Can Huskies Chew on Bones?

70777260 m Can Huskies Chew on Bones?

It is common knowledge that dogs like to chew on bones. We see it portrayed in the media, but is it actually safe for a Husky to chew on a bone? This is what I have found out regarding this question.

Can Huskies Chew on Bones? Huskies cannot safely chew on cooked bones. Cooked bones are brittle and will splinter and break when chewed on, potentially causing harm to your Husky. They can, however, chew on raw or manufactured bones as long as they are large enough to prevent accidental inhalation and choking.

Even though it seems as though bones are perfectly harmless to your Husky, there is a lot that goes into making sure the bone you give them will be safe. If you are interested in learning more about the right bones to give your Husky, keep reading.

Bones You Should Never Give Your Husky

Bones can have benefits for your Husky if they are given the right ones. If you don’t pick the right one though, it could have detrimental and even life-threatening, consequences. One type of bone you should never give your Husky are bones that have been cooked.

Many dog owners will have some sort of meat for dinner, such as steak, pork, or chicken and once they have finished their meal they will throw the leftover bones to their dog for a treat. Although this may seem like a good thing to do, it is not okay.

Bones that have been cooked are very dangerous for Huskies. Once a bone has been cooked, they become hard, brittle, and easy to break or splinter. This is can be dangerous for a husky that is just trying to chew.

When a Husky chews on the bone they can break off and swallow small, sharp pieces that not only cut up their mouth, but can also puncture important organs such as their esophagus, stomach, or intestines.

This can be life-threatening to your Husky, and it is almost impossible to tell something like this has happened until it’s too late because it is not visible to the eye.

Another danger that comes with giving your Husky cooked bones is that they can break teeth. Bones that have been cooked aren’t as rubbery as those that haven’t been. Even if your Husky doesn’t break off pieces of the bone, they can still break teeth from how tough the bone gets.

You should also not give your Husky small bones. Huskies are larger dogs, making it easy for them to choke on small things. Make sure the bone you give your dog, even if it’s safe, isn’t small enough for your Husky to choke on. As a general rule of thumb, the bone should be as big, or bigger than the snout of your Husky.

Because Huskies are larger dogs, you should avoid giving them poultry bones of any kind. Poultry bones tend to be much smaller and create a choking hazard for your Husky. This makes them dangerous, regardless of whether they have been cooked or not.

4 Bones that are Safe for Your Husky

Even though certain bones can be dangerous, they aren’t all bad. In fact, safe bones can have health benefits. The trouble is deciding which ones are safe and which ones aren’t. Below is a list of bones that are safe for your Husky.

1. Raw Bones

Raw bones are much safer for your Husky. Before meat bones are cooked, they have a more rubbery texture that makes it so they bend, rather than snap and break.

That way when your dog chews on them they hold up better. If they do end up breaking, they normally don’t have the same sharp edges as a cooked bone would, which reduces the chance of scraping or puncturing.

2. Manufactured Bones

Pet stores will usually sell bones specifically made for dogs. As long as they are large enough to not be choked on, they should be safe for your Husky.

Just make sure that you buy the ones that are labeled for big dogs. They will even often times be flavored, or have treats in the middle for your dog to enjoy and work toward.

3. Rawhide Bones

Rawhide bones are sold at pretty much any pet store. They are bones made out of essentially a stiff leather. These are very soft, and safe for your Husky to swallow, and are often given as treats.

Out of personal experience with my dog, they do tend to get a little gross and messy, but nevertheless, they are safe for your Husky.

4. Antlers

Many pet stores will also sell deer antlers as a chew treat for dogs. This is also a safe type of bone for your Husky. Antlers also contain many nutrients in the middle that are very beneficial to your Husky.

Even though these bones should be safe, still make sure you keep a close eye on your Husky. Things could go wrong, so be sure you watch to keep them from choking or hurting themself.

Health Benefits of Bones for Your Husky

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If you are giving your Husky the right types of bones that are safe and trusted, then your Husky will be receiving many health benefits from chewing on these bones.

A big benefit of letting your Husky chew on bones is that it can provide them with nutrients. Huskies are meat eaters, so chewing on bones from animals is a great way to give them a treat that also provides them with something beneficial.

Chewing on bones also helps keep your Huskies teeth clean and strong. It will help to reduce the plaque build up on your Huskies teeth, and also help them build up stronger teeth that can chew on harder things.

Another main benefit of letting your Husky chew on bones is that it helps to relieve stress and anxiety within your dog. Chewing is a natural behavior for dogs, and often times when a dog is left alone they will chew things up, as feeling lonely is an anxiety-inducing situation for them.

By providing them with bones to chew on, you are providing your Husky with a healthy way to relieve that stress and anxiety.

The Age You Should Wait Until Giving Your Husky Bones

Although bones have benefits to adult Huskies, they are not necessarily ideal for a younger Husky, and should only be given to Husky puppies with extreme caution but preferabley, not at all.

The recommended age for your Husky is 8 months old to 12 months old before giving them bones, a good way to judge when your Husky is ready is by when they have all their adult teeth. Puppies have small fragile teeth that they could easily break by chewing too much on a hard bone.

Puppies also aren’t as mature physically or mentally, which makes choking hazards way more serious. Puppies will usually eat whatever they can get their mouth on, such as pieces of bone.

It is normal for your husky puppy to want to chew on things, especially when they are teething, but a bone is not a good option for them. Try giving them other safer options such as soft toys, or chew toys.

Related Questions

Why do Huskies like to chew on things? Huskies like to chew on things because it is a natural instinct for them. Chewing on things is a way to alleviate stress and extra energy for all dogs, including Huskies.

Can puppies have bones? Puppies are small and still physically developing. This can make bones harmful to them, as it is harder on their teeth, and easier for them to choke on. If you do give your puppy a bone make sure it is big and soft enough for them, and exercise caution.

What should I do if my Husky swallowed a sharp piece of bone? If your husky swallowed a bone and you believe it is an emergency, take them to the vet immediately. If your dog is not acting hurt or sick, wait a few hours or days to see if the bone passes. If it does not, take them to the vet to be safe.