Can Beagles Eat Eggs?

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Beagles can swallow a lot, but should they be swallowing eggs? I know for me I want the best health for my pet so here are some things you should know about Beagles, if they should eat eggs and what benefits they could provide.

So can Beagles eat eggs?

Beagles are able to eat eggs as long as they are prepared properly. Just like with other dogs, eggs provide Beagles with nutrients and can be a source of protein and even help upset stomachs. Eating eggs a few times a week can be a great treat for Beagles.

There is a way that eggs can be prepared and served in a way that can give beagles nutrients and a happy stomach. As we continue on, there will be information that will help you utilmatiely decide if you would like to serve your Beagle eggs.

Eggs: How Good are They for Beagles?

Usually, we are told that food that humans eat are not beneficial for dogs, can make them sick, or even kill them. Eggs, on the other hand, are a different story. Eggs can be digested by dogs and even provide good nutrients for them.

We eat eggs because they are a great source of protein and the same can benefit dogs. Eggs have protein, fatty and amino acids that help dogs’ bodies. It has riboflavin and selenium that also helps your dog.

Eggs are about 70 calories, contain 13 vitamins/ minerals, and 6.25 grams of protein. They are a great source of protein for dogs and are like a treat. It is important to take into consideration the additional calories you are feeding them so to adjust how much normal dog food they are normally fed.

Not only is the egg itself okay for the dog to eat, but also the shell can provide nutrients. They provide calcium which is good for Beagles. Yes, they can be fed a whole egg as is if that’s how you wish to serve your eggs.

Beagles are able to digest eggs just like every other dog. Depending on the size of the dog can determine how many eggs it is good to feed them. See below for more discussion on how many eggs are healthy for a Beagle to eat.

How to Serve Eggs for Beagles

When given eggs, dogs can digest both cooked or raw eggs. Here are examples of how to cook or serve them both ways.

To cook eggs for your Beagle, the best method would be to cook it through boiling for less mess and for ease. You can also cook them by scrambling or poaching.

You can cook the eggs in different methods too, as long as you’re not using any oils, spices or cookie sprays on the eggs.

These oils, although alright for us to digest, can be dangerous for dogs. It goes along with what we were talking about earlier, most human foods are not good for dogs and that includes the cooking spray we use to cook eggs.

How to cook Egg Without Oils

  1. Crack egg into bowl and stir
  2. Heat a skillet. Add water to help the egg from sticking to the pan
  3. Mix the eggs around for scrambled eggs. Or without making smaller pieces, don’t mix around and leave as a whole cooked egg
  4. Serve to you dog either as just plain eggs or on top/ mixed in with their usual dog food.

If you are serving raw eggs, crack them over their normal food and stir it in. This can be a great treat for them! Not to mention a healthy one.

Raw eggs can also be served to the dog with the shell on it, just the whole egg straight from the chicken. This can be really messy which is why usually breaking them over their food can be cleaner.

Usually, small dogs struggle with eating a whole egg with the shell on it but Beagles are a good size dog that can be capable of eating it raw with the shell and all.

When dogs are served the raw egg, the shell can be broken over their food for them to eat as well. Shells provide nutrients as long as your dog is able to chew them.

Potential Risks of Serving your Beagle Raw Eggs

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Several people wonder if eggs need to be cooked or if they can be raw for dogs. This is a personal choice for the owner.

There are two sides though, some people believe you should serve the eggs because otherwise the nutrients will be taken away when cooked out of the egg. While on the other side, dogs could possibly get sick from eating raw eggs. Ultimately it is up to you about what is right for your Beagle.

For the first side, people argue that raw eggs provide the nutrients for dogs while cooking them takes away these nutrients. In the wildlife, if dogs eat eggs, they eat them raw. Unlike us, with our opposable thumbs, they cannot cook their eggs and must rely on eating them as is, with the shell, uncooked yoke, and all.

The negative part of feeding raw eggs to dogs is that it could potentially make them sick. Just like with humans, dogs can get a salmonella infection from raw eggs. Although this isn’t common, it is still a possibility. If your dog does not have a good immune system, you probably shouldn’t give them raw eggs.

It helps if your dog has a strong immune system so avoid any salmonella problems or otherwise. If you have questions or concerns with this, the best answer would be to talk to your veterinarian about what would be best for your Beagle.

The whites in eggs can cause biotin deficiency but to avoid this, you should cook the eggs. Raw eggs could also cause diarrhea, cramps, fevers, or be harder to digest.

There is a chance your dog could also be allergic to eggs. Watch your dog closely after feeding him to ensure that he does not start coughing, swelling up, or any other strange reaction. The best thing to do would be to call your dog’s doctor if this occurs.

The safe option would be to just cook the egg for your dog to ensure they don’t get sick. Cooked eggs also provide nutrients similar to the raw eggs so they will provide the same benefits as raw eggs.

The Number of Eggs That Beagles Can Digest

A healthy amount of eggs for your Beagle to Digest is typically one egg a day or a few times a week. For specifics for your particular dog, consult with your veterinarian.

You don’t need to feed them this amount of eggs, but the best thing for your dog is to feed the eggs in moderation. Sure, they contain several vitamins and minerals but you need to make sure they don’t get sick.

Eggs are about 70 calories each and are rich with nutrients so take caution how much you are feeding your dog because this is a treat for them and you do not want to overfeed them.

Be cautious how many eggs you add to your dog’s diet especially if they’ve never had eggs before in their diet.

Watch your dog after you feed them eggs to make sure they take them well without any serious reactions. By eating eggs, your Beagle may have gas which is normal for dogs.

Since eggs are a treat, you don’t want to over-treat them so much that they prefer eggs over their normal food. It is important that they gain nutrients from their normal dog food as well. Eggs can help though if your dog is a picky eater! It may help them eat that new dog food or that medicine they need to take.

Are scrambled eggs good for dogs with diarrhea?

There are different foods that help dogs with diarrhea such as scrambled eggs, boiled chicken, and pureed pumpkin. Eggs will provide needed protein to your dog, which is very helpful when they are ill, additionally, eggs are easy on the stomach.

How many eggs can a dog eat in a day?

The number of eggs a dog eats depends on the size of the dog. If it is a smaller dog, one to two small eggs a week is a good amount. For larger dogs, two to three larger eggs a week. If you are unsure, consult your veterinarian.

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