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Choosing a German Shepherd Mix Breed: Which is Best for Your Home?

Choosing a German Shepherd Mix Breed: Which is Best for Your Home?

German Shepherds are great dogs and mixed breeds are so amazing. As I was researching a dog that would work for me, I found a lot of different German Shepherd mixes, so I thought I would share the great aspects of them.

When choosing a German Shepherd mix breed, how do you determine which dog is best for your home? When choosing a German Shepherd mix, you should look at the energy levels, size, and temperament. These mixes vary greatly but are all popular.

  • German Shepherd/ Golden Retriever
  • German Shepherd / Corgi
  • German Shepherd / Husky
  • German Shepherd / Rottweiler
  • German Shepherd / Labradoodle

Mix bred dogs are amazing because you get the best parts of two animals. They can also be cheaper and healthier than purebreds, especially when it comes to German Shepherds.

Choosing a German Shepherd Mix

When it comes to picking out a German Shepherd mixed breed, you need to determine what you are looking for out of your dog? Are you looking for guard dog? A small, cuddle buddy? An outdoor dog?

Starting with some basic questions will help direct your search. Here is my list of starter questions:

  • What size of dog can I keep up with?
  • Do I want a long-haired dog or do I want a dog that does not shed?
  • Is my house or apartment big enough?
  • Do I have a lot of time to spend with a dog?
  • Do I already have a pet? Will my dog get along with others?
  • Do I want a playful, high-energy dog?
  • Do I have kids and will this dog play nice with them?
  • What kind of commitment am I up for? 10 years? 15? 18?

Hopefully, you have an idea of what kind of mix will be best for your home now, or at least a better one. Mixes will have similar personality traits and physical characteristics, but they will all act a little different.

For this article, I tried to pick some mix breeds that are quite different from one another, just so you know how big your pool of options is. The dogs chosen in this article are the Golden Shepherd, Corman Shepherd, Shepsky, Rottweiler Shepherd and the Shepadoodle.

German Shepherd / Golden Retriever

This mix is a combination of the two most popular dog breeds out there. The fantastic qualities of the parents combine into a beautiful German Shepherd and Golden Retriever mix, or often called the Golden Shepherd.

WeightHeightLife ExpectancySheddingTemperament
German Shepherd
Golden Retriever
60 – 80 lbs20 – 25 inches10 – 13 yearsHeavyActive, playful

While German Shepherds are known to be loyal and protective, Golden Retrievers are often gentle and soft. So, you will get a mix of these traits.

You can never be too sure of personalities, but you can usually count on having a very lively dog.

With this dog, you will need to make sure there is plenty of room to run around. Golden Shepherds are big dogs, and they are active. Make sure you are willing to put in the time to get your dog the amount of exercise she or he needs.

This mix is a great family dog, so if you are looking for a kid-friendly dog, this is a great choice.

This dog will shed a lot since both sides have long thick coats. They will probably need to be brushed once a week to prevent (as much as possible) hair from getting all over the house.

Both German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers are intelligent and do well with kids. Make sure you train your pup from an early age to prevent any deviant behavior.

This mix is a great family dog, so if you are looking for a kid-friendly dog, this is a great choice.

Big dogs are so much fun, but the cost is a lot higher than smaller dogs.

Since a Golden Shepherd is a large dog, you will need to be prepared to feed such a large beast. It’s not unlikely her or she will go through 30lbs of food a week, maybe more. This is something else you should consider when picking a dog.

Golden Shepherd puppies usually cost between $500 – $800.

I would not recommend getting this dog if you live in an apartment or you don’t have a yard. A smaller dog is going to be a better option for you, like the German Shepherd Corgi mix.

German Shepherd / Corgi

German Shepherd mixed with a Corgi = a very cute, much smaller, feisty German Shepherd. This mix is often called a Corman Shepherd and they are definitely a sight to behold.

WeightHeightLife ExpectancySheddingTemperament
German Shepherd Corgi Mix25 – 60 lbs12 -15 inches12 – 15 yearsMedium/ heavyIntelligent, loyal

The Corman Shepherd has a big size range. Some dogs will take more of the German Shepherd side and be heavier and taller while others are more like Corgis. Generally speaking, dogs of this mix will be much smaller than a purebred German Shepherd.

German Shepherds and Corgis both are herding dogs, so they are both intelligent. That makes Corman Shepherds naturally clever and intuitive.

This makes Corman Shepherds great for those who don’t have a ton of room, but still want a fun and playful dog.

They still shed a bit since both Corgis and GSD have thick coats. However, these coats are so beautiful that it is totally worth it. They have golden brown coats, like German Shepherds with black and white throughout.

Another really amazing thing about German Shepherd Corgi mixes is the longer lifespan. Sadly purebred German Shepherds have a 9- to 12-year lifespan on average. This is greatly improved to up to 15 years in this combination. This will make for a lifelong friend.

German Shepherds and Corgis both are herding dogs, so they are both intelligent. That makes Corman Shepherds naturally clever and intuitive.

Something that you should be aware of is a little aggression that comes naturally to both of the parents in this breed. To prevent a Corman Shepherd, train early, and make sure you are the Alpha in the relationship.

Something you should be aware of before you buy a puppy of this mix is some of the health issues that are common. Back problems are probably the most probable. Things like joint pain and obesity are risks as well. Exercise and healthy eating are ways to prevent ailments.

Being active is something that dogs of this mixed breed need so make sure that you are able to put in the time and effort to keep a Corman Shepherd healthy.

A German Shepherd / Corgi mix puppy is usually between $250 – $700.

German Shepherd / Husky Mix

German Shepherd mixed with a Husky is pretty much a dream come true. These dogs are fun and athletic, as well as intelligent. This mix is called a Gerberian Shepsky or simply a Shepsky

WeightHeightLife ExpectancySheddingTemperament
Husky German Shepherd Mix50 – 90 lbs20 – 25 inches10 – 13 yearsHeavyProtective, Active

Huskies and German Shepherds both have thick double-coats that are beautiful. Even though this means a lot of shedding, it is so worth it. They have such lovely, lush coats. Just make sure you have a good dog brush.

The colors of this magnificent coat can be brown, white, golden, red, or gray. It really depends on dominant genes because the colors can vary a lot.

Huskies are known to be a bit stubborn, but highly intelligent. When a German Shepherd contributes his or her genetics, you get a more trainable dog, which is really nice.

Shepskies do make good family pets because of their loyal traits. They do get to be pretty big so it is probably a good idea to wait until children are a little bit grown and steady on their feed before getting such a big, energetic pup around.

I would recommend this mix to families with kids who have room for a big dog and a yard.

If you already have a dog, this mix might not be the best for you either, especially if you adopt from a shelter. There are some issues of aggression.

If you get this mix from a pup, going to a dog park and introducing the Shepsky to others will eliminate some of the aggression problems.

Overall, a German Shepherd Husky mix will be a fun, active and curious dog. They are friendly to kids, a little distant to strangers, which make them good protectors.

I had a German Shepherd Husky as a child and I loved him very much. He was always a good dog and he did well outside. Having some personal experience, I would recommend this mix to families with kids who have room for a big dog and a yard.

Gerberian Shepsky puppies are usually $350 – $800.

German Shepherd / Rottweiler

German Shepherds mixed with a Rottweiler are often called Shepweilers, but has some other names like “Shotties” or Rotten Shepherds. Shepweilers are big, beautiful, and powerful.

WeightHeightLife ExpectancySheddingTemperament
German Shepherd / Rottweiler
77 – 115 lbs22 – 27 inches10 – 13 yearsMediumProtective, Energetic

Let me tell you, this mix makes for one massive dog. This isn’t the kind of fluffy mass either, it is a lean and agile dog.

Since the parents are two very well known breeds of dogs, this is actually a very common mix breed. The traits of the parents seem to blend great together.

Depending on which parent has the dominance in a particular pup, a Shepweiler will have either medium-length or long hair. Either way, this hair will be thick.

However, these dogs will not shed as much as other mixes will. There will be some shedding, so you will still need to brush regularly.

These dogs do look intimidating, with their build and size. This dog mix is going to be best with those who are unafraid of dogs and will put in the work to train, and train them right.

These dogs are often used as guard dogs since both GSD and rottweilers are loyal, athletic, protective, and intelligent. You can train your dog to be more of a watchdog.

This dog mix is going to be best with those who are unafraid of dogs and will put in the work to train, and train them right.

If you want to have your Shepweiler to be a little softer, training with other dogs at a young age will help. Making sure he or she gets plenty of exercise and activity will also bring out the best in their personalities.

If you are a first-time dog owner, I would not recommend getting this mix. It takes a bit of knowledge. Because of the size and the reputations of Rottweilers, it is better to start with an easier-going.

Shepweilers will go through a lot of food, and a lot of chew toys. They aren’t the easiest dog to afford. It will also be best if you have a yard or some extra space to keep them happy and healthy.

Puppies in this mix range from $250 to $850.

German Shepherd / Labradoodle

Another diverse mix is the Shepadoodle. These dogs are fun, large, and smart.

WeightHeightLife ExpectancySheddingTemperament
German Shepherd Labradoodle Mix50 – 80 lbs22 – 28 inches10 – 13 yearsLightAthletic, Caring

Shepadoodles are a great family dog for starters. They are soft and cuddly. Of course, you need to properly train your dog so there are not any behavioral problems.

They love to run around. Since they are big, I would recommend getting this dog if you have a yard, but if you live in an apartment, make sure you let them play in the park and that they get daily exercise.

If you have allergies, this is a great German Shepherd mix to get.

The best way to keep a dog happy is to make sure they are getting properly fed and to make sure they are not cooped up.

A great thing about this mix is that Shepadoodles can be hypo-allergenic. Not all of them are, so make sure to check with your breeder, or the shelter.

The fur of a shepadoodle is a coat in brown, black, cream, or gray. Depending on who has the dominant genes within the Shepadoodle, he or she may have curly or wavy hair. This hair will be dense.

You should take a Shepadoodle to the groomers for a cut every now and then.

If you have allergies, this is a great German Shepherd mix to get.

The cost of a Shepadoodle mix is $300 – $900.

Other Mixed German Shepherds

There are so many different mixes that weren’t mentioned above. They are great too but they aren’t as common.

Here is a short list of 10 other common mixed German Shepherds breed:

  1. German Shepherd / Akita
  2. German Shepherd / Alaskan Malamute
  3. German Shepherd / Pug
  4. German Shepherd / Saint Bernard
  5. German Shepherd / Great Dane
  6. German Shepherd / Bernese Mountain Dog
  7. German Shepherd / Collie
  8. German Shepherd / Beagle
  9. German Shepherd / Boxer
  10. German Shepherd / Pitbull Terrier

If you would like to see all of the different mixes of German Shepherds out there, click here.

Related Questions:

How big will a German Shepherd mix get? Depending on what is breed with a German Shepherd, a mix can be as small as a 15 inches tall to as large as 26 inches. They can weigh as little as 25 lbs and as much as 120 lbs. Breeding a Germans Shepherd with a larger dog will result in a bigger dog.

How do I choose the right dog? When choosing a dog, consider the expense, time available to take care of the dog, the amount of room you have to house the dog, locate a reputable place to adopt/buy the animal. Also, know your allergies and family needs before getting your dog.