Do Yorkies Like to Cuddle?

Many pet owners like to get a dog to cuddle with. Sure, their dog is a lot of fun to take on walks and play with, but it is also a lot of fun to cuddle and spend time with one another. This may make many of them ask whether a Yorkie likes to cuddle or not.

Yorkies do like to cuddle. Older Yorkies like to cuddle the most out of any dog, but even puppies will spend time cuddling with their owners. This gives them a chance to feel loved and since Yorkies like attention so much, this can make them feel like they belong. Setting aside some time to help your Yorkie cuddle and feel loved can be a good thing for everyone.

Let’s take a closer look at why Yorkies like to cuddle so much and how you can bond with your Yorkie so they feel like part of the family.

Do Yorkies Like to Cuddle?

Yorkies often come off as a strong-willed type of dog. Despite this, most Yorkies love it when their owners give them lots of affection and attention. And they love to spend time cuddling with their owners. And since the yorkie has a soft and silky coat of hair, you will find that spending quality time cuddling with them can be a good thing too.

Yorkies are good at cuddling no matter what their age is. However, many Yorkies tend to get more affectionate when they get older. This may be due to the fact that some of the energy wears out over time and the Yorkie is able to calm down and actually relax with their owners a little bit. When the Yorkie is young, they will find lots of distractions and stimuli that will keep them busy. When those distractions become less interesting as the dog gets older, they will not care as much and will want to sit back and relax with you.

While it is easy to see the Yorkie as a type of dog that has a lot of energy and a big attitude all around the home, you will quickly find that they are very fond of snuggling and will want to spend a lot of time with you. They enjoy all the attention and the comfort of their owners, and many Yorkies do a good job of bonding closely with their humans.

Why Do Yorkies Like to Cuddle?

Now that we have established that Yorkies do like to cuddle, you may be curious as to why they like this so much. Yorkies like to get a lot of love and affection. They thrive on it and you may have to work to taper some of their expectations on this love and attention so you can get other things done during the day. Yorkies may seem like they can never get enough love and affection from you.

Cuddling is one way that you can easily give your Yorkie the affection that they need. By sitting on the couch with them and cuddling, or even brushing their hair at the same time, you are showing the Yorkie that you care and building up a stronger bond with them than before.

Even a few minutes a day, especially after they have worn you out with playing and having fun, will make a world of difference and can help you to relax and cuddle with your Yorkie.

Do Yorkies Bond with Their Owners?

Yorkies are able to develop their own unique connection with humans more than other types of dogs. Yorkies will cling tightly to their owners, but not because they are timid and scared like some other breeds. Rather, Yorkies are very bold, inquisitive, and brave for most situations. They hang out with their owners because they like the love and the attention, not because they need it for protection.

Many times you will find that a Yorkie is so devoted and that they have developed such a strong connection that sometimes they will be considered a one person dog. This means that they are more likely to show affection to just one person in the family.

This is mostly true when the Yorkie spends most of their time with only one person from the family. If everyone gives the Yorkie a lot of time and attention, then the Yorkie is more than happy to love and protect everyone as well.

How Can I Bond with My Yorkie?

If your Yorkie does not seem like they want to spend a lot of time cuddling with you, it could be because you have not created that close bond with them that is needed before all the fun begins.

This is usually not a problem with the lovable little Yorkie, but if you find that it becomes a concern, a few things that you can do to help strengthen that bond include:

  • Take a training class together: You will get to spend some time with your Yorkie while also making sure that they are obedient and will be good around the home. This is also a way to teach your Yorkie how to socialize around other dogs or break a stubborn streak that your dog will have.
  • Take regular walks: You should aim for at least one walk a day with your dog, taking one that is age appropriate. This means that if you have a puppy, do not spend two hours on a walk. This is too much for the dog. Start with short walks that have frequent breaks and then work up to ones that are longer.
  • Have a pamper session: The coat of your Yorkie will need some care and grooming, especially if you plan to let their hair get longer. when. You cuddle together on the couch, consider getting out the brush and give them a nice comb to feel better. This helps them to get used to the brush because you use it more often and can make them feel so good while being close to you.
  • Spend time playing together: While being on the couch can be comfortable for everyone and is a good way to relax together, you need to do other activities with one another as well. Your Yorkie is an energetic dog so take some time to play ball, go outside and run, and just have a lot of fun together.

Keep in mind that most younger Yorkies are not going to be that affectionate and will not want to cuddle that much. They have too much energy that requires them to run around and have fun. And with all of the distractions that are around them all the time, it can be hard for a Yorkie to sit still and relax.

Do Younger Yorkies Like to Cuddle?

Your younger Yorkie will like to cuddle and spend time with you as well. However, do not expect that the two of you will spend hours on the couch with one another. Your puppy will have lots of energy. While they take some small naps that can be perfect when it is time to cuddle, they will need time to run around and play as well.

You should expect that a puppy Yorkie will not want to spend a lot of their time cuddling. They would rather spend it running around, playing games, and going on a walk.

The good news is that any time you spend playing with them and having fun now will pay off in the long run. All these activities are important when trying to create a bond with your Yorkie. That bond will give you lots of time to cuddle later on.

Do Older Yorkies Like to Cuddle?

Yes, your older Yorkie will love getting to spend time with you and cuddling as much as possible. In fact, the older Yorkies are more likely to want to spend time cuddling with you compared to younger ones. Older Yorkies tend to have a little bit less energy compared to some of the puppies.

Puppies want to look around and see all that is going on, so they may like to cuddle, but they are too busy to spend that much time on it.

Do Yorkies Like to Cuddle?

Older Yorkies can wear out faster and will find fewer things to distract them through the day. Due to that, many older Yorkies are happy to sit around with their owners and cuddle.

These older Yorkies still need to move around and get that energy out as much as possible. However, they will take some time to cuddle and enjoy time with their owners more than a Yorkie puppy will.

Spending Time with Your Yorkie

Overall, your Yorkie just wants to spend some time with you. They like the attention and want to be as close to you as possible.

This makes them feel good and can create an even stronger bond between you and them in the long run. You and your Yorkie can both enjoy some cuddle time each day!