • Dry your Yorkie: When the bath is done, you can dry them off to help them feel better and not be dripping. You can use a hair dryer for this, but keep it on a low heat setting so it does not hurt the dog. Your Yorkie may not like the sound.
  • Do a quick brush: if there were a few tangles that were hard to get out, now is the time to work on them. Do a quick brush through the hair again at the end and then give your Yorkie a treat.
How Often Can You Bathe a Yorkie

Once your Yorkie is done with the bath, it is likely that they will be ready to run around. Get ready for a little bit of zooming from the dog when they are done to ensure that they get some of that energy out of their system.

Praise your Yorkie for doing a good job to help them see that the bath is a positive thing.

Keeping Your Yorkie Clean

It is important to keep your Yorkie clean and help them get the baths that they need. If your Yorkie does not like getting a bath, then you may not want to do it often because it is such a hassle.

But your Yorkie can get used to taking these baths if you give them some positive reinforcement along the way. Give your Yorkie a bath on a regular basis and see what a difference it can make.