Can Rottweilers Eat Eggs?

We love eating them, scrambled, fried, boiled, and the list goes on. There are so many ways that we as humans eat eggs, and they are so good for us. That brings the question of, can a food that is so good for me be good for my pup too? This post will answer any question you may have about feeding your Rottweiler eggs.

Rottweilers can eat eggs. Eggs are actually beneficial for Rottweilers because they are full of lots of very important nutrients that cannot be found elsewhere. Eggs can help Rottweilers to grow stronger.

There are many foods that have really important vitamins and nutrients every dog needs. So what do eggs have, that other foods don’t, and how much or how often can I feed my Rottweiler eggs? Answers to these question will help to make sure your Rott lives the healthiest life he or she can with the best diet.

Why Are Eggs Good for My Rottweiler?

Just like mentioned above, eggs are a fantastic food to feed your Rottweiler. They are chalked full of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that aren’t as common in other human or dog foods.

Just as we all know eggs are a great source of protein. They are full of it, and that is so good for us as humans. The protein in the eggs is one reason why it would benefit your Rottweiler’s diet so much.

Rottweilers require a very high protein diet. Each day their diet should be made up of 22% to 28% of proteins. Each egg has 6 grams of protein, so that can help with your Rott’s need for high amounts of protein.

Eating protein helps your Rottweiler to not gain too much weight. Rott’s are notorious for being overweight, and a way to combat that is with large amounts of high protein foods.

Rottweilers run around a lot. They typically spend at least, and often times more, than 2 hours running around outside each day. This requires more energy in the form of protein since they are moving around a lot and burning a lot of calories.

Another benefit eggs provide to Rottweilers is that they have a lot of Omega Fatty Acids. This helps them to have and maintain a slick and shiny coat. Omegas repair tissues and encourage cell reproduction. It especially helps skin, hair, and tissue cells to reproduce quickly, efficiently and effectively.

The fatty acids in Omegas produce and support pore secreted oils to help protect your pup’s hair and skin.

Eggs contain something called Avidin, which is a B Vitamin, that improves your pup’s metabolism.

Finally, on the long list of amazing nutrients eggs contain is Riboflavin and Selenium. Both of these are nutrients that are super easy for your Rott to digest. It can help dogs that are having stomach and digestion issues to have an additional protein boost.

Eggs have been proven to help if your Rott has an upset stomach. Eggs are a great multi-purpose food when it comes to consuming it ourselves or feeding it to our furry friends.

Likewise, if you have a pregnant Rott, you can feed her extra eggs. This additional egg can be another source of protein for your mama Rott and her puppies.

Eggs are probably the best human foods for your Rottweiler to eat. It is said that your pup should not contain large amounts of human food each day. However, if you feed your dog an egg a day, he or she is sure to be healthy and happy.

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How Should I Prepare the Eggs for My Rott?

There are a couple of different ways you can prepare eggs for your Rottweiler. Most of the ways we eat eggs can also be a way to feed them to your Rott.

It is best to buy brown eggs from the store as opposed to white eggs. More specifically, look for eggs that are farm fresh, organic, and come from cage-free chickens because they are better health wise for both you and your pup.

Chickens that eat healthier cause the eggs to be healthier. This boost in healthy food for your chicken can produce higher healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals for your pup.

The most common way to feed eggs to your pup is to just give them a raw, large, whole egg. The egg, but also the shell have great nutrients in it. Grinding up the shell can help them digest it easier, but just giving them an entire egg is good too.

The eggshell provides a source of calcium for your pup, so do try to give them the shell to get the most nutrients out of this snack.

Despite all of the myths, salmonella is an extremely rare thing to find in eggs. It is very, very unlikely that your pup is going to get sick from eating raw eggs.

You can feed your pup eggs as a snack during the day, or with his or her main meal. You can always crack their egg or blend it up and mix it with their dog food.

If you want to cook the eggs, you can do that, too. Cooking the eggs will cook out some fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins in the process. However, cooked eggs are very good for your Rott.

If cooking the eggs is your method of choice, don’t cook them in oil or butter. Adding these things can disrupt your Rott’s digestive system and do more harm than good.

The most common ways to give your pup cooked eggs is to either scramble them or boil them. Both of these methods do not require oil or fat of any kind.

At What Age is it Okay to Start Feeding My Rott Eggs?

Your pup can eat eggs very young. In fact, many people use scrambled eggs as a transitional food for your Rott as he or she starts eating harder, more solid foods.

Even before you Rott begins to transition to solid foods, it is common to feed mother dogs extra eggs for the extra protein to get to their pups via nursing. Your brand new pup is okay to eat an egg, so Rotts of all ages are able to eat this delicious treat.

Puppies really like eggs. Especially because it is a new food for them, compared to the liquid food and milk their diet normally consists of.

Eggs, again, can be a great source of protein for your puppies. They grow fast, and so they are going to need their muscles to be able to repair and grow with them.

Getting your pup into the habit of eating eggs from a young age can be really helpful in preventing obesity at a young age.

If you are going to feed your puppy a whole egg, it might be better to blend up the egg so it is more liquid due to the fact that they are new at eating and the hard eggshell can potentially be hard for them chew up and digest.

What to Watch out For

As with anything, there are always a few things that you should look out for to make sure you are taking care of your Rottweiler in the best way possible. There are always risks feeding your dog human food because it was, in fact, created for humans.

If your Rottweiler responds badly to eating eggs, it would be better to stay away from them. Eggs can be high in cholesterol, so if you feed your pup too many eggs, it can have the opposite effect and cause them to gain weight.

Some poor responses seen in some Rottweilers might include vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, uncomfortable gas, smelly gas, etc. If you notice any of these behaviors in your Rott, it would be best to eliminate the eggs from his or her diet.

Really any unnatural or uncommon behavior that you observe in your pup is important to pay attention to. Eggs are meant to be helpful, and if they cause harm or sickness, just stop feeding them to your dog.

Your dog will still be happy and healthy even if eggs aren’t apart of their diet.

It is always a good idea to talk to your vet. Your vet knows your dog personally and knows their health needs and concerns. Do your research to know how you can help your individual Rott.