At What Age Do Corgis Naturally Calm Down?

Corgis are naturally energetic and active, enthusiastic dogs. 

This is naturally increased when you have a Corgi puppy due to their age, curiosity about life, and lack of social and obedience training.

Puppies are naturally energetic because of their age, and they are learning about the world around them, growing, developing, and tend to have an overabundance of curiosity.

While puppies will quickly tire out and need a rest, the Corgi puppy will be back at it again very shortly without missing a beat as if they burned off but a mere drop of energy as they want to explore, learn, play, and have fun.

At What Age Do Corgis Naturally Calm Down?

Corgis will usually calm down sometime between one and two years of age. It depends on how fast or slow they develop mentally, physically, and emotionally as each dog is individual, even within a particular dog breed.

Due to the Corgi puppies’ breed background, they will always be more active and energetic which historically was essential when they were herding dogs that moved cattle in the past.

These dogs needed to be loud, assertive, confident, strong, and constantly on the move and working to keep those cattle moving and in line.

Corgis also needed lots of food to keep up the work, and they needed lots of attention to feel happy and content. 

This dog breed needs a lot of EVERYTHING!

Even though herding is not their primary occupation today, Corgis still have all those qualities wrapped into one neat little package and need an outlet for it, from the moment they are weaned from their mother to the day they pass on.

Some might see this constant need for action, energy, and movement as too hard to handle. 

And that is okay, as some dog breeds are not for everyone, and in this case, the family or individual should select another breed if they don’t think the Corgi will be a good fit.

But for those who have chosen this path and adopted an adorably energetic Corgi puppy, they are in for some surprises, all good, of course!

Corgis will calm down sometime around one to two years of age, but this is just a guide as every dog has its own set time when they develop certain attributes, including calming down and growing up.

Calming down for your Corgi may happen sooner than the one-year mark and later than two years or not at all.

If a pet parent has decided to embark on this journey of adopting a Corgi puppy, they should be prepared for this possibility and adjust their life accordingly based on their new family member.

There may be moments when raising a Corgi puppy where the pet parent is about ready to give up.

You might not be able to get much sleep or stop eating or read a magazine.

This is one of the reasons why it is always necessary to study the breed of the dog you are considering adopting, so you know what you are getting into before you fully commit.

In some instances, a Corgi can be calm and content from the moment they are taken home by their adoptive parents, and this can also be as normal as the active and overenergetic puppy.

Despite breed standards and qualities that lean one way or another regarding physical, mental, and emotional attributes, each dog has their genetic makeup and will be different.

If a pet parent is lucky enough to get one of those easy calm Corgis, they should consider themselves lucky and be happy.

At What Age Do Corgis Naturally Calm Down 1 At What Age Do Corgis Naturally Calm Down?

What can I do to help calm my Corgi puppy?

It can be hard to calm a puppy, no matter what breed of dog. The puppy phase is when they are learning and growing fast, many things are developing. 

It is normal for them to be active, energetic, and have trouble settling down and being calm.

The most important thing that a new pet parent can do is teach their fur baby through social interactions, passive training, and formal obedience training from an early age. 

The sooner they learn what is expected of them and what is not allowed, the greater the chance of early success.

This learning will take time, and in the beginning, at such an early age as twelve weeks, it should be very passive, matter a fact but done with love and care.

A simple No when they nip or bite because they are teething is sufficient at this point.

Training and learning social skills are the foundation of a well-behaved adult Corgi. While it will take a while for the Corgi puppy to learn everything as they already have much to learn, patience and persistence will eventually win the day when you have a well-behaved, calm adult Corgi.

It is important to provide the right home environment for your Corgi puppy from the start. They should live in a loving environment where their needs are met, and they feel safe.

Keeping the home calm is also an effective way to increase peace for everyone in the household.

Calm and soothing music, a restful place for them to sleep free of distractions, and traffic are good places to start. 

Words of praise and love spoken in loving tones and actions that are never harsh or sudden can continue this theme.

Keeping playtime outside, keeping your own emotions under control, taking time to be and relax together, and sharing some snuggles are perfect ways to show a puppy how life should be in a peaceful and loving home.

Doing all this can help keep them calm and content, which is what you are trying to do.

But does this mean that they will be calm? Some dogs will absorb this atmosphere and save their wild energy for outdoors or away from home like you are teaching them, and others will not.

Some Corgis just aren’t wired that way just like people.

Some dogs will be wild and never calm down no matter how soothing the music and soft the petting, they will still be a bundle of nonstop energy.

Toys can be a fantastic way to promote activity for your Corgi puppy which might help them be calm. They can direct all that energy into the toy and hopefully settle down a little.

Ensuring that your Corgi puppy has had enough physical activity outdoors is important. 

If they have too much energy and haven’t had a proper outlet, they need to expel some of it, or you may not get any sleep that night.

During training, you can teach your Corgi puppy commands that will help them understand when they should be quiet or calm. 

These obedience training tactics are helpful when it is extremely important for them not to be wild.

Final Points

We all have moments of uncontained energy and channeling them is often the only way to cope, whether it’s running, hiking or something else this energy should be released.

Corgis are the same way; they need an outlet for their energy and training to keep them in line when there is no outlet.

If those things are provided, many Corgi puppies and adults will eventually settle down, but it might take a year or two or the rest of their lives!