Ways to Prevent Cavapoo Fur from Matting: 3 Must-Have Dog Brushes (That Work!)

Having a Cavapoo as your four-legged furry companion can be great fun as they love to tag along on EVERY adventure you go on.  With that, though, you may find yourself dealing with more than you bargained for in the way of grooming.

Cavapoos are a mixed dog breed that usually has the fur of their Poodle pet parent, which most of us know requires a higher amount of maintenance to keep the fur coat looking its best.  Thankfully, the Cavapoo isn’t a dog breed that needs a special haircut to look their best, but if they are going on our many adventures, some of us will end up with more work than others.

Ways to Prevent Cavapoo Fur from Matting:  3 Must-Have Dog Brushes That Work

Those who are new to having a Cavapoo as a family member may not know how to handle all this fur and the matting that can sometimes happen if their fur is left ungroomed.

For those of you who are in this situation, you are in luck.  I have had a Cavapoo for a few years now, and she had come along on many an adventure, including quite a few outdoor adventures.  I have tried every imaginable grooming tool during this time, from detangling sprays to combs and brushes. You name it, I have bought it, all without much success.

I am going to share a few tricks to PREVENT matting from happening in the first place, which in my opinion, is far better than dealing with it after it happens.  After that, I will share a few dog brushes with you that I have found work better than the others, and believe me when I say I have had many experiences in this area.

How do you prevent a Cavapoo from matting?

To prevent a Cavapoo from matting, they need to be brushed, brushed, and brushed some more.  Brushing needs to be done correctly, which in most cases doesn’t happen since brushing needs to begin at the surface of the skin where the matting or tangled fur starts. 

Without this proper brushing, the dog will look gorgeous, but underneath all that beauty, there may still be knots and tangled fur that causes discomfort and is never properly attended to.  Using the correct tools and the proper method, a Cavapoos fur can be tangle and knot-free and looking pretty. 

To prevent matting of a Cavapoos fur, it is essential to focus on specific areas of their body where this is more common, and unless you want more trouble, don’t bathe them first. This can make the issue worse with all the rubbing and scrubbing that does on during a bath.  It is far better to address the issue on their dry fur.

Why do Cavapoos get matted fur?

Cavapoos get matted fur because they have a double coat of fur.  This double coat consists of two layers, the top or outer layer, which is longer and for appearance, and the inner or bottom layer, which is for protection against the elements, is thicker.

Is it painful for a Cavapoo when they have matted fur?

Yes, matted fur is painful for any dog breed.  This is why it is so essential for the pet parent to prevent the issue from happening in the first place.  Many people might think the Cavapoo doesn’t feel the matting of their fur, but anyone who has a young child knows this isn’t the case. Matting and knotting can hurt very much; surprisingly, it happens very easily.

A Cavapoo might start out with a tiny knot or section of matted fur. Still, if this is left unattended, the dog’s activities can promote its growth, and not to mention the possibility that it will end up tightening right against the dog’s skin, which is extremely painful for them.

To make matters worse, when tangled fur and left unattended, if it does tighten against their skin, it can be a perfect breeding ground for fleas and parasites.  Therefore, it is always best to quickly deal with the minor issues to prevent the most significant problems from forming.

Most Common Spots for Matted Fur to Occur

Fur can get tangled, knotted, or matted anywhere on any dog, but some spots are more common than others. These include:

Hips, Thighs, and Joints

Those areas on a dog where their extremities meet their torso are commonplace for a Cavapoo to get matted fur.  These spots, because they are where the body moves back and forth against each other and what they lay on to sleep, are perfect for the fur to get tangled easily, matted, and knotted.   Often, these areas might also be left a bit longer during grooming sessions which can increase the likelihood that this will happen.

Behind the Ears

This area is by far the most common area for a dog to get matted fur.  Dogs scratch this area; we, as pet parents, even scratch this area for them.  It efficiently traps moisture, oils, and all sorts of other stuff, not to mention this area may have thicker fur that is also a bit longer.  It is the perfect spot for deep knots and mats to occur and also a place that is often overlooked.

The Base of Their Tail

The tail’s area meets the body, of course, has a bit more fur, and is commonly licked by a Cavapoo.  This moisture can naturally cause more mats as the fur gets wet from licking and then tangles up as they clean.

Between Stomach and Hip

This area can easily be felt by running a hand over the dog’s body, which is a common spot for knots and tangles or matted fur.   Many pet parents may have a hard time addressing knots, matting, and other issues in this area as it seems more delicate since it is close to their organs, but it still needs to be dealt with to prevent more significant problems down the road.

Regardless of where a Cavapoo might get fur tangles or matting, all areas of their body need to be checked and attended to prevent this issue.  The above-listed areas should be checked regularly as they are common spots, but pet parents will notice a pattern with time.

Dogs tend to get matting frequently in some areas of their bodies, whether due to moisture or frequent movement.  These spots will need to be addressed regularly, similar to the bedhead we all have in the morning!

Does bathing help with my Cavapoos matted fur?

No, bathing your Cavapoo does not help with their matted fur.

When their fur is matted and tangled, adding water and soap will only make matters worse, even those so-called detanglers, as all the swirling and scrubbing up can further complicate or tighten the matted fur.

If your dogs tangled and matted fur isn’t bad, meaning you can easily brush them, then it is okay to bathe them, but if the fur has deeper, tighter tangles and knots, then it is not a good idea to do this.

How can I groom my Cavapoo to prevent matting?

The best way to groom your Cavapoo to prevent matting is to give them a short and simple haircut.

While this may not look exactly like the pet parent wants them to look, they will still look adorably cute, and their fur will be less fussy and indeed contain fewer knots, tangles, and matting: the shorter the haircut, the less likely for these issues.

When should I have my Cavapoo groomed?

A Cavapoo should be groomed every four to six weeks.

Depending on the season, the Cavapoo might need to be groomed closer to every four weeks in summer, in winter closer to six weeks.

If you like them to have longer fur, which can mean more matting and knots, they can go longer at the six-week mark.   Shorter fur and they should be groomed sooner at the four-week point.

Those Cavapoos that are outdoorsy and love the water will likely require grooming more often at four weeks to prevent issues.  If they are a house flower, they might make it to six weeks.

Pet parents that don’t brush their Cavapoo often enough will find they need to have them groomed at four weeks and sometimes sooner, depending on the dog.  Those pet parents that are diligent about brushing will discover they may be able to go a bit longer and reach the six-week mark.

Whether or not the pet parent takes their dog to a professional groomer depends on the pet parent’s knowledge, skill, and patience.  Professional groomers have the necessary training, knowledge, and abilities to perform the task efficiently and quickly.  Sometimes it is better to invest in building a great relationship with a groomer for peace of mind and less stress.

What can I do at home to prevent matted fur from happening?

Regular brushing will prevent matted fur from happening.  The tools I am about to list, I have found work in combination to prevent this issue from happening in the first place.

Step One is to use a de-matting comb.  These combs are designed to get the job done without causing pain to the dog, which in my experience, is entirely accurate.  My dog sits, relaxing comfortably on my lap while I use this comb-like a rake through her fur.

How to do this is simple, you can either run the comb through the Cavapoos fur with the furor against it, but it is usually recommended to run with the fur.  Once a tangle or mat is found, you will run the comb forwards and backward, allowing it to cut through the matted fur.  If the matted fur is significant, you can place the comb at the base of the matted fur and run the matted fur over it to cut through the matt but not healthy fur.

Step Two is to use a slicker brush.  This brush is used after to remove any loose fur from their undercoat of fur that may be coming out. It will also do a fabulous job of making their outer or topcoat smooth and pretty.

Ways to Prevent Cavapoo Fur from Matting:  3 Must-Have Dog Brushes (That Work!)

Step Three is to use a wet brush designed for human hair but works great on dogs.  This brush is designed to remove tangles from hair and fur easily, and it truly works its magic while looking like any ordinary hairbrush.  It is highly recommended as a final step in the process of preventing issues with your Cavapoos fur despite being marketed for humans.

Closing Points

Matting, knotting, and tangling of fur can happen to any dog.  For some dogs, it happens to them more than others.

Whatever the cause, upkeep, and prevention are crucial to keeping your Cavapoo happy and pain-free.  With a bit of time invested and some patience, they can be free of matted fur while looking and feeling fabulous!

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