Why do German Shepherds Cry?

11818500 m Why do German Shepherds Cry?

When your German Shepherd starts crying, and you might want to know if that’s normal. Sometimes the crying can seem like too much but that’s why I’m here to help you figure out why he could possibly be crying!

Why do German Shepherds cry?

German Shepherds cry because they feel uncomfortable about a certain situation, whether it be pain, separation anxiety, or hunger.  When they feel uncomfortable, their natural reaction can be to cry. They can also cry when they find or discover something they think is important and needs your attention.

Typically German Shepherds will cry a normal amount compared to other dogs, but for what exact reasons do they do this and how can you help them? We will go into more detail about how to help your German Shepherd.

What is the Reason My German Shepherd is Crying?

German Shepherds are great pets– they are protective, exciting, and man’s best friend. Yet sometimes your canine cries, so what exactly is making him cry? Some of the reasons why your German Sheperd could be crying is because of the following:

  • Separation Anxiety
  • Feeling Stressed/ Protective
  • Pain
  • Found Something Interesting or Potentially Threatening
  • Hunger
  • Discomfort Around Other Dogs

Separation Anxiety

German Shepherds can become uncomfortable if they are left alone for a long period of time which can cause them to cry. They usually love to be around people, so being alone for a long time can be difficult for them. They cry because they miss their owner and miss the company of another person.

You will notice your German Shepherd suffers from separation anxiety if they cry when you leave or if someone they love leaves them. They may be prone to cry because they know it will get your attention and keep you there. It’s important to not give into them or they will cry every time you leave the house.

However, this can be difficult to not soothe your dog before leaving because a crying dog can be a nuisance to neighbors and hard on you to see your pet sad.

How to Help Separation Anxiety and Stop German Shepherd’s Crying

To help them overcome separation anxiety, you can practice not over reacting when they cry when you leave. Make sure you don’t make it a big deal or they’ll continue to do this action.

You can train them to become comfortable staying alone. You can practice this by leaving him for short periods of time. As you leave for short times and return, your dog is able to see that you will come back and feel less sad about you leaving. It’s natural that your German Shepherd will continue to cry, but after practice it will become easier.

Make sure to spend time with your German Shepherd so that he feels less seperated from you. As you spend more time with him, he will cry less. Quality time can really help your dog feel loved and stop crying.


99114633 m Why do German Shepherds Cry?

A German Shepherd can begin crying if they are stressed out about something. There are lots of reasons as to why they are stressed, but some of the common feelings could be they 1) don’t feel safe 2) they don’t think you are safe 3) they are in a new place or 4) they are participating in a new activtiy.

These are just some of the reasons why he could be crying from stress. German Shepherds are great protectors, they are usually seen as police dogs so they have a great natural sense for detecting danger. If they sense there is a danger, then they can become stressed and cry.

How to Help Stop German Shepherd’s Crying When Stressed

It’s important to watch the signs to see if there is a danger that is stressing your canine. He may know what is going on before you do. To stop him from crying, go to him and follow him or notice what could be around him that’s causing this stress.

If your German Shepherd is trained, he can take you to the subject that’s causing his stress. To help with the stress, move your dog to a comfortable area, away from the people or new situation they may be in. Like stated earlier, they could be warning you of danger, but if not, it could be because they are uncomfortable in a new place.

The best idea would be to isolate them away from whatever is new or stressing them out, such as a new dog or person.


Your dog could be in pain if they’re crying. Take notice of their body, if there are any injuries or if they are acting in a funny way. If you notice them limping or refusing to walk on a paw while crying, this is a sign that they are injured.

Notice their eating habits. If your German Shepherd isn’t eating enough or cries when eating, they could be having pain in his mouth. If it’s after they eats and there are problems with their bowel movements, it could be a digestion problem.

How to Help German Shepherd’s Crying When in Pain

Take immediate care of your dog if you think he’s crying because he’s in pain. If the crying persists, contact your veterinarian right away. If he’s expereincing pain while eating, he will need his mouth checked out. Or if he cries and scratches often, it could be fleas or some other bug bothering him.

There are bug cures at stores and local pet stores that can be of assistance with helping get rid of that pain. Most importantly, just make sure they are not injured or that there’s nothing wrong inside their body. This can cause more problems if not looked at right away.

You can try this product that is made for big dogs that deal with fleas.

Crying from Finding Something/ Discovering

116249434 m Why do German Shepherds Cry?

If the German Shepherd starts crying, it could be they found or discovered something. This is helpful with using German Sheperds as police dogs whether it be for sniffing out drugs or finding a person of interest.

How to Help German Shepherd from Crying When It’s Found Something

Usually, this is a great quality for dogs that work with crime. It’s a helpful behavior to have the dog cry when they discover something. However, this could be troublesome for a family. If this continues, it would be best to train your German Shepherd and help them learn that there is nothing to be excited about.

It can take time, but if there’s no reason why your dog is crying over a cat , you could try bringing a little squirt bottle and squirt them when they cry about that.

Hunger and How to Cure It

If your German Shepherd is crying, it could just be that they’re hungry. If this is the case, remember to keep track of when you feed your dog. Keep a good, consistent pattern for when you feed them. If you recall you haven’t fed your dog, do so!

Sometimes dogs will cry even after they’ve eaten. This could be because they’re not satisfied with the portion. Make sure you are feeding your dog enough food for his or her required age and size.

Uncomfortable Around Other Dogs

If your German Shepherd cries around other animals or dogs, it could just be because they are uncomfortable around them. Dogs are often uncomfortable around new dogs or people, so this is normal. They might also cry because they feel intimidated by other.

How to help German Shepherd Stop Crying Around Other Dogs/ People

If they continue to cry around other dogs, stay close with them and help introduce them to other dogs. This may be difficult if they are on walks or at a dog park. To help avoid this problem as they grow up, introduce your pet to new people and animals inside your home where they are comfortable.

Slowly introduce them to new people or animals on different days so they can become familiar with meeting new people. As they become familiar with meeting new people or animals, it will be easier when they go out in public. German Shepherds can be naturally protective, so it can be common for them to be a little weary of new people.

Related Questions

Can German Shepherds be left alone during the day?

It is not a good idea to leave a German Shepherd alone during the day because they can become bored and get into trouble like destroying furniture or try to escape. They need attention and need time to exercise to avoid getting into trouble.

Do German Shepherds suffer from separation anxiety?

It is possible for German Shepherds to suffer from separation anxiety if they feel stressed when left alone or behind. This can result in different reactions like chewing, biting, trying to escape, and crying.