Do Yorkies Like to Be Held?

When you bring a Yorkie home, you may see their small size and soft coat and just want to hold them and cuddle them as much as possible. This is a pretty universal response to most small dogs. But you may wonder whether your Yorkie likes to be held at all?

Yorkies like to be held by their owners. They may see this as a time to get close to their owners, to get more attention, and to relax. Each Yorkie has a different personality so it will vary on how much they want to be held. However, all Yorkies like to snuggle at least a little bit and love nothing more than getting their owners to hold them each day.

Let’s take a closer look at whether Yorkies like to be held, some of the reasons that Yorkies like to be held so much, and why this can be good for both you and your small Yorkie.

Do Yorkies Like to Be Held?

Yorkies like to be held and cuddled by their owners, no matter what age they are. However, there are some studies that have been done that show how a Yorkie will like to cuddle and be held more as they get older. This could be due to the fact that as they get older, they calm down a little bit and find that it is fine to just relax and not have to run around all the time.

While each Yorkie is going to have their own attitude in place, many are going to be natural snugglers. They like being close to their owners as much as they can. This helps them to form a really strong connection between themselves and their owners. Unlike other dogs though, the Yorkie does not form this bond because they are anxious or timid; they do it because they just like the attention from their owner.

Yorkies will hang out with their owners because they like all the attention, love, and time that their owners will give to them. While holding your Yorkie is not a bad thing, there can be too much of a good thing as well. Vets warn about holding onto your Yorkie too much.

They need time to explore around the house and in other situations and this is hard when you hold onto them all the time. In return, this can make the Yorkies lack confidence and become harder to train.

This means that a little bit of holding and cuddling is not a bad thing, but it should not be done all day long. Give your Yorkie some of the love and attention they need, and then let them go to play and explore and learn new things. A good balance between these two things will help you to have a happy and healthy dog with a strong bond to you.

Why Do Yorkies Like to Be Held?

There are many different reasons why your Yorkie may like you or others in the family to hold them. Some of these reasons can include:

  • It helps to calm down: Sometimes the Yorkie will get so hyper and excited that they need a gentle reminder to just slow things down and relax. When you spend a few minutes relaxing and holding your puppy, they will start to calm down a little bit more than before.
  • It helps them to feel loved: There is nothing better than being held by someone you love, even for your little Yorkie. This is a good way to help them feel like they are important in your busy life.
  • Forms a bond: This is a great way for you and your Yorkie to form a strong connection.
  • They love the attention: The most common reason why your Yorkie likes to be held is that they are able to get all of your attention. Yorkies like to steal all the attention and they find that being held by their owners is a great way to do this.

Yorkies will all have different personalities. Some just want to be held for a few minutes for some love and others like to be held all the time. Finding a good balance between what fits with your Yorkie and your own schedule can be important here.

Do Yorkies Like to Be Held?

Does Holding My Yorkie Help Us Bond?

Yes, holding your Yorkie and spending time with them is a great way to form a bond. This physical touch will do a lot to help your Yorkie feel like they are close to you and part of the family. This is why it is a good idea for you to spend at least a few minutes each day holding and cuddling your Yorkie to make them feel good.

With all the energy that the little Yorkie has, it is easy to forget that they like some quiet time as well and that they love to be held. But this is a great way to bond. Whether you just hold them while watching a show that you love or you pet them or even brush through their hair, holding your Yorkie is one of the best ways to bond with them.

Of course, holding your yorkie is just one of the ways that you and your dog will be able to bond with one another. And it should not be the only way that you spend time with the yorkie either. Keep in mind that these small dogs have a ton of energy and they need to have an effective way to get rid of some of that energy. Sitting around and being held will not make that happen.

Schedule a little bit of holding and cuddling time into your day. It will make a difference for both of you to have some time to relax together and can even relieve some of the stress that you are feeling. However, spend time doing other things with your Yorkie to help them create a bond.

Feed them good foods, take them on walks, play with them, and do some training sessions to really help cement that bond.

How Often Will My Yorkie Want to Be Held?

This will depend on the individual Yorkie. Some Yorkies can’t get enough of having someone hold them and give them attention. Outside of some walks and play time, they may want you to sit around and hold them most of the day. Other Yorkies like to be held a little bit and then go do their own thing when that is all done.

Learning how to read your Yorkie and how to read their moods will help. Each Yorkie has their own personality so finding what works for your Yorkie and what they like will make a big difference. You will notice that even the feisty Yorkies will want to spend some time being held by you.

Just don’t forget that your yorkie will still need to get outside to run off that energy and you can form good bonds with them by playing, going on walks, and doing other things as well.

Can Kids Hold a Yorkie?

It is possible for your kids to hold the Yorkie as well. In fact, this is a great way for your kids to form a good bond with the family Yorkie. While it is fine for your kids to hold onto the Yorkie and create that bond, you do need to be around to make sure that everyone is as safe as possible. It is easy for children to get a little rough with the dog, accidentally, and you do not want anyone to get hurt.

If you are going to allow your kids to hold the Yorkie, be present and teach them how to do it. A gently grip and being calm are always important. You can even implement the rule that. Your child will need to be sitting down on the couch or a chair when they hold the Yorkie.

As they get older, they can stand up or even carry the Yorkie. But start out slow to keep both your child and the Yorkie safe as they learn.

The good news is that Yorkies love kids. Your children will have a lot of that fun energy that the Yorkie loves and can be a constant companion to the little dog. Yorkies and kids are often best of friends since they can run around and play together. Due to that, Yorkies are often more than happy to let your kids hold them.

Holding Your Yorkie

Yorkies love to get a lot of care and attention from the different members of their family. This will make it easier for them to feel a close bond, like they belong.

No matter who wants to give the attention and praise, the Yorkie is likely to lap it all up. Make sure to reserve a little time each day to hold onto your Yorkie and give them some cuddles so they can get the attention they need.