How Much Do Corgi Puppies Cost?

There’s not much cuter than a Corgi puppy, so it makes total sense that you’re interested in getting one.

But those cute little Corgi pups come at a cost, and, potentially, a very high one.

How Much Do Corgi Puppies Cost?

Corgi puppies cost anywhere from over five hundred dollars to over two thousand. This is based on many factors, one of which is the quality and reputation of the breeder you choose, the puppy’s age, sex, and coloration, the geographical area where the adopters live, and the demand for a Corgi at the time. 

Corgis that are show quality will cost more because they meet specific American Kennel Club criteria for appearance and other qualities. 

The American Kennel Club as well as other worldwide clubs decide on what the standard is for a pure-bred dog when it comes to their physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral attributes.

Corgis can be expensive but having a dog that is not show quality but from a reputable breeder can be a perfect way to enjoy this breed without the added price tag. 

Show quality dogs are best for people who plan to show them in the competition ring.

What should I do before adopting a Corgi puppy?

The most important thing for an adopter to do before choosing any puppy is to research breeders well.

Compare the breeders in the area and look at reputation, references, referrals, awards, certificates, and other important information.

Speak directly with the breeders themselves to get a feel for their knowledge about the breed and dogs in general. 

Ask to tour their facilities and meet some of the litters of puppies they might have available before settling on any breeder or puppy.

Once a quality breeder has been selected, it is time to investigate Corgi puppies that they have for adoption. 

Some breeders can have multiple litters at one time from multiple dog parent pairs; which offers a variety of puppies to choose from in the Corgi breed.

Offering as much information about your lifestyle, why you chose the breed, and what you are looking for in a Corgi will help the breeder provide you with the right puppy.

After you and the breeder have decided on a puppy, you should spend some time getting to know the puppy, watching them with their mother and littermates, and learning as much as you can about this breed and the individual puppy.

Once the puppy has been chosen, formal paperwork can be signed, and you can begin gathering all the essentials you will need to bring your Corgi puppy home.

The breeder can help you with a list of essentials and, in some instances, may provide you with a few items to get started if you are a new puppy owner.

How Much Do Corgi Puppies Cost 1 How Much Do Corgi Puppies Cost?

How much should I expect to spend after adopting a Corgi puppy during the first month?

What you should expect to spend during the first month after adopting your Corgi puppy will vary based on where you live.

A baseline monthly price for taking care of your Corgi puppy can be from a hundred dollars to a few hundred, depending on how savvy you are with budgeting money.

The basics for your Corgi puppy include dog food, treats, dog toys, bedding, leash, harness or collar, a crate, veterinary expenses, and grooming supplies.

Additional expenses can include outdoor gear, pet insurance supplements, kennels, dog sitters, and other expenses.

The pricing for these individual items varies depending on where you live. 

Still, even in one geographical area, multiple choices can be available that can cut the cost for your Corgi puppy’s expenses if a pet parent does some research.

The first few months of your puppy’s life will be more expensive than later in their life unless they have health issues that appear later in life.

This is because they will need to visit their veterinarian multiple times in the first few months, whether for vaccinations, microchipping and spay or neutering, and the purchase of the new items for them.

For instance, you will need a harness or collar and leash. 

This expense will be at the beginning when you welcome your puppy home, but you will not need to buy these items all the time as they can last a while if taken care of properly.

Some expenses are one-time expenses that require an investment; this can include professional dog training or selecting outdoor gear that will only be used occasionally.

As with anything, adopting a child, adopting a puppy, or buying a recreational vehicle, in the beginning, the expenses are higher, but as time goes on, the expenses level off once the essentials are gathered.

Then it is a simple matter of upkeep afterward.

One good thing about the Corgi is that they are smaller dogs. 

These puppies and dogs will eat less food and treats, and the cost of the items they require can be less because they are smaller, but it depends on how much the adopter does their research and if they use moderation in daily life.

What this means is, when choosing a bag of dog treats for this dog breed, they are small, so the treats will likely be small, and there are more of them in the bag.

Some people might think, great, that means I can give my Corgi more treats in a day. 

But budget savvy adopters will not give the Corgi more treats because there is more in the bag, and they will dole out the treats in the same increments each time, which in the end will make the treat bag last a few days longer and save money.

In Conclusion

Corgi puppies can cost a reasonable amount of money based on which breeder the adoptive family chooses.

Selecting a reputable and quality breeder is highly important but not the only factor in how much it costs to adopt one of these puppies.

Whatever the cost is, to adopt a Corgi, they sure are a fun-loving dog breed that makes for a great furry companion and family member to anyone!

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