When Do Yorkie Puppies Need Their First Haircut?

As your Yorkie puppy gets bigger, it is important to give them the proper care and attention that they need. Part of this care is to provide them with their first haircut. You do not want to do the haircut too early because they are so little, but you also want to provide them with a good haircut that will keep the hair out of their eyes and to prevent the hair from getting matted and tangled. But when can you give your Yorkie puppy their first haircut?

Your Yorkie will need their first haircut when they are four months old. This is when their hair will be long enough that it may bother your dog and will get in the way. You can choose to trim the area around the eyes, mouth, and ears before the first visit to help keep them neat and trimmed. As your Yorkie gets older, their hair will grow faster and you should give them a haircut every six weeks.

Let’s take a look at some of the signs that your Yorkie needs a haircut, some of the best reasons why you will want to keep the hair trimmed and looking nice, and when is the best time to get the haircut done.

When Does My Yorkie Need Their First Haircut?

Your Yorkie puppy will most likely need their hair cut done for the first time when they are 4 months old. The Yorkie Puppy’s hair is going to grow slower than the adult and sometimes you may be able to put the hair cut off a little bit longer without it affecting your dog that much. Depending on how the hair grows, you may need to do a little trim ahead of time around the ears, mouth, or face to keep the hair out of their eyes and their ears clean.

You will want to cut the hair when it starts to get long and in the way. When it is hard to keep the hair clean and brushed or your Yorkie seems to get into everything and the hair is bothering them, then this is a good time to consider getting started. As your Yorkie gets a little older, you will be able to set up regular appointments to take care of their hair.

When you are ready to work on cutting the hair, it is important to seek the help of a professional groomer. This can make it more manageable since they have the experience necessary to handle these hair cuts without trouble. You may be able to do some of the trimming on your own, but it does depend on your comfort level.

How Do I Trim My Yorkie Puppies Ears?

You can choose to trim the ears on your own at home if you wish. The goal is to trim them so that the point is clean. Some short scissors that have a straight-edge or some rounded edge scissors are good options to help trim the ear.

At the same time, consider checking the inside of the ears of your Yorkie to see if there is wax or dirt building up. Clean the ears gently with a small cotton ball and some cleaning solution meant for pets.

How Do I Trim My Yorkie Puppies Face?

Unless you want your Yorkie to fall down in excitement when they run because they are not able to see all that well, it is important to maintain the hair near the eyes of the puppy to help them see better. It is a good idea to do the mouth and the ears at the same time to get it all done. Rounded scissors are the best option to use around the eyes as this process can make them nervous and you do not want them to get hurt when they squirm.

A good way to get started is to wipe the area of the eyes down each day with a damp tissue. And do not be afraid to frequently touch the face of the Yorkie. This helps them to get used to a few of the motions that you would do when cutting around their eyes to prevent further issues later. 

When Do I Give My Yorkie a Haircut?

Most puppies of this breed are not going to need a full body trim until they have turned 4 months old. Even if you plan to let the coat of your Yorkie grow out, you should still get it trimmed regularly. This helps make sure that the coat line stays even all the time. With this in mind though, most Yorkies are going to sport a shorter cut that is easier to maintain.

As your Yorkie gets older, you will need to set up regular times to get the coat taken care of. Most adult Yorkies will need to have the body trimmed every six weeks or so. You may need to do a little bit of trimming in the meantime. And remember to continue bathing and using proper hygiene to take care of your dog.

While you are able to do some of the trimming on your Yorkie in between visits, your pet groomer will be able to help you with this during the appointment as well, saving you at least a little bit of work in the process. Make sure to ask any questions that you may have about this process to keep things organized as you go.

When Do Yorkie Puppies Need Their First Haircut?

Why Should I Cut My Yorkies Hair?

There are many reasons why you should consider cutting your Yorkies hair. It may seem easier to not worry about the Yorkies hair and just ignore it, but it does make a difference when you take the time to cut it and make it look nice. Some of the reasons why you should consider cutting your Yorkies hair includes:

Easier to Maintain

If you have ever tried to handle the longer hair on any dog breed, you will understand why so many owners like to go with a shorter haircut. This is important even when the Yorkie is still pretty young. You will be able to brush through the hair, wash it, and check for any ticks or other critters that could cause problem much easier with the hair being short, rather than it being really long.

Keeps Them Cool in the Summer

Many Yorkie owners choose to keep the hair a little longer during the winter to provide more insulation to the dog when the weather is cooler. On the other hand, when summer is around, you may decide that it is time to trim the hair and make it a little shorter. This makes it easier for your Yorkie to keep cool all summer long.

Let’s Your Yorkie Be Active

While show Yorkies are often shown with a little bit longer hair, this is not that practice. If your Yorkie is fond of running around, exploring, and getting into mischief, then it is better to keep the hair a little bit shorter. This helps them to bounce around more and have fun, without the hair getting under their feet or getting stuck in something as they look around.

More Hygienic

A good hair cut is going to make your dog more hygienic. Since the shorter hair is not going to get matted as much, it allows the skin to feel air and keep clean. It is also easier to keep your Yorkie sanitary when they have a shorter haircut compared to when it is long. Plus, if any unwanted critters get into the hair, it is easier to spot and remove them when the hair is shorter.

When Do Yorkie Puppies Need Their First Haircut?
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Can I Let My Yorkies Hair Grow Out Long?

It is possible to let your Yorkies hair grow out longer if you choose. Getting a haircut could include a trim, rather than a full cut, if you prefer. Some pet owners like to have the flowing and longer hair rather than having it all cut off short as well. Others like to have it cut short because it looks nice too and is easy to take care of. 

It depends on what you prefer. Even if you choose to keep the hair longer, it is a good idea to keep it trimmed. This will help keep it from getting tangled and matted and will make it look nicer than just ignoring it.

Keeping the Hair Trimmed

No matter the age of your puppy, you will want to keep their hair trimmed and neat. The exact length that you decide to go with the hair will depend on how you want the Yorkie to look. Some pet owners will decide based on how many times they want to come back to cut the hair again.

There are really short hair cuts and long hair cut options depending on your needs. with the help of a professional dog groomer, you will be able to take care of the hair and help your Yorkie feel amazing in no time.