When Should A Corgi Be Neutered?

If you’re a new Corgi owner, you surely want to make sure you do everything to give your new buddy a long, happy life.

A big part of setting your Corgi puppy up for success is making a plan about if and when to neuter them.

When you neuter a dog is extremely important, but when is the right age to neuter a Corgi?

When Should A Corgi Be Neutered?

A Corgi should be neutered before they reach the age of one year old.  The optimum timing is over five months of age but under a year. It is possible to neuter a Corgi after a year, but it is believed that the Corgis’ health will benefit greatly throughout their lives when they are neutered before a year old.

Neutering a Corgi between five months and one year is the best time because they are young, strong, and better able to cope with the surgery.

They will heal from the surgery easier provided they don’t have existing health issues.  

Their ability to handle pain during and after the surgery is also better.

In some instances, Corgis are neutered as early as eight weeks which often happens in shelters and rescues.  

Neutering at this early age doesn’t have any detrimental effects on their health and is often done to reduce the chance of unwanted litters of puppies.

Therefore, while there is an optimum time for neutering a Corgi, it is possible to neuter them earlier than five months or later than a year.

Neutering a Corgi and deciding when to neuter your Corgi is the choice of the pet parents.  

Pet parents should discuss this surgery and its timing and health benefits with the Corgis’ veterinarian.

Their veterinarian knows the Corgi’s health and background.  They can help the pet parents decide when the surgery should be performed.

They can offer details about what will happen during and after surgery and what the pet parents can expect for their dog’s healing afterward.

If a pet parent and veterinarian decide to delay the neutering of a Corgi, this doesn’t mean that they will have health problems later in life.

However, neutering before a year can enhance their overall health for the rest of their life like their annual veterinary visits.

Neutering might be delayed due to the Corgi having health issues.   

In this case, it may be more beneficial to wait until the Corgi is older or the health problem is managed properly.

Some pet parents may decide that neutering their Corgi before a year is not the best choice and waiting until they are over a year and more developed is best.  

Some pet parents might feel this way because, by the time the Corgi is over a year, they are almost fully grown.

When Should A Corgi Be Neutered 1 When Should A Corgi Be Neutered?

What are the health benefits of neutering your Corgi?

The health benefits of neutering your Corgi are numerous, including physical, emotional, and mental health and better behaviors which promote a happy home life.

From an emotional, mental, and behavioral standpoint, there are many benefits to neutering a Corgi.  

Neutering has been known to reduce dogs’ dominance, aggression, and territorial issues.

Depending on your dog’s temperament, lifestyle, and home environment, this can help them get along better with other dogs in the household or neighborhood.

Neutering promotes a calmer and happier Corgi that makes for better social interactions with others and can reduce the chance that they are attacked by other male dogs when they are out socializing, say at the dog park.

Neutering can refocus your dogs’ energy and thoughts on other things that don’t include searching for a mate. 

 This can mean that they are easier to train, learn better, and behave better overall regarding house rules.

Neutering your male Corgi can reduce the chance of suffering from reproductive organ cancers and tumors.  

 It also reduces the likelihood that your Corgi will suffer prostate problems when they get older.

When you neuter your Corgi, it can prevent other health issues unrelated to the dog’s reproductive system.

One of the best reasons to have your Corgi neutered is not a direct benefit to their health but promotes the health and wellness of the community they live in.  

Neutering your Corgi eliminates the chance that they produce litters of puppies.

It prevents puppies from unnecessarily entering shelters and reduces the overall abandoned pet population, which is beneficial for the community in which pet parent and their Corgi lives.

It should be noted that some pet parents have found that neutering has the potential to cause your Corgi to be obese, but there is no specific scientific evidence-based information stating this at this time.  

It is possible for an unaltered Corgi to be obese as well.

Neutering has health benefits but is not an all-encompassing protectant against health issues.  

Dogs that are neutered and unaltered alike can still suffer minor and major health issues despite being one way or the other.  

Whether or not these health problems are directly related to neutering or leaving a Corgi unaltered has yet to be proven.

The decision to neuter a Corgi should not be made solely on the belief that a Corgi will be healthy and free of problems because they are neutered, as this may not be the case.

Health is related to genetics and environment as well as other lifestyle choices.  

No one right or wrong decision will ensure that a Corgi will be healthy or not, neutering or otherwise.

Neutering, however, is thought of as part of a healthy lifestyle choice for a dog that promotes their overall health and the health of those around them and within the community they live.

Choosing to neuter or not is an individual choice made by a Corgis’ pet parents after gaining as much information and knowledge as possible about the pros and cons of this surgery from their dogs’ veterinarian.

Is it harder for my Corgi to heal if they are neutered after a year?

It can be harder for your Corgi to heal if they are neutered after a year.  This is not always the case as each Corgi is an individual dog with its strengths and weaknesses, but it can happen.

A Corgi of fifteen months is still a young Corgi, their physical body is strong, and the likelihood of healing quickly and easily is very high.

The best way to promote your Corgis’ wellness during surgery and after is to provide ample amounts of good quality food and ensure that their home life is as stress-free as possible.

Making sure that they get plenty of rest and that their health is good before the surgery will make the process smoother during and after.

In Conclusion

There is no exact time to neuter a Corgi, there is a time that is thought to be best, but each pet parent will decide when is the right time.

Neutering at any age has many health benefits, and while healing is often quicker if the Corgi has the surgery before they reach a year, but it can happen after a year as well. 

Whatever time is chosen, the Corgis’ overall health should be good before surgery.  In this way, you promote overall wellness, and then timing is less of an issue.