Can Poodles Eat Chicken?

23734409 m Can Poodles Eat Chicken?

Before giving your poodle a new food, it is important to know the food is safe for your dog, as many foods are toxic. On the topic of chicken, I will help you understand everything associated with poodles and chicken.

Poodles can eat chicken. It is a common ingredient in many dog foods because it is a beneficial food for dogs. Chicken is a great source of protein and omega 6 fatty acids. Never serve the chicken raw or give poodles the bone.

Knowing that poodles can eat chicken is just the beginning. There are some cautions you should take and be aware of before serving your poodle chicken. I will also explain the benefits of chicken.

Chicken in your Dog’s Diet

Have you ever seen a dog food commercial?

If you have, you would likely recognize that chicken is one of the main ingredients and is beneficial for dogs. It is the most advertised food to serve your dog.

And frankly, dogs simply love chicken. Although most dogs will chase after any food, chicken is special to dogs.

Maybe it is because they can detect the benefits that come from chicken.

Benefits of ChickenPossible Harms of Chicken
Increased energy
Healthy skin and coatSalmonella
Healthy bonesPancreatitis

Chicken has many elements that are so beneficial for your dog:

  • Protein
  • Omega 6 fatty acids
  • Essential amino acids
  • Glucosamine

Chicken is high in protein. Protein is a desired addition to your poodle’s diet because it will give them energy.

Although poodles already are naturally energetic dogs, chicken will add a little to the top so your dog can enjoy life to the fullest. More energy means that your poodle will be able to do even more laps around the house.

We all want our pets to be happy and healthy. Chicken gets them there.

Chicken is also high in Omega 6 fatty acids. These are also desired in your poodle’s diet because they are for the skin and coat.

Poodles already have a beautiful curly coat of hair. But with the Omega 6 fatty acids, their coat will be even shinier and more beautiful. After all these benefits, there are still even more. Chicken also has lots of essential amino acids and Glucosamine.

These elements are important in helping build strong and healthy bones.

All of these things within chicken make them an extremely desirable food for your poodle. We all want our pets to be happy and healthy. Eating chicken gets them there.

Chicken is so great for your poodle. Plus, it is an easy addition to your dog’s food.

It does not take an excessive amount of effort. However, it will have major benefits for your poodle.

Chicken can also be a great substitute for your dog’s food. If you are running out of dog food, chicken will help you satisfy your poodle’s hunger.

What to Be Cautious of with Chicken

As great as it is to know of the benefits that chicken has for your poodle, there are some things you should know before serving your precious pup chicken.

1. No Raw Chicken

Many foods that humans can eat are toxic to dogs. So, it especially important that if a certain type of food is bad for us, it is probably going to be bad for your dog too.

Serving your poodle raw chicken could lead to salmonella. We do not want to cause our dog any harm. So, it is best to just cook the chicken up.

And by it is best, I mean that it is mandatory if you want to keep your dog alive.

2. Don’t Serve the Cooked Bone

Dogs simply love chewing on their bones. However, it is very dangerous to serve your poodle a cooked bone.

You can give your dog a chicken bone if it has not been cooked.

However, when the bone is cooked, it splinters easily. This can lead to choking or damage done to your dog’s mouth or intestines.

3. Your Poodle May Be Allergic

Chicken actually ranks as one of the top dog food allergies that a dog can have.

It’s important to note that not every dog will have an allergy to chicken. But, it is something you should be watching out for when serving your dog chicken, especially for the first time.

When introducing chicken into your poodle’s diet, do it slowly in small increments. This way, you can monitor any differences with your dog.

Eventually chicken could be a large source of your dog’s food, but start very small to be sure that your dog does not have allergies to chicken.

4. Poodles May Lose Interest

Poodles are very interesting and intelligent dogs. They have their own personalities and can be stubborn sometimes.

Depending on your dog, they may just get sick of eating chicken.

Many people see this and assume that their dog is developing an allergy to chicken. However, your poodle is just getting tired of eating it.

When this happens, simply switch to a different meat. There are other meats that are a beneficial addition to your dog’s diet as well.

5. Avoid Dark Meat and Drumsticks

Personally, I think that the dark meats are so delicious. However, many people favor the light meat to the dark meat.

If this is you, then you should know that you can’t give your poodle the scraps of the meat you don’t like.

For dogs, dark meat and drumsticks can often cause pancreatitis.

Because we are trying to keep our dogs healthy here, it is best to avoid those meats.

6. Avoid the Fatty Parts

The fatty parts of the chicken are not ideal for giving to your dog. These parts do not have the same benefits as lean meat does.

It is easy to avoid serving your dog the fatty parts. As you chunk it up into pieces, simply do not include the fatty sections.

7. Don’t Give a Puppy Chicken until 8 – 12 Weeks

This, of course, is only applicable to those who own puppies. But, if you do have a puppy or puppies and are wanting to serve them chicken, you must wait until this time period.

12 weeks is better. However, 8 weeks is an okay time to start as well.

At this time is when puppies start cutting their permanent teeth.

As good as chicken is, it can cause damage to your dog. This is why you must ensure that you are serving chicken to your dog the right way.

As long as you are watching your dog carefully to ensure they don’t have allergies and following these guidelines, you should have a very happy poodle.

How to Serve Your Poodle Chicken

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Now that you know that your poodle can eat chicken under these parameters, it is time to start serving your dog some yummy chicken.

However, the first time you cook chicken for your poodle it may seem strange. But, I am here to help you know how to cook chicken for your dog.

We do not cook chicken the same way we would for ourselves.

Often, we are either frying or baking chicken with plenty of seasoning. Although this is delicious for us, it is not the best way to make chicken for your poodle.

The best method for cooking chicken for your dog is through boiling. Although this is not as appealing to us, it is great for your dog. Boiling makes the chicken very soft and easily chewable. This also makes it simple for you to cut up for your poodle.

My personal favorite way to give my dogs chicken is in their regular food.

Cut up the chicken into small chunks. Then, put the chunks into your dog’s regular food.

This adds a nice little spice to your dog’s daily food.

However, when you are cooking do not use any spices or seasoning. Although the seasoning would be in small quantities, it is not great for your dog. It is better to avoid seasoning all together.

There are many other ways that people serve chicken other than in regular food.

Some people mix the chicken in with some vegetables and grains. This is similar to a delicious meal that we would eat.

By mixing the chicken with vegetables and grains, you could actually eat the meal as well and actually enjoy it as a nice dinner. Some people also like to serve their dog chicken within a mini omelet.

Others also like to serve the chicken as frozen treats.

can poodles eat chicken Can Poodles Eat Chicken?

Some of these are a little too fancy for my taste. However, other people love them and are advocates for their chicken treats.

A benefit that I can see from giving your dog a fancy meal is that you can eat with them. Whatever way you decide to give your poodle chicken, just make sure you are following the guidelines that I listed before to avoid.

Although it takes a bit of effort to cook up your dog some chicken instead of just serving dry food, they will love it.

Give your poodle a little treat and they will love you forever.