How Long Do Cavapoo Puppies Sleep?

My Cavapoo puppy is so cute; I am glad that I brought her home. While I have never had a dog before, I am learning a lot about her and her mixed-breed background. 

One thing that I do not know about is her sleep habits, like how long she should sleep and how long I should let her.

Since I had off for a few weeks to welcome my puppy home and spend time with her, I thought I would investigate this topic, and I hope that someone else finds it useful.

How Long Do Cavapoo Puppies Sleep?

Cavapoo puppies sleep for around eighteen hours in a twenty-four-hour period. Cavapoo puppies sleep more when they are first born and less and less as they grow through the different puppy phases of their lives.

Some of this sleep will be during the day, rest periods between growing and learning, and exploring their world with their curiosity. In the early stages of their puppy life, Cavapoos will not really sleep through the night unless they have managed to exhaust themselves completely, but even then, this is unlikely. 

Like a human baby, they don’t yet have a schedule in place, which the pet parents must coordinate, not to mention that they will almost always have to use the bathroom a few times during an eight-hour night of sleep for their pet parents. 

As they learn about their world and they begin things like house training and when it is time for rest, they will gradually learn and adapt, but patience must be given as this process can take time

Some Cavapoo puppies may not need around eighteen hours of sleep, as just like human babies, they are unique and individual. How they process the things going on in their world and life, they will each react differently. 

By the time a puppy is around four months old, with a bit of patience and a set schedule, many will be sleeping through the night for the most part. 

However much sleep a Cavapoo needs and gets will be based on many things, like their health, diet, exercise, outdoor time, and home environment. 

To provide them with the best sleep, whether it is a nap during the day or sleep at night, ensuring that they are tired, both mentally and physically, that they have a little snack and have used the bathroom, as well as reducing the number of distractions near their sleep area can make a huge difference.

Cavapoos are a mixed dog breed that, like many other dogs, needs a lot of sleep when they are puppies. Most often, these puppies will need around a total of eighteen hours of sleep in a twenty-four-hour period, which is usually scattered here and there.

How Long Do Cavapoo Puppies Sleep 1 How Long Do Cavapoo Puppies Sleep?

How much sleep an individual Cavapoo puppy needs will be based on many factors, including their lifestyle and home life, diet, exercise, and who they are as a dog. 

Some puppies may be more curious and energetic than others and need less sleep as their mind is going nonstop.

Whatever the amount of sleep is that each individual Cavapoo puppy needs during the different phases of their puppy life, it will be unique to their individuality and be forever changing. 

For instance, if your Cavapoo puppy slept too much the day before, they might not sleep as much the next day. If the Cavapoo puppy didn’t have enough exercise or mental stimulation, they might not want to sleep. 

This is why it is important to find the right balance for the unique puppy.

While different phases of the Cavapoo puppies’ life will require different amounts of sleep, they will be unlikely to sleep through the night until they are around four months old. 

During the early weeks, Cavapoo puppies, like other puppies, can not hold their bladder and will need to use the bathroom at least once, if not twice, during a regular night of sleep for their pet parent.

With a bit of patience in the early weeks, not to mention a bit of house training and creating a nightly schedule that the Cavapoo puppy will learn to follow, can make the transition easier. 

It can help the puppy learn to adapt to sleeping when their pet parents sleep for the most part but don’t be surprised if they are the early riser in the household and the last one to want to sleep at night.

Regardless of how much sleep a Cavapoo puppy will get from one day to the next, at different puppy phases, the best way to help them is to have a healthy lifestyle. 

This healthy lifestyle provides a nutritious diet, mental and physical exercise and stimulation, some outside time and fresh air, and some socializing and loving playtime to bond with family.

They should also have a comfortable place to sleep as well as enough water and ample bathroom breaks. This positive lifestyle considers the whole puppy, and when all the bases are covered, it can mean a good night’s sleep or a healthy nap during the day for both the pet parent and their Cavapoo puppy, no matter how long the day total amount of sleep is.

How Can I Get My Cavapoo To Sleep Better?

Ensure that your Cavaopp is tired but not too tired out. Give them a quiet area to sleep and take them outside to potty before bed. Make sure they’ve eaten but not too recently and set up a regular sleep schedule for them.

Keep watch on your Cavapoo puppy and make sure that they are not getting overtired at any time in their day or night.

If they seem tired, show them where their dog crate or sleep area is and have them lie down. This can take some doing and patience on the pet parents’ part, as the puppy may take time getting the idea.

This area should be a quiet and undisturbed place where they can rest and feel safe. It should be a place where they feel comfortable, and it may be necessary for the pet parent to sit with them and offer some soothing words and loving pets to help them along in the beginning.

Before they hit the hay for a nap or at night, they should always visit the bathroom, even if they were outside not long ago. 

Remember, puppies can not hold their bladder very long, and making one last bathroom trip can be a part of the bedtime ritual that will eventually signal to them that it is time for bed.

Please don’t send them to bed hungry, as this can promote wakefulness. A little treat can be rewarding after a long day of playtime and learning or right before a relaxing daytime nap. They should not be stuffed with food to reduce the chance that they will fall asleep too.

Once they have fallen asleep, they should be left alone. They should not be disturbed as their sleep promotes healthy development on all levels and restores the resources their bodies expelled throughout the morning, evening, or entire day.

How Long Do Cavapoo Puppies Sleep 2 How Long Do Cavapoo Puppies Sleep?

Finally, plan to create a schedule for your puppy’s daily life. Cavapoo puppies do best when they have a schedule to follow. 

It provides normalcy to their life and lets them learn what is coming next. First, I get up, go to the bathroom, then breakfast, then mom plays with me, and then I get to explore for a bit, then it is time for a nap. 

You get the idea, a ritual or schedule, in the long run, can provide peace and harmony for everyone in the household, including the Cavapoo.

Try not to feel stressed by the scheduling and see it as something that makes your life easier. If necessary, break the schedule down into easier segments for both the Cavapoo and the pet parent to digest and make it happen.

How Much Do Adult Cavapoos Sleep?

Cavapoos will sleep around twelve hours, give or take, when they are finally an adult dog. Again, this is just a guideline of the mixed-breed dog as a whole. Individual dogs will react differently and have different needs, one from the other.

As an adult dog, the Cavapoo will still take naps during the day when needed, but for the most part, they will be able to sleep through the night as their pet parents do and only require a bathroom break in the wee hours when it is a sudden emergency.

As a Cavapoo ages, the sleep that they need will change based on their lifestyle. Their exercise, diet, home life, experiences, and health will also play a part in how much they need from one day, month of the year to the next.

Whatever amount of sleep a Cavapoo ends up needing, it will be tailored to who they are as a dog and not solely based on their breeding.

Cavapoo Puppy Sleep

Sleep for a Cavapoo puppy is a time for them to develop and grow. For this reason, they require a lot more sleep than they do as adults.

Providing a well-rounded lifestyle and having some patience will have any Cavapoo pet parent sailing smoothly through this tiring phase.

Having a plan or routine and a comfortable spot to sleep can go a long way to ensuring they get enough sleep and learn how to sleep through the night. 

Be patient, and before long, they will be spending most of their wee hours sleeping off the eighteen hours they usually need to develop fully!