How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Corgi?

Training your Corgi puppy not to go potty in the house is usually the first thing new Corgi parents want to teach them. 

After all, cute though Corgis are, not one likes finding dirty little puddles all around their house.

So, just how long does it take to potty train a Corgi?

How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Corgi?

How long it takes to potty train a Corgi can vary from one Corgi to another. It can take a few weeks or a month, or longer. Corgis are very intelligent and hard-working dogs that learn quickly so this process will be straightforward.

Potty training a Corgi can take a different amount of time for each dog as they are unique and have their personalities.

Some Corgi will learn faster than others, and others may take longer as many things can determine the timing, such as their personality, temperament, the environment in which they live, and the pet parent’s consistency.

Like other obedience or dog training, potty training takes persistence, patience, and diligence from the trainer or pet parent.

Some Corgi will pick up the habit fast and hang onto it as they are eager to please, and others may have a strong will and decide to take longer and require repeat training here and there.

Regardless of how long it takes to potty train a Corgi, once they have the habit mastered, it usually sticks with them like other training.

There are some things pet parents can do to make the process of potty training their Corgi go smoother and be less stressful for the Corgi and themselves.

How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Corgi How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Corgi?

What can I do to make potty training my Corgi easier?

To make potty training your Corgi easier, you can be patient with them throughout the process. 

Like other dog training, potty training can take time, and there can be setbacks for various reasons.

If a pet parent or trainer goes into the process with a positive attitude and acceptance that things might not go smoothly, they are less stressed about the outcome.

This easy-going attitude translates into less stress for the dog as they can pick up on our emotions and react to them, sometimes making it take longer to train.

After you have the right mindset, make sure you have the timing right.

There is an appropriate time to potty train your Corgi. 

It must be done at a convenient time for the pet parent or trainer.

When the training begins, interruptions should be minimal. 

That is why training should be when the pet parent can devote all their energy to this training.

If there are delays where the pet parent must be away from the house for long periods, or they are busy and are not always paying attention to their Corgis needs, it can delay the process.

If the pet parent has the right mindset and has time to potty train, there is another area of the homelife to consider. 

The household environment should be as stress-free as possible. 

Pet parent and Corgi pair should stay in close contact or nearby, and the pet parent should be always responsive.

Added stress during training can cause delays in the process. 

Therefore, visitors to the home should be limited at this time and big or sudden changes to the home environment should be avoided.

It is also a good idea to section the Corgi off to one area of the house that is easy to clean, where the pet parent can spend most of their time.

Unless the pet parent doesn’t mind potential messes in various rooms, sectioning them off at this time makes life easier.

Lastly, before this potty-training process begins, the pet parent should have all the tools on hand to limit trips away from the house and ensure that everything goes as planned.

Once all these aspects of potty training are in line, the pet parent should begin the process of potty training their Corgi as they would any other training.

They should be diligent, persistent, and patient during the potty-training process and understand that it is often a process of one step ahead, three steps back, a few mishaps along the way, and an eventual success when the Corgi gets the hang of things.

Pet parents should never be negative, neglectful, or abusive if the Corgi doesn’t get potty training at a certain time or has a few mishaps. 

That is a normal part of the process, and each dog is unique in how they learn along the way and how long it takes.

When is the best time to begin potty training my Corgi?

The best time to begin potty training your Corgi is around eight weeks old or more, and this depends largely on your Corgi and how they are developing as a puppy.

Before eight weeks old, they have little bladders so training will be counterproductive as their ability to wait for outside time is small.

Beyond eight weeks old, they have developed enough physically, mentally, and emotionally to begin all forms of training, although potty training at this point will be the most pertinent.

Some pet parents might decide to wait a few weeks longer, based on their schedule and when they are capable of devoting time to the process which is okay to do.

Eventually all dogs get the idea of potty training and where they are supposed to go to the bathroom and not.

What tools should I have on hand when I begin to potty train my Corgi?

The tools you should have on hand when you begin to potty train your Corgi include plenty of treats and cleaning products.

During this process, you will be devoting your energy to teaching your Corgi where they should go to the bathroom outside and where they shouldn’t, which is inside.

Having a leash and collar is a good idea, but if they are young, it is possible to pick them up when you anticipate they are about to go to the bathroom and take them outside where they should go.

The cleaning products are important for being diligent about cleaning up their messes quickly, so they don’t learn that it is okay to go inside. 

If this happens, a matter-of-fact attitude and quick clean up and forget it mentality is best.

The treats, like positive reinforcement, will help drive home the idea of where they should go. 

If the Corgi goes to the bathroom outside, they should be praised and given treats to make sure they understand what they did right.

Beyond those tools having the right attitude and mindset is needed, except, of course, for having a dedicated place outside where they are supposed to go to the bathroom.

This place should be decided on before the potty-training process even begins. 

This place should be a spot that the pet parent is comfortable with the puppy using repeatedly.

Final Thoughts

Potty training your Corgi can seem stressful but needn’t be if you begin as you plan to move forward, patient, persistent, and positive.

Devoting time and energy to this process, as well as having a few well-placed treats, can make potty training go easier.

Corgis are a very smart dog breed, and the process of potty training should be straightforward unless you have a rebel in the bunch.

If this is the case, take a deep breath, let it out, and know that they will eventually accept potty training, it just may take a bit longer than expected!

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