Is A Cavapoo A Good Family Dog?

I am interested in the Cavapoo mixed breed dog.  I like how they look and that they are a smaller dog with a bit of Poodle in them.  I am curious to know if they will make a good family dog because I have children.

When I was free today, I decided to investigate and see what I could uncover; surprisingly, I found some interesting details.  I hope you enjoy it.

Is a Cavapoo a good family dog?

Yes, the Cavapoo is a good family dog due to their mixed breed background, temperament, and nature, which is sweet and loving as well as being fun and playful.  The Cavapoo is a good family dog also because of its size and high-level intelligence. 

They enjoy nothing more than to spend time with those they love and hold close, their family; therefore, being a part of a family will be good for them.  They can suffer from separation anxiety at times if left alone, so families with many people in the household or a lot of traffic of people coming and going will likely be perfect for keeping them involved in the fun and not so focused on being alone. 

Cavapoos are good family dogs because they are easy to train, and they are outgoing and friendly. They get along with many, which means that other dogs, cats, and children can become best buddies with them.  To be a good family dog, the Cavapoo has many of the necessary qualities that most families look for in a dog.

While they can be a bit high maintenance due to their separation anxiety and their essential grooming, these issues are easily fixable.   For those families that want a fun-loving, happy four-legged friend to join their household, the Cavapoo has all the right qualities.

Cavapoos are a mixed dog breed that blends the qualities of the fun-loving and friendly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the playful, easy-going poodle into one dog.

These qualities and many others they gain from their dog parents create a mixed dog breed that has what it takes to fit right into a family very comfortable.

Due to their breeding, the Cavapoos temperament and nature are that of a sweet and loveable best friend that is always there for you when you need them.  They are playful and fun, open for the many exciting adventures that diverse families will partake of and have a great size that many kids in the household will find easy to carry around and snuggle with, without issue.

They boast a high level of intelligence due to their breed background and love to be a part of a “pack,” the family “pack,” to be precise.  Cavapoos can suffer from separation anxiety when they thrive best when they are in close contact with their loved ones.

This can make them appear to be high maintenance, which can be a turnoff for families that don’t want to deal with such issues in their four-legged friend but thankfully, they are easy to train, and love being closely connected.

For families that love the idea of having their dog tag along on their many adventures, this mixed breed will be perfect fun.  They will blend in well with the children and other pets of the household, even the refined and anti-social cat that wants nothing to do with them.

Their fur coat, which is very similar to the Poodle, can be a bit high maintenance for those who know nothing about caring for their dog’s fur, but with a bit of practice and a lot of helpers, it can be done regularly with little fuss.

This grooming can also be an excellent way for the children or other family members to bond with their pet.  It can teach empathy and how to care for a pet and help foster a strong and loving bond between the Cavapoo and their family.

If my family spends a lot of time away from home, will the Cavapoo be a good fit?

If your family spends a lot of time away from home, the Cavapoo can be a good dog for you to choose, but this depends on your lifestyle and life circumstances.

If you spend a lot of time away from home because you travel and go on many adventures, this mixed dog breed can be a great addition to that lifestyle.

With a bit of planning, they can go on many adventures to wherever the family may be headed, whether it is traveling the globe or going down the street for ice cream; the Cavapoo is a small dog up for whatever is on the menu.

Suppose you and the family spend a lot of time away from the house because of work or other commitments that will not allow the family dog to participate or tag along. In that case, it may be necessary to select a different breed unless this can change.

This breed is known to suffer from separation anxiety. With that, a lifestyle that has the Cavapoos family away from home a lot can cause a great deal of stress and unnecessary emotional turmoil for the dog.

While this may not seem like such a bad thing for the family, the dog, on the other hand, will be the one left behind.  It could be a lonely place even if a non-family member were to come into the home while the family is away and check on them.

They bond closely with their loved ones, and the thought of being away from them for any length of time is complex, even a few minutes.  Hours or days can be challenging.  While doggie daycare does exist and can be very exciting for the dogs who visit, it still will never take the place of their loving family, and they can suffer issues.

How do I plan when taking my Cavapoo on my many adventures and vacation trips?

To plan for those moments when you and your family, including your Cavapoo, will go on an adventure or take a trip, you need to think about your dog.  Please think of the things that they will need and include them.

Surprisingly the list can be long but not difficult with a bit of patience.  As we plan for our adventures, thinking of things like water bottles and snacks or the crucial first aid kit, the same is true for your dog.

Carrying a first aid kit that is fit for your dog’s health is of the most importance. In this first aid kit, you should include their veterinary phone number, papers related to health, breeding, and anything else pertinent.

It should also include any medications they are taking and information on hospitals or veterinary care in the area you will be visiting.

Aside from a first aid kit, it is helpful to have extra leashes and collars, a soft and comfortable bed, some toys, and anything they use on a regular daily basis.  It can be helpful to have a special stash of Cavapoo items in a separate suitcase for when these adventures do arise.  This can also help keep things exciting for the Cavapoo regarding toys and other unique items like treats.

For families, this should be a bit easier as they are already familiar with planning trips and adventures with multiple people, often including kids.

If the adventure or travel is to be out of the family’s common area, they need to check for any permits, laws, or restrictions about dogs where they are going.  Ensuring that the Cavapoo is up to date on their shots is essential if they or someone else were to get hurt.

Making a list as you would for the rest of the family members, well in advance, can take the stress off of everyone when it is time to go on the adventure.  Informing hotels that you will be bringing your Cavapoo with you and other facilities will help prevent issues from arising.

The Cavapoo is a dog breed that is especially good with adapting and tagging along on family adventures. They have a great personality and will be an easy travel companion for everyone in the family.  Just think of all the fun you can have with your Cavapoo on your next vacation or getaway.

Final Thoughts

Cavapoos, like many other dog breeds, make good family dogs due to their nature and temperament.

While this breed may have some issues that can be a bit high maintenance, they are still a great family dog because they love spending time being closely connected to those they love.

And who are we kidding? When it comes to the Cavapoo and families, the more people, the merrier this mixed dog breed will be!