When Do Corgis Shed Their Puppy Coats?

There are few things in life cuter than a fluffy Corgi puppy. But those fluffy puppy coats don’t last forever.

And when it’s time for it to fall out, you can expect a bunch of hair all around your house as well as a coarser, adult coat to grow in and replace it.

But just when do Corgis shed their puppy coats?

When Do Corgis Shed Their Puppy Coats?

Corgis begin to shed their puppy coat when they are between five and nine months old. When this process begins it carries on until they have lost their entire puppy fur coat and a new adult fur coat comes in. Each dog is unique when this process begins and ends, as it is driven by genetics and a natural process that comes from inside their bodies.

This process can be slow, where the Corgi gradually lose wisps of fur here and there. Pet parents may not notice the beginning of this phase in their Corgi puppies’ life if this happens as it is very subtle.

Some Corgi will lose their puppy fur coat in a very dramatic and noticeable way. 

Their puppy fur will come out in large clumps, or they may seem to lose all their fur coat at once.

It can seem shocking to the pet parents for the Corgi that goes through this natural puppy phase in this way, as they grow into adulthood.

Some of these corgis may go through a phase where they look less than beautiful with virtually no hair.

However, when a Corgi loses their puppy fur coat, the process does take time as they go from soft and fluffy puppy fur to an adult fur coat that is coarser and denser.

This process is driven by the individual Corgi puppy’s genetics. 

Some will have their new adult fur coat before they reach a year old, and other Corgis will take a bit longer and go beyond the one-year mark.

There is no right or wrong way for your Corgi, to begin, go through or end this growth process. 

It is a natural phase that happens to every dog in their own fashion.

What can I do to ensure that my Corgis adult fur coat is healthy and beautiful?

When Do Corgis Shed Their Puppy Coats 1 When Do Corgis Shed Their Puppy Coats?

What you can do as a pet parent to make sure that your Corgis adult fur coat is healthy and beautiful is to feed them a healthy diet.

This should already be something they are getting as a growing and thriving puppy, but it doesn’t hurt to mention it.

Their diet, which their veterinarian will determine, should contain lots of protein to help them grow healthy and strong.

Whatever dog food is chosen whether wet, dry, or a mixture, it should have a short ingredients list, and protein should be the first ingredient listed.

The dog food should also be free of additives, preservatives, chemicals, fillers, or anything that doesn’t benefit the puppy’s overall health and wellness.

The Corgi should receive the recommended amount of food determined by their veterinarian. 

Treats can be given, but they should follow the same rules listed above for dog food.

Healthy human treats like crunchy vegetables and fruits can be a good choice if the puppy eats them.

Another way to ensure that your puppy’s fur coat comes in healthy and beautiful is by grooming them and taking good care of their fur coat.

This includes their puppy fur coat before they lose that fur, during the transition phase, and after the adult fur coat has grown in.

Grooming doesn’t have to be strict and disciplined during this time, but it should be done if they need to be brushed or bathed.

During the transition phase, where their fur is going from puppy to adult fur coat, grooming will need to comfortable so the Corgi isn’t hurt, but they must be brushed.

This helps remove dead puppy fur that hasn’t fallen out yet and can aid in the new adult fur growth coming in healthy and beautiful.

As with everything in your Corgi puppy’s life, they should have a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. This should include minimizing unnecessary and unhealthy stress and providing lots of play, socializing, and love.

Your Corgi should get a good amount of sleep for their age and live in a healthy home environment that is safe and comfortable.

A healthy lifestyle that is well-rounded and thoughtfully managed by the pet parent or family members will aid in the overall health of their furry family member.

Should I use supplements to make my puppy’s fur coat healthy?

You can use supplements specifically designed for dogs for your puppy’s fur coat, but you must consult with their veterinarian before you give these to them.

Supplements can be dangerous like other medications if they are not administered properly or in the right dosage, usually based on weight, size, or age.

On top of that, some puppies and dogs should not take supplements due to health issues. Before offering your Corgi puppy a supplement, you must discuss this with their veterinarian to make sure that the supplement is safe for them to take.

Their veterinarian will also be able to offer advice on what the correct dosage is for that supplement and other important information.

Vitamins, supplements, and any other items that you can give a puppy via mouth must be discussed with the veterinarian before they are given.

If the supplement is a topical supplement as a cream, lotion, or oil, it is still a good idea to discuss this with the Corgis veterinarian.

Puppies lick their fur and depending on what is in the supplement or lotion they could become sick from licking it off their skin or fur.

Health issues from licking or tasting a topical lotion or cream can be more severe with a Corgi puppy because they are so small. 

For instance, a dose of a supplement or lotion that is applied to an adult dog’s fur might give them a tummy ache if licked.

If a puppy licks that lotion or cream it could make them very sick to their stomach, preventing them from eating and getting their nutrition.

When in doubt, always consult the veterinarian first. It often takes nothing more than a simple phone call to find out if something is good to give to your Corgi puppy or not.

In Conclusion

All puppies lose their puppy fur coat and grow in their adult fur coat in their own specific timing and unique way.

The how and when are not as important as how healthy the puppy is when this process occurs.

When they are healthy and growing strong, the process of growing in their adult fur coat will be just another little phase in the life of your Corgi puppy. 

Before you know it, they will be an adult, and it will all be over!