Can A German Shepherd Be An Inside Dog?

My wife and I just bought a house.  We want to get a large dog for protection and safety.  The German Shepherd ticks off all the boxes on our wish list.  Obedient, smart, loyal, intelligent, alert, and loving.  One area of importance to us is how much room the dog will need.  Our new house is small, and we don’t exactly have a big yard.  We need to know if the German Shepherd can be an inside dog or not?

We dug up some information that we want to share.

Can a German shepherd be an inside dog?

Can a German shepherd be an inside dog?  The German Shepherd would make a beautiful inside dog under the right conditions.  The German Shepherd is a highly intelligent dog breed that responds well to training and commands, which can help them behave well inside. 

They are very social and attached to those they love.   They are also an expert watch and guard dog, which can make them an asset to any home and family. 

They are a caring and calm dog breed that has the patience to deal with indoor home life.   If a potential pet owner doesn’t mind their size and is committed to providing them with the best life possible, this breed can be an inside dog.

The German Shepherd is a dog breed gifted with high intelligence.  This intelligence enables them to learn tasks, skills, and training very quickly. 

For a dog to be an excellent inside dog, they must be a highly trainable dog.  The German Shepherd is a highly trainable dog that learns very quickly, to the point that they can almost anticipate what they are supposed to do.

Can A German Shepherd Be An Inside Dog?

The German Shepherd also behaves best when they form a secure attachment to their owner.  This strong attachment is what allows them to be an expert watchdog and companion.  This secure attachment comes from time spent together with the German Shepherds’ owner. 

Without this bond, the German Shepherd can behave poorly and potentially become aggressive express negative behaviors.  Therefore the German Shepherd should spend ample time with their owner or family for their happiness.

This close bond doesn’t mean that the German Shepherd will spend all their time indoors.  Every dog needs exercise, and due to the German Shepherds’ size and heritage as a working dog, they will need a lot.  

When they are indoors, depending on the size of the house, their activity may be limited.  This situation can increase their need for spending time in the yard, going for a walk or to the dog park.

Can a German shepherd live in a condo?

Yes, a German shepherd can live in a condo provided that the condo facility doesn’t have guidelines preventing a dog of their size or this specific breed.

It is always best to research the guidelines and rules where a German shepherd will be living.  Some condo associations have stringent rules about dogs.  Due to their size, the German Shepherd may be off the list for residents wishing to own dogs while they live in a condo.

Many condo associations also have strict guidelines about the breed of dogs they allow.  While the German Shepherd is a very loyal, loving, and friendly dog breed, it is still best to check first before selecting this breed.

Can A German Shepherd Be An Inside Dog?

Many people might think that a German Shepherds’ size will prevent them from living in a condo.  Their size has nothing to do with where they live.  If the owner is committed to providing them with adequate exercise in the form of walks or trips to the dog park every day, they will have no problem adjusting to life inside a condo.

This breed of dog accepts training very quickly since they are eager to please and hard working.  The German Shepherd loves nothing more than performing a job or task well.  Behaving inside a condo won’t be a problem for them with expert training.

It must be noted that due to their breed history and size, they need a large amount of exercise.  The German Shepherd is an energetic breed.  Potential owners that live in condos must understand this and be fully committed to providing them with the necessary physical activity they need.

Without this exercise, the German Shepherd can behave poorly, and this is no fault of their own.  If they don’t receive lots of activity, they can express negative behaviors, which can become a problem that will fall on the shoulders of the owner.

Full commitment is a must with this dog breed regardless of their lifestyle.

Can a German shepherd live in a small house?

Yes, the German Shepherd can live in a small house.  As noted above, the home’s size can be small, and a German shepherd can live comfortably and behave well with their owner.

They thrive best by their owner’s side with a close bond between them, and when they receive expert training and plenty of exercises.

If the home has a fenced-in back yard, this will benefit the dog and owner.  The fence will keep them from getting distracted and into trouble or injured.  The yard will provide a space for the German Shepherd to expel energy and exercise while staying close to their owner.

Do German shepherds need a big yard?

No, the German Shepherd doesn’t need a big yard.  A big yard will significantly benefit the German Shepherd, but any yard will do for them to be entertained and release their high amount of energy.

If their yard is small, walks, and trips to the dog park can be used to provide the space to move and roam that they don’t receive at home.  These will also offer a pleasant diversion and practice in socialization.

If the German Shepherd doesn’t want to be inside, can they be kept outside all the time?

If the German Shepherd doesn’t want to be inside, they should never be kept outside.  Allowing them access to the inside is beneficial for a variety of reasons that include:

  • Lack of connection
  • Lack of socialization
  • Weather conditions
  • Boredom and bad behaviors
  • Increased likelihood of health problems

When a dog is allowed to spend some time inside with their owner and the comforts the home brings, they are healthier and happier.

Can A German Shepherd Be An Inside Dog Embora Pets 3 Can A German Shepherd Be An Inside Dog?

The German Shepherd is a dog breed that behaves best when they have a strong bond with their owner.  If they spend all their time outdoors and their owner is inside, they don’t develop a relationship with their owner.

If they don’t form a secure bond, it can increase the risk of aggressive tendencies and other harmful or bad behaviors on the dog’s part.

It is also essential to allow the German Shepherd to have access to the indoors and be with their family because it is physically healthy.

A German shepherd that spends all their time outdoors can suffer physical health problems due to temperature and seasonal changes.  Weather patterns and the environment itself can make life less than comfortable for the German Shepherd.

Allowing the German Shepherd to have access to the indoors enables their owner to meet their needs better.  The bond formed between owner and dog works both ways. 

The German Shepherd becomes a loyal, loving companion animal that protects and helps their owner.  The owner becomes a caring and understanding dog owner that easily meets their dogs’ needs.

Does age factor into the German Shepherd living inside?

Yes, the age of the German Shepherd can factor into their life inside a home.

While any dog can comfortably live inside a home with ample daily exercise, some breeds do better than others.  The German Shepherd can adapt to any living situation since they are highly trainable and eager to do a job well.

The age of the German Shepherd can ensure a higher success with indoor life.  German shepherd puppies are still learning what expectations, so indoor life might be more difficult until they learn the ropes.  Once properly trained, they will have no problem living in any home environment.

Trained adult dogs can adjust quickly to any home environment if they have an outlet for their energetic personality.

Older dogs and seniors can also easily adjust to life indoors with daily exercise that helps them expel energy and stay physically fit.

In Conclusion

All dogs are happy and healthy when provided some access to indoor life, including the German Shepherd.

The type or size of the home isn’t a success factor with a correctly trained German Shepherd.

Adequate exercise is essential for happiness and health and efficiently accomplished in a variety of ways that can be entertaining and fun for both dog and owner.

Should a German shepherd owner live in tiny quarters snuggle up with that loyal and beloved pup and rest assured they will be your best friend for life!