Can Cavapoos Be Left Alone?

I recently adopted Cavapoo and I am learning a lot about these dogs since I took off some time to welcome him to his new home.  I tend to work a lot and I am concerned that once I return to work he will have difficulties and it will be too much to deal with, and I need to know more.

Seeking to learn more I did more research tonight on these dogs and here is what I found out.

Can Cavapoos be left alone?

Cavapoos can be left alone provided they are trained to do so and their pet parents have a plan in place for incase they have issues.  Cavapoos can struggle with being left alone because they are highly sociable dogs but it can be accomplished for a short period of time. 

Cavapoos, which are a mix of a Poodle and a King Charles Cavalier are an adorable mixed breed of dog that love spending time with their human family and being affectionate and loving.  If they don’t receive this love and affection on a regular basis, or they spend too much time alone they can suffer with separation anxiety like other dogs. 

Thankfully there are many things that can be done to reduce the chance that they will suffer this issue, or to help them adjust to some time apart as it can be very unrealistic to think that they have to always be in their pet parents pocket every second of the day.  Whether the Cavapoo can be left alone at all or for a short period of time, or longer depends largely on the dog and pet parent pair and their unique home life.  Regardless of whether this or any dog breed can be left alone it is important that no dog is left alone for more than four to six hours for their health and well-being.

Cavapoos are a unique mixed breed dog that blends the qualities of the Poodle and the King Charles Cavalier.  Due to their breeding background they are a highly sociable dog breed that loves nothing more than spending time with their loved ones and being close and affectionate.

Friendly, social and loveable they thoroughly enjoy being on their loved ones lap or simply sitting very close.  This personality and temperament can make it hard for them to be separated from those they love and hold dear, and pet parents who have to work or be away can struggle with issues.

Some Cavapoos can suffer from separation anxiety due to their need for closeness and contact to their loving pet parent and family.  Although this can sometimes cause problems there are many things that can be done to make it easier for the pet parent to spend some time away from their dog whether it is a few minutes or longer.

Helping them adjust is important as it can be highly unlikely that their pet parent will not ever need to be away from them. 

While breeding and personality does play a part in whether or not any dog breed, including the Cavapoo can be left alone, it is not the only factor.  The unique nature of the relationship between Cavapoo and pet parent as well as their home life also play a part in how easy or hard it is for the Cavapoo to be separated.  Regardless of this it is never a good idea to leave any dog alone for more than six hours.

What can be done to make a Cavapoo more accepting and comfortable with being left alone?

What can be done to make a Cavapoo more accepting and comfortable with being left alone is to first have them properly trained and socialized.  Training, and socializing, which can be thought of as passive training through activities lay the ground work for a dog understanding and accepting what is required of them in life.  They learn what good and not good behaviors are and what provides the best outcome for them.

They learn through play and interacting with other dogs and people in various life situations how to behave and what is an okay situation and what is not.

Once they are trained and socialized and they have matured enough physically, emotionally and mentally the process of leaving them alone for short periods of time can begin.  This process is best done slowly as this mixed breed can suffer separation anxiety.

The pet parent should have a good leaving and returning ritual in place that the dog can come to understand and accept as a part of their lives.

The process can begin with the pet parent leaving the dog inside the house in a safe area for a few minutes while they go outside to do something.

They would begin by using their ritual of steps that should always be performed in the same order, to leave the house.  This can include, taking the dog for a quick walk, then sharing a snack while snuggling on the couch and then saying a quick goodbye and exiting the household.

After a few minutes of being away where the Cavapoo can’t see the pet parent they can return.  Perhaps going for a nice quick walk would be best or visiting a neighbor or friend.  When they are ready to return they would implement the return ritual steps which should also be repeated in the same order every time.

This ritual might go something like this, they come through the door, pickup up the dog and share kisses and hugs, then take the dog for a quick walk and return home for a snack.

If and when the process goes smoothly and it appears that the dog is not in any stress or has done any damage to the home, the pet parent can increase the time slowly.

If however the Cavapoo has trouble, all is not lost.  The process can be repeated again as often as needed until they accept this behavior as part of their lives.  It can be helpful sometimes for dog who suffer from this issue to have something with their pet parents scent to be close to and sleep on.  It can help to leave behind interesting toys and some treats that are hidden here and there for interest and fun.

Some dogs that suffer from separation anxiety do not adjust well no matter what a pet parent does and in certain instances other things may need to be done so the pet parent doesn’t feel like their Cavapoo runs the house or they can never get a break.

What else can be done if my Cavapoo doesn’t handle being left alone?

What else can be done if your Cavapoo doesn’t handle being left alone is considering doggie daycare.

Doggie daycare is similar to that which is provided for human children.  The Cavapoo would be dropped off before work or when the pet parent has something to do.  The business or person that is offering the daycare for the dog would care for their needs and wants while the pet parent is away.

They will likely spend time socializing with other dogs and humans as well as be outside and have toys to play with and enjoy.  They will be fed and loved as if they were at home with their pet parent.

These types of facilities can be a great diversion for a dog like the Cavapoo that really enjoys being social.  It provide the pet parent with some time to do things like work or shop while providing an exciting diversion for the Cavapoo in the form of new friends and some fun.

Can Cavapoos Be Left Alone?

Most dogs, regardless of whether or not they suffer from separation anxiety will be all to happy to join in the fun and playtime and have an easier time letting go of their loved one until they return.

These facilities and individuals that offer these services can be pricey so it is best to do research and check around for the best price, without sacrificing quality of course.

It may also be possible for pet parents who have friends that have dogs to care for the Cavapoo while they are away, which can reduce the chance that they will suffer from separation anxiety as well.  This of course can be a much more reasonable option as well as a great comfort to the Cavapoo and pet parent as they already know the other family.

Regardless of how the Cavapoo is left alone, it is possible to accomplish this task, even for a dog that is highly sociable and closely attached to their loving pet parent.

In Conclusion

All dogs can be left alone for a short period of time with the right tools and some proper planning.  How long that is for the Cavapoo can vary from dog to dog.

While this breed can suffer from separation anxiety, there is much that can be done to prevent this issue from arising.  A little creativity goes a long way to providing happiness and connection for us all, even when we are apart!