Are Male or Female Yorkies Easier to Train?

A Yorkie is a great dog breed to bring into your home. They can give a lot of love and attention to you, making sure that you have a good friend in your home. But when it comes time to train the Yorkie, you may be curious as to whether the female or the male Yorkie is easier to train in your home.

Female Yorkies are often considered easier to train than male Yorkie puppies. This will depend on the individual puppy too. Females are more attentive and have a better attention span compared to the males and they respond really well to the praise that their owners will give them during training. Male puppies can be trained too, but they need more time and attention.

Let’s take a closer look at how these two genders of Yorkies are able to learn and go through training so you can make the right decision for your needs.

Are Male or Female Yorkies Easier to Train?

The general consensus is that the female Yorkie is easier to train than the male Yorkie. Females like to please their owners more, which allows them to learn quickly to get more praise. Male Yorkies are often more affectionate and easier to get along with, but they may get distracted more often than the female Yorkie, which does make them more difficult to train.

Both dogs can be trained well if the owner has some patience and the time to spend on it. They just need to learn the individual style of their dog and then pick a training method that goes well with that. You may need to adjust some of your training options to make them fit for the dog you are training.

You need to know the temperament of your Yorkie dog. Even some male Yorkies are easy to train and some may not get as distracted as others. Female Yorkies can sometimes be temperamental and difficult to work with, which can make it hard to train them at all. Getting to know your Yorkie and learning what works the best for them will make the difference.

What Makes Female Yorkies Easier to Train?

The female Yorkie is often easier to train because they are more independent and stubborn than the male Yorkies. This means that they are going to be highly motivated by any praise that you may give them. They are eager to please their owners so with lots of praise and some good treats, you may be able to get the female Yorkie to learn the different tricks that you would like and potty training is often easier too.

While male Yorkies are often more affectionate and less territorial, which is part of what makes them a good partner to have around too, they are more likely to get distracted during the training session and may not react to praise in the same way as females. This can be frustrating when you try to train them and most training sessions are going to take longer when you work with the male Yorkie.

Is a Male or Female Yorkie More Obedient?

Part of training the Yorkie to do certain tricks or to go potty outside is finding a dog who is obedient and will listen to you. Many people assume that the female Yorkie is going to be more submissive and obedient than the male Yorkie and that is why the females would be easier to train.

This statement is not completely accurate. Often the behavior that you find with the Yorkie will depend on each unique dog along with their upbringing, raising, and training. It is possible that both the males and the females will try to make themselves the pack leader if given the chance, meaning that both could be very disobedient if they choose.

Female Yorkies are not necessarily more submissive or obedient. In fact, many of them are independent and like to decide how things will go. They are easier to train in most instances because they are people pleasers and like to get lots of praise. If the owner does a good job at training them and adding lots of praise and rewards, the female Yorkie is more likely to pay attention and do what you want.

Keep in mind that each dog is unique. You may find that you get a male Yorkie who is really obedient and will pick up on the tricks quickly. And then you may get a female Yorkie who struggles to do any of the tricks you try to teach them. It will depend on the Yorkie that you are able to get for your home.

Why are Female Yorkies Easier to Train?

There are a few reasons why a female Yorkie is often considered earlier to train compared to a male Yorkie. First, female Yorkies like to be in charge and follow the rules to help them do that. The female Yorkie is more likely to listen to your commands to do so. Many are less distracted too, though this will vary from one dog to another, so they can learn more in a training session than the male Yorkie.

One thing that works really well with a female Yorkie to help them train and learn what you want quickly is praise and attention. Your female Yorkie wants to make you happy and get your praise. If you want your female Yorkie to learn something quickly, then make sure to include a ton of praise in the training process.

Are Male or Female Yorkies Easier to Train?

Why are Male Yorkies Harder to Train?

Male Yorkies tend to be harder to train than the female Yorkies. This does not mean that male Yorkies can’t be trained. You just need to work on training them in the method that seems to work the best for them.

Male Yorkies have a shorter attention span and seem to get distracted more than female Yorkies. This can make it more difficult to train the male Yorkie compared to the female. You will need to consider taking a lot of breaks while doing training to make sure the Yorkie does not get bored and will continue to go with the training that you provide. Make it fun and a game and show lots of attention and your male Yorkie will be ready to take on any training that you would like.

Due to all of these distractions, be ready for the training of a male Yorkie to take a little longer as well. You will need to take a ton of breaks along the way, which can make it difficult to get as much done during each training session. Your male Yorkie will catch on and do a great job with learning how to behave with some patience and hard work.

How to Train a Female Yorkie?

You can use a lot of the same methods that you find with training other dogs. For potty training, using training pads and frequent visits outside can be a good place to start. For other tricks, starting with the basics and moving up will often be the best. This is true whether you work with a male or female Yorkie, though the female Yorkie is more likely to pay attention and catch on faster.

When working with the female Yorkie, take your time to offer a lot of praise. If you start to lessen up on the praise, the female will decide that she doesn’t want to train and will find something else to do. Praise and attention really get the female Yorkie to do what you want. But with a lot of praise, you will find that this gender of Yorkie is more than willing to listen to you and do the things that you want.

The male Yorkie on the other hand may act differently. They are more attentive and lovable than the female Yorkie, which makes them a good fit in some cases. But they do have a shorter attention span to work with and may not train as quickly as the female Yorkie. This can make it a challenge to work with the male Yorkies. Think about doing shorter training sessions and taking breaks to play. Be prepared for the training to take longer with the male Yorkies as well.

Training Your Yorkie

Whether you have a male or female Yorkie, training them on the right way to behave, and even how to do some fun tricks, is an important step in your relationship. This can help everyone to get along better and will ensure that they know how to act in your home. It is also a great time for you to bond with your Yorkie and make them feel like part of the family.

Both male and female Yorkies are able to learn how to behave in your home, they just have different learning styles. Figure out the one that works the best for your Yorkie, whether they are male or female, and work from there.