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Husky Puppies look so cute, but can they get along with kids? Sure they look great, but I looked a little bit further into research to see if really huskies are a good choice for families.

Are Husky puppies good with kids? Husky puppies, like other puppies do great with children. They are lovable, warm, friendly family dogs. It is always best to be in the same room as the puppy and the children though, to ensure that the puppies strength does not overcome the child.

Husky puppies are great to bring into the family especially for being so good natured with families but do you know what raising a husky will be like with children? As we continue, there is more to a puppy than what may appear to the eye.

Husky Puppies and Their Personalities with Families

Huskies have great personalities that work wonderfully with families. They can adjust how they act around children, especially young ones. A natural instinct for Huskies is to take in a new member of the family and love them. The only downside with loving them is to make sure their strength does not overcome or overwhelm a child.

The best way to ensure that your young child is safe is to be present with them with the puppy. If the child is not familiar with dogs, it can be an uncomfortable experience to see a big dog approach them.

Huskies also have high energy. They love to play, bounce, and go-go-go! Exercise is very important to them. This high energy level gets them excited and jumpy when they see visitors or friends.

Seeing a child might make the husky excited enough to jump up on the child. This could be scary or overwhelming to children. Make sure to be there with your puppy to keep him down off of children or visitors that are not comfortable with this.

A husky puppy is a perfect playmate. Endless energy results in endless playtime which is perfect for high energy kids. Huskies have the strength to pull sleighs, so if you live in cold weather, they are perfect for pulling the kids around in the snow.

Huskies are a great sense of unity and family. They are pack animals so they naturally stay with a pack or family and are loyal to them. Husky puppies require the same amount of attention as does a child. They need to also be taken cared of and loved.

Huskies are not naturally agressive. According to studies, they seem to make great family pets as long as they are treated well. This does not mean that all huskies are perfect and harmless. They are dogs and have the abilities to be aggressive and to fight if needed to defend themselves. As long as your husky is treated right, there should be nothing to fear.

Another thing that can help if you are worried about your husky not being friendly is to help them familiarize with other dogs and other people. See below under “Training your Husky” to see more details.

Although huskies are loving and do well with families, they are also have plenty of energy.

Be prepared for rowdiness and adventures! Huskies are a smart breed. They know how to jump high and how to dig their way out of yards. It may be hard to handle a husky puppy because they require the same amount of attention as does a young child. Yet, if you are up for the challenge, their personalitiy can be a great fit for your family.

Training Your Husky

Although Huskies get along naturally with families and others, sometimes they can take some training getting used to others. A good way to help your husky be comfortable around other people is to train them when they are young.

While still a puppy, introduce your puppy to lots of people. The more people, the better. Inviting over close friends and other friends with dogs will help your dog become acquainted with different people and be comfortable around new people.

Take your dog outside to meet other dogs. Several communities have dog parks that offer fun toys to around on and several dogs to mingle with. As your dog becomes comfortable around other people and dogs, they will learn how to be comfortable around everyone and children.

How to Keep Your Husky From Biting

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Puppies are very playful in nature which means they can playfully bite. A way that a puppy learns not to bite so hard is when they are playing with another puppy.

As they play, one bites the other too hard which makes that puppy whimper and cower back. This is no fun for the other puppy because that means the game has ended. They will start to learn that in order to keep playing, they will need to bite softer as to not harm their friend.

The same goes for humans and their puppies. It can benefit families and children to learn how to react to biting so it will be prevented in the future.

When the puppy bites you, show that you are in pain and stop playing with them. You can even leave the room to show that playtime is now over. This shows the puppy that biting equals no more playing.

Teaching children to do this will help with teaching the puppy to not bite. It will also help so that when your children’s friends come to visit, they do not get an unexpected nip.

Another idea to help a husky from biting would be to purchase chew toys. Instead of one of your shoes, purchase good chew toys that will not break easily. There are cheaper toys at the store for sure, but sometimes the ones that are priced a little higher, last a little longer.

A good chew toy will last longer than a day, especially ones that are rubber and will allow your puppy to chew for hours.

Effects of Bringing a Puppy Home

One of the greatest ways to bring the family together is to bring a pet home. A dog will teach responsibility, unity, other wonderful life lessons. Dogs can also show how to treat others with kindness even if they are crazy like husky dogs can be.

Make sure to prepare for a puppy by having a secure area for the puppy to live in or to run around in. Having a good yard or an area inside is important. Exercise is very important to huskies because they need to get their energy out.

Be prepared for messes and some trouble. Husky puppies may be playful and fun for families, but they can also bring more messes for families. To prepare for a puppy, secure things in the house that are of value up high and away.

Be sure to secure the backyard fences as well that they are properly secure. Huskies are smart enough to get through them to run away and take an adventure out around the neighborhood. When you let your husky outside, be sure to watch them so that they stay in that area and do not leave without you noticing.

Some of the most important responsibilities is ensuring the dog has proper food ready for when they come home. Before bringing a husky puppy home, purchase proper puppy food from the local pet store and a dish for the food and water. Keeping your dog hydrated is also important for the husky’s health.

Are Huskies aggressive? Huskies typically are not aggressive. They are loving creatures that are loyal to their packs or families. Although they are friendly to other dogs and people, it does not mean that they can’t always be perfect. Aggression can occur, but usually not unless there is something really provoking them.

Can Huskies live in warm weather? Yes, huskies can live in warm climates. However, they do remarkably well in the cold! Huskies adopt really well to any climate. If you do live in a warm climate, make sure to provide essentials to helping them stay cool. Air conditioning, shade, and plenty of water.

Motivation Monday Are Husky Puppies Good with Kids?

Typically, they do not have their coats shaved for the summer so it is important to help them keep cool when it is warm out. If they do live in cold climate, they can live in down to 75 degrees below zero!

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