Are Beagles Good Apartment Dogs?

I am downsizing and moving to an apartment, and I want to know if my Beagle will handle this new situation well or if I need to figure something else out. 

Apartment life is in my future either way and while I have no plans of getting rid of my beloved Beagle, I want to know how best to handle this situation to make it easy for me and my dog.

Since this move is a must for me and my Beagle doesn’t have a choice in the matter, I decided to do some research and see what I could uncover. 

Here is what I discovered while on the internet.

Are Beagles Good Apartment Dogs?

Beagles can be good apartment dogs because they are just the right size, and they won’t mind the lack of a yard since they want to spend all their time with their loved ones. While they will need plenty of outside activity due to their energetic and enthusiastic nature and breed background, a backyard is unnecessary. 

Beagles can also be good apartment dogs because they don’t need regular grooming. 

They have an easy-going and loveable nature that will likely make friends with the neighbors and be social. 

While Beagles can be a perfect dog for apartment life, there are things to consider with this breed. 

Least of all, their energy must be addressed daily so they don’t get bored and into trouble.

Another thing to consider for Beagle owners is their barking which can be surprising and sometimes annoying to neighbors or even cause issues. 

Beagles trained for this type of lifestyle can quickly adapt, but they should have thorough training since they do have a strong will and mind of their own, which may have them get into trouble if they don’t have enough ways to expel their energy

One aspect of apartment living that needs to be considered is separation anxiety for those pet parents who work outside the home and must leave their dog at home for any length of time. 

In these situations, apartment life for a Beagle can go either way. 

Are Beagles Good Apartment Dogs 1 Are Beagles Good Apartment Dogs?

The sounds and sights and new friendly neighbors that might come and visit might be a plus for the unhappy Beagle. 

However, in those situations where visitors are not possible, the sights and sounds of others that the Beagle cannot play with may not go over so well and cause more trouble than good.

Beagles can be excellent apartment dogs under the right circumstances.

Beagles are wonderful dogs that were bred to hunt and live in a hunting pack

Historically this lifestyle suited them well as they enjoy being around others and have trouble when they are left alone but that is different from our modern world.

However, this lifestyle had them spending a great deal of time outdoors and in environments that enabled them to do their job of hunting to the best of their ability, and they did it then and still do it very well now.

In our modern world and our busy human lifestyles, Beagles can sometimes have trouble adjusting, or we may have trouble making them comfortable. 

Life happens, and we find ourselves relocating, moving to a new house, downsizing, or something else entirely. 

We are faced with considering how our beloved fur baby will adjust to this new lifestyle.

It can be an exciting or stressful time for those moving into an apartment, depending on their own life circumstances. 

And for those of us with dogs, this can add another element of stress and anxiety, not to mention work to the mix.

Apartments and dogs aren’t always a welcome mix as landlords and apartment management have clear ideas and rules about having a pet in the apartment. 

Some dogs and other pets can cause damage or be disruptive to those within the apartment building or community.

So many who are headed in this direction may wonder if an apartment is a good idea for their dog regardless of breed, and if so, what can be done to make this process easy, smooth, and happy for everyone.

The truth is that some dogs will be suited to apartment life, and others will not. 

Much of it is based on the individual dog, but certain dog breeds are NOT suited to life in an apartment, while others can go either way.

For Beagles, which were bred to hunt and lived in packs, apartment living is possible for a few reasons. 

First off, they are the right size, which is a huge consideration. 

Huge dogs are not always the best choice for an apartment unless they are perfectly behaved.

Secondly, Beagles don’t need a lot of grooming like some other dogs do, which can be a plus for those living in an apartment.

Another good reason is that apartment living promotes closeness between us and those we love due to the apartments usually being smaller in size than a regular house. 

Under most circumstances, this would be a bad idea, but this is an excellent idea for life with a Beagle as they love nothing more than to be right beside their loved ones doing what they are doing.

Of course, many things may not make Beagles a good choice for life in an apartment. 

One of them is that they bark at certain times, and this barking can be surprising to those who live down the hall, underneath or above the family.

Another factor that is probably the most important is that Beagles have a lot of energy and need a lot of exercise to keep them behaving at their best. 

This can be challenging for those who live in an apartment as there is no backyard to open the door to and let them run free simply.

Each time the Beagle wants to play, run, or have an adventure, the pet parent or other family member will need to stop what they are doing and make time for this which may or may not fit into their busy lifestyle.

If this energy is not properly expelled, Beagles can behave poorly and act out in various ways like barking, digging, scratching, or a slurry of other behaviors that will not be good for anyone.

Training that is vitally essential for any dog breed, but more so for Beagles, will help keep destructive behaviors under control and teach them what is expected of them in their new home.

This, of course, should begin before moving into their new apartment.

Aside from that, there is still the possible issue of separation anxiety. 

Depending on the Beagle and how they adjust to apartment life, noises, and sounds from those neighbors around them, not to mention the potential visit from a neighbor, can bring them peace as they know that they are not entirely alone and have a diversion.

Other times, some Beagles may find this more stressful to their system and act out even more because they are not with their loved ones at that time.

Of course, there is no way to know how your own fur baby will adjust to this situation beforehand; it must be considered to the best of your ability.

Despite all this, Beagles can adjust well to apartment life if their needs and wants are considered.

They have strong minds and are independent thinkers, making the transition difficult or easy depending on their mood.

When it is time to move, a Beagle owner has quite a few things to consider beforehand, the least of which is whether they are even allowed to bring their Beagle to their new home. 

Depending on the answer from the potential landlord, there may be more fees incurred for future damages, or the pet parents might have to find another apartment to rent if their furry pooch isn’t allowed.

Once it is established that the Beagle is allowed to live in the apartment, the Beagle can begin training for apartment life. 

This can include gradual changes to their home life wherever they are currently living to help them gradually adjust to what will come soon enough.

How the Beagle reacts to this situation will vary from dog to dog as they are strong-willed and have their own thoughts that will likely vary from the pet parents. 

Either way, they can live and thrive in an apartment under the right circumstances.

Closing Points

Dogs and apartments can go together under the right conditions. 

How an individual dog or breed will handle life in an apartment varies from one to another and must be taken individually.

Whatever happens, pet parents can rest assured knowing that their Beagle can live in an apartment, but it can take some adjusting and conscious work on everyone’s part to make it happen. 

When it does, life will be happy and harmonious again, just as it once was before.