How Often Do Yorkies Go In Heat?

If you have opted not to spay your Yorkie and instead want to let them go through some of their natural processes, this is great news. It is now time to get prepared and make sure that you are ready for when your Yorkie goes into heat and what all will happen during that cycle. One of the first questions you may have about this is how often will your Yorkie go into heat?

Your Yorkie will go into heat once or twice a year. This cycle often happens every five to eight months, with younger Yorkies having it more often than older Yorkies. The length of the cycle when it happens will depend on the unique dog themselves. It is not uncommon for this to last up to a week or so. Your Yorkie may be irritable, show some nesting behaviors, and want to be left alone during this time.

Let’s take some time to learn a bit more about when your Yorkie will go into heat and what you can expect during this time.

How Often Do Yorkies Go In Heat?

It is common for the Yorkie to enter into a heat cycles every five to eight months. The exact timing is going to depend on the Yorkie and some of their genetic traits. But this timing means that you should expect the Yorkie to go into heat one or two times a year.

As the Yorkie is younger, you may notice that they go into it more often. It may be closer to the five month mark, making it so that you see them in heat two times a year and almost three times. When the Yorkie starts to get a little bit older, the cycles will even out some more and you may see it happen less and less. It is more likely at this time that the Yorkie will just go into heat every eight months instead.

You should expect that your Yorkie will start their heat cycle when they are around 10 to 12 months old. This is the average though, so some Yorkies will go into this a little earlier and some later. If there are every any concerns about your Yorkie going into heat, then it is best to discuss these with their vet. If your Yorkie has not gone into heat by the time they are 15 months old, it is time to visit the vet as well.

What is the Yorkie Heat Cycle?

The reproductive cycle of a female Yorkie will be similar to the human menstrual cycle, though the frequency and timing can be different among each dog breed. For example, large breeds are going to have their reproductive cycles be fewer compared to smaller breeds. This cycle is going to encompass all the parts of the cycle, including the time when they can get pregnant and the times when they can’t.

As you adjust to having a Yorkie in your home, you may notice that they will get into a rhythm that you can predict. This will be useful whether you want to allow a pregnancy or not. Keep in mind that the fertility period is not just for one day. It typically lasts for three to four days and for some Yorkies, it can last longer. Because of the uncertainty, many Yorkie owners will choose to spay their Yorkies to avoid the hassle.

When Will My Yorkie Go Into Heat for the First Time?

Even within the Yorkie breed, you may notice that the first time they will go into heat will differ quite a bit. There are some ranges that you can work with, but all will be different based on your dog. The first heat cycle has the potential to show up with your Yorkie as soon as they are five months old. This is why you should spay around four months old to prevent a pregnancy with your Yorkie.

There are some who are late bloomers who may not have their first heat until they are closer to 14 months old. Do not worry if the 5 months have come and gone. It is most common for Yorkies to go into their first heat when they are a little bit older, with most of them getting this around ten to twelve months.

However, if your Yorkie is fifteen months old or older and you have not seen them go through their first heat, then you need to get them checked by their vet. It is possible that something is causing their cycle to be off, such as an infection. Your vet will be able to check into this and see if there is a problem.

How Long Will My Yorkie Stay in Heat?   

This is going to depend on the age and the maturity of your Yorkie. The average heat cycle will last between two weeks to a month and it may come as often as two times a year. There are different factors that can come into play to determine how long the heat will last. As the Yorkie gets older, the heat cycle will change and come around just once a year in most cases.

There are a few things that will throw it all off. Some health conditions like obesity as well as hormonal imbalances can cause these irregularities. This may be enough to make them last longer and come after a longer period of time.

What Signs Should I Look for to Tell My Yorkie is In Heat?

You will quickly notice that your Yorkie has some strong behavior patterns and a strong personality. This added together with some of the hormonal changes that your dog will undergo can make them a little erratic when they go into heat. The moods are often irritable and unpredictable.

In addition to some of the mood swings that this dog will show to you, you may notice that they are nesting, or collecting toys and getting things “ready” for a baby. They are not pregnant at this point, but some will start to show these instincts. You will also notice that they have some discharge during that time of their cycle.

How to Take Care of My Yorkie When They are in Heat?

While you may not be familiar with what the Yorkie is going through, you may want to take care of them and make them feel as comfortable as possible. Since your Yorkie is going through some mood swings and still can’t really tell you what they want, you can try out a few things and see how they react.

The best thing to do during this time is give the Yorkie privacy and space. This doesn’t mean that you are the only thing away from them. If your Yorkie has their own resting pin, then make sure that it is put away from others in the home, including other dogs. Your Yorkie may just want some time to rest and relax while being in the silence.

If you have a male Yorkie in the home or another male dog of a small breed, then it is important that you keep that dog away from the female Yorkie. If neither of the dogs are neutered or spayed, this is going to lead to a pregnancy that you then will need to take care of. Keep the dogs away from one another unless you are looking forward to a whole litter of puppies.

Cleanliness is an important thing to remember here as well. Your Yorkie will already be dealing with a hormonal overload and the discharge will sometimes get smelly and messy. You should consider something like dog diapers and just keep the area clean. Washing the dog will help with this. Attention to the Yorkie, though not too much, can help them to feel better as well.

How Often Do Yorkies Go In Heat How Often Do Yorkies Go In Heat?

When Will My Yorkie Stop Being in Heat?

Each individual cycle will typically last for three to five days. However, if you are wondering whether Yorkies will go through menopause like humans do, then no. the reproductive cycle of a dog is not going to stop in most cases. There is no age limit on the ability of a dog to procreate. You will need to be cautious and on the lookout for your Yorkie to make sure they do not get pregnant, no matter their age.

Taking Care of Your Yorkie When They are in Heat

Unless you decide to spay your Yorkie, they will eventually start to go through heat. This is when they are prepared to get pregnant and will be the most likely for this to happen. If you spay your Yorkie, this is not a problem for you at all. Most female Yorkies will go through heat by the time they are ten to twelve months old, though some will do it earlier and some a little later. Consider whether you want to deal with a Yorkie who is in heat or not and then prepare if for this cycle each month.