Do Yorkies Get Attached to One Person?

Yorkies are lovable dogs who like to spend their time running around and being with everyone. If someone is willing to give the Yorkie some attention, then the Yorkie will be all over them, begging them for more. At times though, a Yorkie can become attached to just one person in the home and this may make a few other people feel like they are left out. They may wonder whether Yorkies will get attached to just one person.

Yorkies can get attached to one person. If they live with just one person or only one person takes care of them most of the time, they are likely to form an attachment with that one person. However, Yorkies will have plenty of love to share with everyone. If everyone in the home gives the Yorkie attention and plays with them, then they are going to be loyal and attached to everyone.

Let’s take a closer look at why Yorkies sometimes get attached to just one person, what you can do when your Yorkie is only attached to you, and some of the ways you can make sure your Yorkie likes everyone in the family.

Do Yorkies Get Attached to One Person?

Yorkies can get attached to one person. These lovable dogs are happy to share their love with anyone who will give them attention. But if they only live with one person or there is only one person in the home who seems to give them the most time and attention, then the Yorkie is most likely to get attached to them.

When this happens, the Yorkie will follow the person around all the time. They will race to this person the most, be underfoot all the time, and will want to sit on their lap. If there is another person in the home, they will often feel left out when this happens. But the Yorkie likes to get attention from people and if only one person is giving them the attention, then they will play favorites.

This does not happen in all homes where the Yorkie lives. If everyone in the home takes time to play with the Yorkie, gives them attention, takes them on walks, and does other things to entertain the Yorkie, then the Yorkie will not be attached to just one person in the home. It is common for the Yorkie to be attached to everyone in the home because they just love attention and will be partial to whomever is giving it to them at the time.

It is also not uncommon for the Yorkie to have one person they like the most. This is just a sign that one person is doing most of the attention giving for the Yorkie. If you want to spread out the love, then everyone needs to come together and pay attention to the Yorkie as well.

Why Do Yorkies Get Attached to One Person?

It is possible that your Yorkie will get attached to one person. If they lived with just one owner for a time and then moved in with another person too, then they are likely to be attached to just that original person. This was the person who fed them, cuddled with them, and took them on walks.

Even when your Yorkie is in a big family with lots of people, it is possible that they will start to form an attachment to just one person over another. This is not because the Yorkie is picky. It is often a sign that the Yorkie is getting most of their attention from that person. Spend some time watching the actions of the person who is most attached to the Yorkie. Does this person take on most of the responsibilities for the Yorkie, such as feeding them, walking them, and playing them?

This is usually why the Yorkie is attached to one person over the others. They go to the person who gives them the most attention. Yorkies are attention-hogs and will try to get as much of it as possible. If no one else is giving them attention, then they are not going to spend time with others; they will just spend time with the one person who is giving them all that attention.

The good news is that the Yorkie will share their attachment once they start to get more attention. If someone else in the home wants to form a bond with the Yorkie, this process is easier than it may seem. They just need to start giving the Yorkie more attention and spending more time with them. The Yorkie likes the attention so they will jump right onto this and become attached to others in the family as well.

What Should I Do If My Yorkie is Attached to Me?

If your Yorkie is attached to you, this is a good sign! It means that you have been able to form a good bond with your Yorkie, making them feel comfortable and happy with you so they want to be attached to you. Continue to do the same thing and this bond will never break and they will want to be attached to you forever.

Just be aware that they will want to be right on top of you the whole time once they become attached. Be careful where you walk so the Yorkie does not get under your feet. If the Yorkie gets too attached, you can work on training to help them to learn how to behave when you are home.

Is It Healthy for My Yorkie to Be Attached to One Person?

It is fine for your Yorkie to be attached to one person. This is the person who is giving them their most attention and they are showing their attachment from that. Your Yorkie is just showing their love. Many dogs will have an attachment to one person, especially if they are the only one who is giving the dog attention. And the same thing will happen with your Yorkie as well. If you want them to be attached to more than one person, then you need to spend more time with your Yorkie.

How Do I Get a Yorkie Attached to Me?

If you have noticed that you are not the one the Yorkie is attached to, you may feel a little bit left out. You want to make sure that your Yorkie likes you and will want to play with you as well. Just because your Yorkie is not best friends with you right now does not mean they do not like to spend time with you. You just need to spend a little more time with them and help create a stronger bond.

The main reason that a Yorkie has more affection to one person in the home than the other is because that person spends the most time with them. The good news is that Yorkies have plenty of love to go around and do not mind sharing affection with as many people as possible. You just need to present the opportunity and show them that you want to create that bond.

Start spending more time with your Yorkie to show them that you want to be close to them. Yorkies will steal all the attention so if you start to give them some more attention, they will instantly become your friend. Make it a regular part of your routine and you will see how quickly the Yorkie will want to play and hang out with you all the time.

For example, start making it your job to hang out with them for walks. Even a short one each day can give you a chance to bond and play and will help your Yorkie to relax. Be the one who plays with the Yorkie or the one who trains the Yorkie and gives them some of the treats that they want. The more time that you are able to spend with your Yorkie, the more they will become attached to you too.

Yorkies are happy to be attached to everyone in the family. If they have formed an attachment with just one person, this is a sign that person is the one who spends the most time with the Yorkie and takes care of the Yorkie the most. When others in the home start stepping up a little bit and spend more time with the Yorkie, then they can form that attachment as well.

Spending Time with Your Yorkie and Forming an Attachment

Your Yorkie will often form a close attachment to one person in the family when that one person is the only one who will spend time with them, feed them, and will play with them. Yorkies love to get lots of attention from those who are around them so if you are willing to get them some more attention and spend time with them, your Yorkie will start to form an attachment to you as well.